Thursday, July 14, 2011

quick update

Just a note to say hi.

The boys and I are back in Texas at my parents' house in Ft. Worth. I am babysitting my 18 month old niece Lulu while her parents are on a missions trip to Russia. She is the sweetest, easiest little toddler to take care of!

Well, I say I am babysitting but today it was definitely my mom doing most of the work since I spent much of the day sleeping or laying on the couch with a queasy stomach. Bleh.

No pictures to post. I haven't even taken out my laptop in days... Talk about out of character for me!

10 more days until we leave for Guam again. I miss here but I miss David more as he is still in Guam working.

In totally unrelated news, what do y'all think of Google+ ?

I have received several invites but haven't checked it out yet because, y'know, I'm too busy taking 3 naps a day and feeling miserable on the couch. At least it's a worthwhile kind of miserable! :)

PS My Noah-boah turned double digits yesterday! The big 10!

PPS My sister Coco turned the big 38 today!

PPPS I am craving salad. What is up with that?


Fiver said...

I have never commented in 2 years of reading your blog (does that make me a stalker :)

Anyway I came to your blog for some reason one day through your old HS friend Andrea Benua (she was my sis-in-laws big sister) and long story short when MY beautiful friend Brandy lost her precious boy Miles and was feeling particularly low I mentioned your blog.

I would like to clarify NOT because you both lost beautiful children (though that was a factor) BUT also because of your undying faith in our Lord and your continued uplifting spirit. I just knew in my heart Brandy would enjoy your blog.

She told me you responded to her and that really made her day and mine too. Thank you Marsha for using Christian's story not as a tragedy but as a ministering tool. Thank you for not just faithfully showing us God's love and hand in EVERYthing we do but for also just continuing to be yourself in the process.

God loves His faithful followers and so I know you must be a favorite of His :)

In His Service,

Nicole Mc

PS congratulations on the new baby!!!

PPS I've been blessed with five beautiful babies and the older I was the sicker I felt :D (A nauseous pregnancy is a normal healthy one;)

PPPS But it's SOOOO worth it!!

Unknown said...

Love you Marsha! I am so excited for you! Sorry you are feeling sick, but at least it is for a good and happy reason!! Happy Birthday to your sister and Noah! You will be in my prayers friend!

Gwen T said...

I'm right with you on the lying-on-the-couch-being-queasy. (and the taking naps too!!) Am mostly past morning sickness with this pregnancy but it's still enough to cause a substantial amount of queasiness when John decides he wants to make a giant pot of jambalaya. Ugh.

On the bright side, though, I always feel that it's sickness with a good cause though, right??! :)

Google+ -- no idea. I keep hearing my friends at HSBA talk about it, but I have yet to figure it out. Let me know if you do. :) Have a great weekend - enjoy those sweet boys and your little niece too!!!

Christine said...

Yo! Thanks for outing my age. Hmph! :P j/k. I'm still in denial about Noah boah being in double digits. JUST.NOT.POSSIBLE!
I'm excited that you're queasy and wanting to lay on the couch all the time. :) It reminds me that you have my new little niece/nephew inside your belly. I can't wait!!!!!! I love you tons and tons and wish you could have brought the gang there, here. I could take good care of you, lulu and even mom. :)

As for Google +. I like it, but I have not discovered any games (which is one thing I love about Facebook) and someone posted a link on Susan's Facebook status about Google + that talks about how their TOS that gives them unreasonable rights to your photographs. Check it out or have Susan give you link before you get into it. I love you, Marshy!!!! MWAH! :*

Annemarie said...

Glad to hear that you are busy taking naps, not so much with the queasiness. :-( But I agree, totally worthwhile. I was the sickest with Peter and he is my most content, sweetest child. <3 <3 <3

I do hope that yours passes soon though so that you can get on to doing other fun pregnant things. :-) Like getting all cute and baby-belly pudgy.

Praying for you!!

Cassandra said...

Ugh, I hated morning sickness! Luckily only had it with the first and not the second...that should have been my first clue as to how ABSOLUTELY different my 2 girls would be! Hope it passes soon and I am praying for a wonderful pregnancy for you!

Jac said...

I didn't touch my laptop for several days at a time during the beginning weeks either! Still super excited for you! And I just got my first google+ invite... not feeling a push to check it out just yet.

KarenW said...

Happy Birthday to Noah! And congrats again on the new baby. I'm so excited for you!!!!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Naps are so important when you are expecting a baby! Congratulations! Glad to see you are taking care of yourself!

Karin Katherine said...

I just posted a GREAT salad recipe on my blog. Funny how you are craving it just when I'm raving about this salad recipe....and I realize how weird it is to put SALAD and RECIPE together.

Oh well.