Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Date night!

Dh and I finally had a date night last night!  It has been a couple of months since we went out on a date.  We got dressed up and saw Phantom of the Opera-- and my, my he did look so handsome!  I like to think that I cleaned up nicely as well, but since I didn't have to look at myself I'm not too concerned...


We had pretty good seats and had no problems seeing the stage.  For those who are vaguely familiar with Houston, the new Hobby Center is so much nicer than the old Jones Hall, which had felt like a dungeon!  I was a little disappointed that Raoul was being played by the understudy who had a good voice, but it wasn't very rich or strong... The Phantom and Christine had absolutely gorgeous voices!  Definitely a big thumbs up on that.  Dh really enjoyed it (although musicals and theatre are not normally up his alley-- he's more of a soccer and shorts and t-shirt kind of a guy).  He was disappointed in the orchestra not being loud enough as they seemed a bit muted last night.  It was the second time we've seen Phantom, the first being BK (before kids).


All in all, we had a great time just being together without our precious kiddos.  To top it all off, Dh was savvy enough to find a good parking spot that was not in the parking garage so we saved ourselves a good half hour of trying to leave the Hobby Center.  Have I mentioned how smart my dh is?  He is the best!  I'll try to post a pic of our evening out.  We forgot to take pictures but ran into a friend there who had a camera.


So, when was YOUR last date night?  I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I've decided to procrastinate...

...and put off starting school until (gasp!) September!  This will be after I return from Korea.  Thank ya'll so much for your advice-- I really do appreciate it!   I think I will, however, try to get the family back on some sort of a loose schedule right away...the kids are so much happier with routine, routine, routine; and I really am too.


Who am I kidding? There's no way I could've started off well and then quit midstream for over a week.   I am way too uptight for that and really need to be honest with myself...I think it would've just given me one more thing to stress out about.  Especially since I'll be worrying about leaving a 6yo, 4yo and 9 month old with dh for a week!  He is an absolutely wonderful father and I know they will be just fine...but mommies worry-- it's just what we do.


Praise the Lord that learning continues in everyday living and playing!  So we'll continue to just do what we always do-- play outside in the puddles, chase frogs and lizards, read Your Big Backyard (and whatever else floats our boat), play Spelling Bee Bingo, and make lots of silly things out of Play-doh.  I do have that recipe for edible chocolate play-doh I've been meaning to try out...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Moving up our already delayed start date? Need advice!

I don't know what it is about having to set a mental date of when to actually start a new school year after a long break... My original plans were to take a break from the end of May (Kindergarten Graduation) until July 4th.   Well, that date came and went and still no school.  Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked with travelling, cleaning closets, picking blueberries and surfing the net.


So now it's the end of July and I'm planning on taking a weeklong trip to South Korea at the end of August.  The kids are not going with me...just me, my mom and one of my sisters.  We're visiting family that I haven't seen since I was 5 years old!  Do I start school now or wait until I return from my trip? 


I'm definitely open to comments on this one!  Wish I could figure out how to do a poll on this...  So would ya'll start school now knowing you'd be taking a weeklong break at the end of next month?  Or would you wait until after the trip and start around September 1st  (which is also when soccer and several other activities begin)?  Oh and our main curriculum last year was Five in a Row (FIAR) and we are now switching to it's a new system for me.  We have no required number of days here in TX and plan to school year-round (minus the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's--just relaxed light school then). 


The whole school supply sale always gets me motivated (previous day's post) and I've just been notified of the Scholastic Books Warehouse sale where everything's under $5 (there is the fine print of the infamous * of course!)  Crayons, paper and books...what more do I need?!   Okay, I digress...


Monday, July 18, 2005

It's hard to believe that school supply season is already here...

I can't believe that it's already time to get organized for the new school year.  The smell of new crayons, tons of notebooks, and an endless supply of construction paper, glue sticks and pencils have overtaken our schoolroom.  I just can't resist .19 cent boxes of Crayola Crayons and .10 cent spiral notebooks-- even if only one of my kids actually knows how to write!  Once I figure out where to put all this stuff, it will be time to tackle the bookshelves.  I never thought that there was such a thing as too many books...but I was wrong!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

About Me

My name is Marsha, Marshy, Marshie, Marshmallow, Nerd, and M. My hubster of 25 years calls me babe and my kids call me mom and mommy.

I've got four boys (Austin- 21, Noah-19, Christian 11/12/04-8/26/08*, and Ian-8) and one girl (Hope-6). Yes, it is quite the spread in age... No, we didn't keep trying until we "finally got our girl"... and Yes, all kids are with my first and only husband and I'm his first and only wifey! :)

We are a Christian homeschooling family was very blessed to live on the beautiful island of Guam for over 8 years. Now we are back on the mainland and living in Pennsylvania.

I am blessed beyond measure, my cup runneth over. 
Even with the crack in my cup, the filling flows faster than the leak. 
To God be all glory.

*Since it is natural to wonder how someone died, Christian's death was from drowning.
You can read about my grief journey HERE.  Suffering the loss of a child can be a very lonely and painful road. If you need someone to talk to or if you have a friend that you would like me to email, please let me know. I love talking about Christian and do not want to waste this sorrow that is part of our life's story. Even if I cry, you won't be reminding me of something that I don't already think about every single day.  I don't have any magical words of wisdom and cannot "fix" someone's grief... But I can be a listening ear, a praying heart, and try to encourage them in the Lord.  In all of this, I can testify that God has been and will continue to be faithful. He has never forsaken me. At the end of this race, I want more than anything for Him to say "Well done, my good and faithful servant." After all, isn't that why we are still here on this earth?