Saturday, December 31, 2005

My thoughts and the New Year

Nope, not thoughts about the New Year just some thoughts and the fact that 2006 is just about here.   You may skip to the end if you're disappointed.


  • I am truly a coffee addict.  My dearest bestest friend Suzanne was kind enough to bring me 50 coffee filters the other day.  Hopefully it will be enough to last me through the week...

  • Honduran Coffee is yummy.

  • Dh came home the other day and the first words out of his mouth were Oh my gosh!  WHAT happened here?!  Remember the decluttering of toys and such?  Well, I'd start working on something and then get distracted by another pile of mail or laundry or old sippy cup slipped under the couch.  Then the next thing ya know, it is a complete disaster zone!  I was driving myself crazy with the gigantic, enormous mounds of mess in my house!  Our house has never ever been this messy-- as in never ever!

    I guess that's what happens when one is delusional enough to think that the kiddos will gladly cooperate by feeding and taking care of themselves while mommy tosses old toys in a big trashbag...and then sneaks them out to the trash bin.

    I am now happy to report that my house is halfway done.  I still have the schoolroom to organize (so much for starting lessons soon!).  But the good news is that the kitchen and two of the bedrooms are decluttered and relatively clean (as in needs to be undusted).

  • Dh is so sweet to me.  We spent part of the day playing golf yesterday and then all gross and sweaty went to Sam's Club where dh bought me a nifty table for the laundry room.  So now I have a clean space for folding laundry straight from the dryer!  I am SO married with children to get this excited about something so very practical.

  • A couple of years ago, a dear friend told me to treasure every moment with my kids since they are with me only a short time.  I thought she was crazy back then!  The days seemed to go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  But she's right...each year goes by faster and faster.  And just when you think they'll never go potty by themselves (and neither can you!), they do things like:

    •  read books by themselves and have their own library cards

    • wash their own hair (what little there is anyway)

    • take care of the baby first thing in the morning before I even get there

    • get the mail on their own

    • set up the DVD player

    • get stuff from the deep freeze way down in the garage...without needing me to open the door for them

    • vacuum the floors and sweep the deck

    • I guess I could go on and on on this I'll stop now.  I love my little men!  They are growing so fast and I'm sad that for two of them, there are no more dimpled knuckles and elbows...only long, skinny big-boy faces. *sigh*

  • My older sis Coco is having a GIRL!  My first niece!  And the very firstest granddaughter who will be quite spoiled and bedecked in beautiful girly clothes from her aunt's who love to shop a little too much.  I cannot wait for little Emily Reagan to be born in May! 

    My boys, on the other hand, were a little disappointed since they thought for sure this would be a boy.  They were happy for Coco but still kept saying We don't talk to girls!  Only boys!  I have no idea when they came up with that crazy idea.  I reminded them of their friend Mia... Well, she's different! 

    I have no idea why she (Mia) still wants to marry Dash.  But they have been best friends since they were little babies so I guess ya never know.

Well, we're off to the park to take advantage of this crazy 80 degree weather!  Strange how it's been autumn for only a few weeks and there are still leaves left to fall off the trees...and it's almost January!


Have a safe and happy new year, my friends!

See you in 2006!




Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Day After...oh wait, it's Tuesday isn't it?

Why Christmas can be such a blur is beyond me.  Perhaps it was too many nights in a row of staying up waaaay too late and not sleeping in my own, extra large, comfy, squishy, best-in-the-entire-world bed!  I'm almost cranky but not quite this morning since I am still out of coffee filters.  I have no idea why there are still no filters left in the pantry when there were at least zero there when I left town last week.


Back to my wonderful dad and I loaded up the old F-150 yesterday.  I loaded up all the kiddos (I think) and began the trek home-- just me and the kiddos.  Dh had to work on Christmas and then he got strep with 102 fever to boot!  Poor can be really lonely being him sometimes, especially on Christmas.


The drive wasn't too bad considering the baby took a 1.5 hour nap right before we left the house; 45 minutes into the drive my 6yo yells Mommy, my stomach really hurts!; and then we had to make another very long pit-stop for him (I'll spare y'all the details).  But the kids were pretty good, my cell phone stayed charged for most of the trip before it completely died on me, and I got to hear the boys squeal and giggle while they watched the 1960 version of Swiss Family Robinson on the portable DVD player.  They are currently outside trying to build their own tiger trap like they did in the movie.  And they've been talking excitedly about pirates and blowing things up all morning...that's good, right?!


They got quite a load of gifts over the weekend.  We spent Saturday with Dh's mom's side of the family and then Saturday night was spent with my side of the family.  Since I have 3 sisters and a brother...each getting the kids at least one gift a piece...times 3 kids...that equals a ton of great stuff!  This is in addition to the grandparents and great-grandma's!  Currently, it's all sitting in a couple of plastic bins downstairs.  Mean mommy that I am, have banned the boys from playing with them until I can sort through their current stash of toys to make room for the new stash.  So I will soon be venturing to Wal-mart to find some things to help me organize all of this...I'm thinking a few plastic bins and a small cabinet with doors on it.


Speaking of toys, my older sis Coco thought I said The baby will love anything Elmo!  Maybe I said that...but surely I must've said Get the baby anything BUT Elmo!  Yes the baby loves his new Shout Elmo...but I on the other hand...


By the way, two of my wimpy sisters did not want to play Mad Gab.  I know it's because they would've actually had to put a little effort into it and would most likely have gotten whooped at it!  So we settled down with the 1988 version of Outburst!  My memory of current events and people in 1988 is not so good-- but it made for a very funny game.  My brother, sister-in-law and I also kicked butt on Cranium...yup, weeeeeee are the chaaampions!!!


And on that note, I shall end this post.  I must get organizing so the kids can have their loot before I am deemed worst mommy of the year!



Friday, December 23, 2005

I have not fallen off the face of the earth...yet!

It's been a while since I've wandered the webs of HSB.  We've been here at my parents' house since Wednesday night...and it is GOOD to be home!  Every other year we spend Christmas in Fort Worth-- all of my siblings and our kiddos.  With five of us kids (and all being married) it becomes more difficult to have ALL of us together at one time.  So this time is extra special to us.  The "off" years are spent with our respective in-law's and my folks will usually come visit one of our families during this time.  It's a great plan really-- every other year ALL of us being together and each family knowing where they'll spend Christmas that year without worrying about hurt feelings.  We simply take turns!


I am double blessed that no matter which year it is, I always have a memorable and enjoyable time with my family.  I have the best in-law's anyone could ever dream of-- honest!


Here in Fort Worth, we always stay up until 1am talking, drinking coffee, eating and playing board games.  The kids try to stay up until they literally pass out where they're sitting. I think we act more like kids during this time than our own children do!  This year's new game I picked up is called Mad Gab and so far it looks to be quite promising-- especially since my two younger sisters have never played it before!  They have this special knack of being able to read each other's minds without saying a single word...if you've ever played a game with a team like this, you'll know exactly what I mean.  I knew they were always weirdo's, but this proves it! LOL


Anyhow, I just wanted to take this time to wish all of you, my dear HSB friends a very merry CHRISTmas!  May you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.  I hope y'all are all able to celebrate the joyous occasion of our Saviour's birth in His Father's house.




Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How the "Left" Stole Christmas

This is set to the theme of "The Night Before Christmas"

I am not the author of this poem (although I wish I was clever enough to be!)-- it's from an e-mail that my aunt sent me...


Note: The Sears I shop at has already posted signs that boldly read MERRY CHRISTMAS on all of the entry doors to their store...which makes me happy b/c we LOVE Craftsman tools!

How the "Left" Stole Christmas

'Twas, the month before Christmas
When all through our land,
not a Christian was praying
Nor taking a stand.
See the PC Police had taken away,
The reason for Christmas - no one could say.
The children were told by their schools not to sing,
About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.
It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say
December 25th is just a "Holiday".
Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit
Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!
CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod
Something was changing, something quite odd!
Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa
In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.
As Targets were hanging their trees upside down
At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.
At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears
You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.
Inclusive, sensitive,
Are words that were used to intimidate me.
Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen
On Boxer, On Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton!
At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter
To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.
And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith
Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace.
The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded
The reason for the season, stopped before it started.
So as you celebrate "Winter Break" under your "Dream Tree"
Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.
Choose your words carefully, choose what you say
Shout MERRY CHRISTMAS, not Happy Holiday!

Friday, December 16, 2005

It's a slow night here and other stuff

Strange that it's Friday feels really slow like a Saturday night.  I just laid my littlest one down for a nap about half an hour ago.  Since it is now 6pm I am sure I will be regretting this decision later tonight!  Oh well, sometimes you just long for that peace and quiet where no one is hanging on to your leg or crying for least for a little while.


The baby (who is now 13 months old) actually got really mad at me tonight.  Can you believe that?!  My sweet little momma's boy with his 3 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth...bright blue eyes and hilarious little laugh...mad at ME?!  He wanted something and I have absolutely no idea what.  So he starts to bang on the keyboard and I tell him NO.  He stops, cries, and then does it again.  Repeat scenario several more times.  He finally gets tired of it all, grabs the newspaper next to me (that he knows I read and use), and toddles over to the kitchen...straight to the trashcan!  Drops it in and then turns to face me with this little tear-stained look of satisfaction.  Little stinker!  And just earlier today I was showing off to my mom the fact that my littlest man could throw his own diapers away!  Hmmppphhh...I guess he'll be using that against me now!!!


Someone once said to me:

When they're really little they are just so cute you could just eat them!

And when they grow up, you wish you did!


He IS a really ultra-cutey-pie baby...sooo I won't hold this little "incident" against him.  I can only imagine the antics that he will be doing as he gets older though.  After all, he does have two big brothers...who are always having adventures...mostly good, sometimes not so good! LOL


Also earlier on this chilly evening, Tank was begging for ice cream.  So I told him No ice is TOO cold for ice cream!


I thought the conversation was over but half an hour later he comes all the way upstairs just to tell me in a very matter of fact voice:  Mommy, the INSIDE of the ice cream is NOT cold!  Puh-lease!  I wasn't exactly born yesterday little man, you cannot pull that one on me.  So he smiled and left the room.


I don't think I would've ever tried such goofy, truthless tactics to get my way when I was least not that I remember...or that I'll admit...they must get that from dh's side of the family!!!


Hope y'all have a great weekend and stay OUT of the mall!  It's a crazy, nightmare zoo out there...




Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Golf Balls Gone Wild

Before I begin this not-tall-tale, please help Kari with some doggie questions so she can get her dear dh the perfect CHRISTmas present!  Oh, and while you're there, enter her easy-peasy contest because it's easy and she's giving out 3 fantastico books by Nancy Leigh De Moss of Revive Our Hearts!!!


Now we bring you back to our regularly scheduled program:


Some of you may remember me lamenting the fact that my dear husband ordered over 1,000 golf balls off of e-Bay a couple of weeks ago (and fortunately, we did not pay $6,466,557 for them!).  This transaction transpired immediately after I purchased my very own first set of golf clubs.  Coincidence?  I think not!


Anyhoo, all of this previous stuff is completely in the PAST and has absolutely nothing to do with the following scenario-- honest!


It was a beautifully clear and cool day.  The perfect day to drop the baby off at a friend's house and hit a few golf balls at the driving range.  I just love spending time with dh, especially outside.  I couldn't remember the last time I spent more than an hour outside!


After hitting a few balls at the driving range (where I hit more than I missed-- yeeeehaaaw!), we headed over to the practice area.  We decided to work on chipping out of the sandtrap.  My first shot was pretty good...out of the trap and onto the green (you know, the part around the hole with the little flag).  Second shot I missed.  Completely.  Didn't even make contact with the ball.


Now the third shot was going to be a winner!  I bent my knees slightly, got close to the ball, and up it went!  It looked to be the PERFECT hit my dear husband...where a man does not like to be hit...bullseye.  He is doubling over in pain.  I am doubling over in laughter.  In between gigantic, roaring laughter I am able to eek out a weak ", honey?!"


This old guy, I mean elderly gentleman driving by almost fell out of his golfcart as he witnessed the whole thing!  Come on, it IS funny!  Right???  It's a good thing that I don't have a powershot or anything, because then he would've really been in trouble!  He totally underestimated my chipping ability...he stood too close and in the line of fire.  I'm sure he will never do that again!  LOL


The boys were having quite a good time imitating daddy.  Uggghhh!  Owwww! and then falling over. 

Saturday, December 10, 2005

My 6yo and eBay

I went to a CHRISTmas party this evening and dh stayed home with the kiddos.  It was going to be a boys' night of wrestling with each other!  All is well until dh receives an e-mail saying:




Hmmmmm??? We haven't bid on anything lately...


He looks further down the e-mail to see:



You are currently the high bidder for the following eBay item

Gemini Jets Braniff Intl "Ultra" Boeing 747-200 - MIB
Your current bid:US $15.99
Your maximum bid:

US $6,466,557.00


Yes, you saw that correctly!!!

Your maximum bid:US $6,466,557.00


I had no idea that we were:

1. That wealthy!

2. Won the lotto!

3. or my 6yo has a side job that is making a whole lotta money!!!


Needless to say, I think he will be grounded from the computer for some time.  Although it is really hilarious, isn't it?!  Especially since we were able to retract the bid.


I always knew he was smart with the computer, but I guess not so much with money...because that model airplane was NOT worth quite that much money! 


And you know my frugal (read cheapskate!) husband almost had a heart attack over that one!  But now we're just laughing hysterically about it.  Guess it also teaches daddy dearest to not leave tempting eBay windows open on his computer.  Dash, however, did have to click many a button to type in bid, confirm bid, etc.  Good thing he did decide to do a search on toys or something...then we'd have really been in trouble!!!

Friday, December 9, 2005

Several nice surprises

This chilly evening was filled with a few nice surprises...and it doesn't even have anything to do with three entries in one night!


First, my 6yo's request to watch a wholesome, non-kid movie and the aftermath thereof.


Second, dh is currently in Venezuela for the evening and will not be returning until tomorrow afternoon.  The thing about flying to a foreign country is that we are just too cheap to pay for an international call.  Too cheap for me to call him and it's entirely too scary for him to call me...can you imagine the fees and taxes they'll tack on to that call?!  So I finally get around to getting all of the kiddos in bed at 10pm when I receive this e-mail.


I love you.  Log on to your Messenger.


The same dh who was laughing at me for staying up until midnight IM'ing my 3 sisters...when we all have perfectly good cell phones to call each other... He actually opened up a new Yahoo account just to IM with his wifey.   You'd think that he'd talked to me enough earlier today...  He is so sweet and definitely the BEST part of me!  It's funny how before we were married we'd wonder what married people talked about.  Now we're going on 10 years and I still get that silly grin when I hear from him.


And now thinking about dh got me all distracted and I can't for the life of me remember what Surprise Number 3 was!  Oh yea, I now have a babysitter with a DRIVERS LICENSE (and a car)!!!  HOORAY!!!  Now she can come over before we leave and leave when we more driving back and forth for me...


Let the date night's begin!!!

Seven Alone

We had seen Seven Alone once before where I carefully explained about what happens to the parents in the story.  No problems at all.  So tonight the boys ask to watch it once again.  Sure!  Why not?  I think it's great for them to watch a non-cartoon movie...and this isn't even a comedy or a regular kids' movie.


So we start watching it and all is well.  Since all is well, I thought I'd take a gander on the computer.  About a third into the movie,  my 6yo starts crying.  VERY loudly!  Big crocodile tears, red face and look of utter anguish.  I rushed over to find out what was wrong.


I just get sooo sad when people die, Mommy! 

I can't believe he died!!!  (sobbing continues...)


This was one extremely distraught boy!  I had never ever seen him look or act like this!  I explain that it's okay to be sad but remember this is a's pretend (even if based on some true story).  And I remind him that the kids are okay in the end.  He seems okay and continues to watch the movie. 


(For some strange reason, he is only crying when the dad dies and not the mommy.  But...I won't read too much into that.  I'm sure it was just an oversight on his part!)


Then towards the end when the little baby is very sick and not moving anymore...


Mommy, I think I feel one tear in my eye.

I'm a little sad about that sick baby.

I think I'm going to cry again...


I tell him that sometimes when I see something or someone sad, I cry too.  Just like when they're happy, I will smile with them.  My 4yo, on the other hand, is practically jumping on the couch and shouting: I'm not crying, mommy!  Like my other son is in trouble or something...  Silly boy making contests out of everything...even crying/not crying! 


Anyhoo, I was quite surprised to see such a sensitive side of my 6yo.  While he is a momma's boy and very affectionate, I have NEVER seen him get upset over a death on tv/movie...let alone let loose a single tear over a sick baby!  So I guess there's hope for him yet!!!  I'd much rather have a tender-hearted child than a cold-hearted one.


Now it's time to get those little boogers in bed.


G'night y'all!



The best chicken recipe ever

I've been meaning to post this for some time.  It is THE best chicken recipe ever-- and don't be intimidated by the fact that it is a roast chicken...and a non-crockpot roasted chicken at that!  The seasonings sound weird, but I promise you that it is deeeeelicious!  Even my very picky dh and kiddos like it.  So here's one more thing you can do with a whole chicken when it goes on sale for .19 cents a pound!




2 tsp salt

1 tsp white sugar

1/8 tsp ground cloves

1/8 tsp ground allspice

1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

1/8 tsp ground cinnamon

5 garlic cloves, crushed

1 (4#) whole chicken


  1. Mix all dry seasonings together.  Rub on chicken and sprinkle some in the cavity.  Stuff with garlic.  Cover with plastic and refrigerate for 24 hours.

  2. Place breast side down in a roasting pan.  (I just place it in a 9x13 corning dish)

  3. Roast for 15 minutes at 500.

  4. Roast for 15 minutes at 450.

  5. Baste if ya need to, although I never do.

  6. Roast for 45 minutes at 425.

  7. Remove from oven and let stand 20 minutes.

I usually serve this with rolls, mashed potatoes, peas and corn.  Any leftovers (which are nonexistent at my house) are great chopped up and mixed with mayo and pepper for chicken salad sandwiches.  Every bite is full of flavor...not just the skin but the meat itself...and it has never ever come out dry for me.



Sunday, December 4, 2005

CHRISTmas Gifts, Ornaments and Goofiness

Hip-hip-hooray!  We finally got around to putting the CHRISTmas tree up the other night.  It was a close call because the closer to CHRISTmas it gets, the LESS likely I'll want to go through the trouble of pulling all this stuff down from the attic.  Okay, okay...I can't believe I lied in a CHRISTmas post!  The truth is that it's less likely I'll want to bug dh about getting the stuff down from the attic! (Whew! My conscience feels much better now!)


I've bought a few presents already but haven't gotten around to wrapping them and placing them under the tree.  I am most excited about making a few presents-- but haven't quite had the time for that yet.  I guess I better get a move on! (why does that sound normal when you say it, but looks very weird when you write it?)


Here's a few of my fav gift ideas this season:

  1. For my big boys, I bought some red satin fabric and am planning to make them superhero capes!  They will be long, shiny, and velcro at the boys' necks.  If I hurry up, I will have enough time to take them to a friend's house and embroider their names/initials on the back.

  2. The big boys will also be receiving some very nice wooden pop-guns that grandma and grandpa ordered from Vision Forum.  I had to play with them quietly in the other know, to make sure they weren't defective or dangerous...oh man, they are cool!!!

  3. Y'all may be unawares of a very talented jeweler among us.  Our very own Susan has been kind enough to make a few pairs of earrings for me to give as gifts...the toughest part about having such beautiful wares to choose from is deciding which to keep for myself!

  4. My siblings will also be receiving Pecan Pie Muffin Mix and Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix a la Homemade Gourmet-- very quick, easy and delicious!

  5. And since I'm making a list of uber-cool things...have y'all noticed Tammy is incredibly talented?!  You just HAVE to take a look at her flickr pics on the sidebar-- her artwork is AMAZING!  I have no idea how people can do stuff like that...

  6. And finally, just wanted to share an ornament idea that we started last year.  Normally, we would purchase a nice ornament for each child.  Then when they grow up one day and have a family or house of their own, they would get their box of ornaments.  As some of you may know, this can be ridiculously expensive-- I should not have to pay $10-15 for one ornament!!! 

    So last year I let each boy pick out one of their Hot Wheels cars that they would like to use for their ornament.  Dash picked out a red car (b/c that's his fav color) and Tank picked out a white Fiero...
    I wrote the year and their initials with a metallic Sharpie, hot glued a ribbon to hang with, and Voila!  Special ornament on the cheap...and much more meaningful since it was something they actually played with! 

    This year they were quite excited to pick out a wooden train from their collection. 
    Fortunately, they are still young and have small toys that would work as CHRISTmas ornaments.  I can only imagine the CHRISTmas tree carnage if they were into something very big or very alive...

I almost forgot about the goofiness mentioned in the title!  I walk outside in the front yard this afternoon and what do I see but...


Notice the strange bicycle helmet and one sandal/one boot action going on.  They could only be up to no good.


Me: Hi boys!

Them: Hi mommy.

Me: What are you doing?

Them: Digging.

Me: You've been out here a long time and I heard some banging...

Them: We don't want daddy to go to work.  (very big grins and pointing) So we trapped him!  Now he CAN'T go!!!



Me:  Wow, y'all are so strong and smart.  I don't know how daddy will ever be able to leave now...


In case the four gigantic logs weren't enough to keep him home, they wedged those two very strong pieces of lumber up against the tires...just to make sure...very thorough, aren't they???

Friday, December 2, 2005

Secrets of Successful Homeschooling-- It's finally here!

Hooray!!!  The much awaited e-book Secrets of Successful Homeschooling: You Have What It Takes To Homeschool! is finally here!



I am very honored to have gotten a sneak peek at this great book!  Our very own Paul & Gena Suarez brought together a great group of homeschoolers to share their own stories about how to homeschool know, the really practical stuff they learned the hard you don't have to!


Secrets of Successful Homeschooling was easy, enjoyable and very encouraging to read.  I wasn't sure at first how I'd feel about an e-book over the normal paper form that we all love...(but how could we expect normal from Gena? And even if she was...she's related to JenIG...and I don't have to say any more about that).  But you know what?  Those crazy people can come up with some very great ideas!  For example, the uber-cool part about an e-book is that when they list a link in the book-- you can click on it and it will actually TAKE YOU THERE!  No more hunting for a scrap piece of paper to write a web address on (and lose later)...just click and you are there immediately!


The first half of this book offers support and encouragement and lots of great advice.  New homeschoolers will feel empowered and old vets (okay, young vets too!) will feel refreshed and renewed in their homeschooling.  The second half covers the nuts and bolts of it all.  Things like how to homeschool on the cheap, teaching reading, and even teaching children with special needs.  It's all in there...from well-known authors like Cindy Rushton, Terri Camp, Christine Field, and Lorrie your fellow HSBloggers like Coie, Julie Nott, Kris Price, and others...including, ahem, yours truly!  


Another bonus, at least in my currently hectic life, is that the chapters are relatively short and to the point.  So you can start AND finish a chapter over a cup of coffee or tea.  And if you're a brand new homeschooler, you won't be overwhelmed with a plethora of information in one sitting (I've always wanted to use that word!).


So check it out!  I think y'all would really enjoy it!  Besides, how fun is it to read stuff written by people you actually know?!

Six of the Sevens

Okay, I am finally getting around to doing the Seven Seven's thingamabob...courtesy of Susan, ccpeterson, and I've forgotten the third person...sorry!  I never said my memory was very good...


Seven Sevens (all in no particular order)


Seven things to do before I die
1. Travel to all 50 states in the good ole US of A (with hubby, of course!)

2. Learn to knit

3. See all of my children accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour

4. Speak Spanish...fluently (mi espanol es muy malo)

5. Write what my mom calls my "life story" but I'd really like to write a book about my Korean grandmother...she was such a strong and very resourceful woman!

6. Beat my husband at golf

Seven things I cannot do
1. Put paper towels in the holder in the kitchen (dh kindly does it for have to unscrew the whole thing to replace it...who has time for that?)

2. Skate backwards

3. Sing harmony

4. Dive

5. Water Ski (or is it waterski?)

6. Apparently count to seven since I stopped at #6 on the first question!

7. Whistle loudly with my fingers in my mouth

Seven things that attract me to my husband
1. He's the only person in the entire world that can truly make me laugh...all the time!

2. He's the best daddy ever...and always includes the boys in his activities.

3. He is the most handsome man I know.

4. He not only loves me truly and deeply-- but tells me so all the time.

5. He not only tells me he loves me, but shows me he loves me...sending me away for coffee or shopping when he thinks I'm stressed out...lots of hugs and kisses...sweet love notes hidden around my house...and I can just tell by the way he looks at me...I think I would die without him, I just love him so much!

6. He is my superman...honey, can you fix this? open this? make this? lift this? move this? do this?...he can do anything and everything very well.

7. He doesn't let me least not that I know of...and if I do beat him at something, he's proud of me. :-)

Seven things I say most often
1. I love you.

2. Good manners, please.

3. Quit dawdling!
4. Time to clean up.

5. Pay the toll! (which is a kiss)
6. What would you like to drink/eat?
7. Hello? (Not the sarcastic version but the my-cell-phone-is-an-extension-of-my-being version of hello).

Seven books (or series) I love
1. The Holy Bible (KJV)
2. Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit- Terri Maxwell

3. To Train Up a Child- Mike and Debi Pearl

4. Leading Little Ones to God

5. Guess How Much I Love You

6. Created To Be His Helpmeet- Debi Pearl
7. Goodnight Moon- Margaret Wise Brown

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time)

1. The Princess Bride

2. The Incredibles

3. The Sound of Music

4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

5. Robin Hood (the one with Kevin Costner...even though he is waaay old now)

6. Anything with Sean Connery...I just love his voice

7. Beauty and the Beast (Disney)


And if anyone else wants to answer these questions, just make a comment or leave a link so I can see what you said!