Sunday, January 20, 2013

God knew 9 years ago...

I have been looking for a particular picture for over one and half years.

I found it tonight!!!

When we first moved to Guam almost 2 years ago, I was sad we had this grand new adventure and no Christian to share it with. It wasn't a large outward boohoo, but one of those small things in a deep corner of my heart.

It wasn't long before God reminded me of a whirlwind two day stay in Guam back in 2004...

Ritidian Beach... Only ONE picture... and it's of me... pregnant with Christian!

I can honestly say that ALL of my boys have been to Guam!

Thank you God for knowing 9 years ago that I needed this gift today.

Haven of Hope Retreat for grieving moms

Registration is now open for our third annual Haven of Hope Retreat! The Retreat will once again be held in Round Top, Texas, which is approximately 2 hours from Houston, 1.5 hours from Austin, and really close to Brenham. :)  Retreat dates are March 8-10, 2013.

Would you please help spread the word?  

The registration link is at:
You may share the flyer link and/or print it out HERE.

Haven of Hope Retreat

We are just a group of Christian moms on this grief journey trying to encourage one another in the Lord and share the HOPE that we have only through Jesus Christ.

It's not a weekend of only tears (though they are a plenty), but a place of safety and understanding... We talk, laugh, eat, pray, sing, craft and share our hurts, hearts, and children with one another.  Casual and Christ-centered with the Bible as our guide.

Please pray. Not only for us as we prepare the practical details, but for the moms that God already knows will be attending. It does take great courage to share this deep grief with strangers (although it doesn't take long to become fast friends). We are honored that these moms are willing to share their children with us.

To God be the glory.