Thursday, July 14, 2011

quick update

Just a note to say hi.

The boys and I are back in Texas at my parents' house in Ft. Worth. I am babysitting my 18 month old niece Lulu while her parents are on a missions trip to Russia. She is the sweetest, easiest little toddler to take care of!

Well, I say I am babysitting but today it was definitely my mom doing most of the work since I spent much of the day sleeping or laying on the couch with a queasy stomach. Bleh.

No pictures to post. I haven't even taken out my laptop in days... Talk about out of character for me!

10 more days until we leave for Guam again. I miss here but I miss David more as he is still in Guam working.

In totally unrelated news, what do y'all think of Google+ ?

I have received several invites but haven't checked it out yet because, y'know, I'm too busy taking 3 naps a day and feeling miserable on the couch. At least it's a worthwhile kind of miserable! :)

PS My Noah-boah turned double digits yesterday! The big 10!

PPS My sister Coco turned the big 38 today!

PPPS I am craving salad. What is up with that?