Thursday, April 28, 2011

history of a forger

I have three different styles of handwriting that I switch around depending on my mood. My main signature, however, looks like it does from years of *cough cough* forging my mom's signature...WITH her permission of course (at least most of the time).

Our conversations would go like this:

1st-3rd grade: "Hey mom, I need a note for school."
"You write it and then I'll sign it."

3rd-5th grade: "Hey mom, I need a note for school."
"You write it."
And then she'd forget to sign it... so I would do it.

5th grade & up: I didn't bother asking her anymore.

What does your writing look like? Do you have one style that you use all the time or do you use different ones for different occasions?

Did you ever forge your parents' signatures? Come on, surely one of y'all will admit to being the kid who had the stash of hall passes and excuse slips in their school locker.

Monday, April 25, 2011

imperfect pictures

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren't quite "perfect"...

Food in mouth,
not looking at the camera,
looking for mommy,
smiling grandma
trying to wiggle away,
extremely bored
and not happy to be here...


That's why I love it so much!

I challenge y'all to look back through your old photos.
I bet you find at least one that, although the moment might have been crazy and the outcome disappointing, it captured real life and the genuine dynamics and personalities of that time.

Do you find that you love it a little more than you did before?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Videos

My King is Risen!

Do you know Him?

I believe.

Igniter Media created a similar video about the birth of Jesus. This one is also well done!

Friday, April 22, 2011

my baby sister's having a baby!

This past weekend we had a baby shower for my baby sister Bobo. Isn't she a beautiful, glowing prego girl?

It must be hard to be the youngest out of five siblings. No matter how old she gets, she will ALWAYS be the baby!

My two favorite things when it comes to baby showers.



My least favorite?

That would be GAMES.

We only had a few games at Bobo's shower. In this one, you guess what celebrity parent goes with each kid. This was a toughie for me. The only one I guessed correctly was H!

{How well would YOU do on a game like this?}

I really enjoyed my weeklong stay with family.

No matter how long the visit, it is never long enough...

I realize that many families do not get along well enough to stay in the same house for an entire week. What a blessing it is to not only love, but LIKE my siblings and parents enough to SEEK OUT their company.

I am thankful...

{too bad all the in-law's weren't able to make it!}

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a big thank you

Thank you for praying for the Haven of Hope Retreat this past weekend.

29 moms
such great loss
tell me about your child
tears flowing freely
understanding nods
yet the weekend was not full of weepy women
there was also
laughter in the midst of sorrow

It's not an easy road, this path through grief.

But it's the one that my Lord has placed me on.

Praise God that He will never forsake me!

Praise God that He is always faithful to light the way!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

preparations and prayer

Only two more days until the first annual Haven of Hope Retreat for mothers that are grieving the death of a child.

I head out tomorrow to meet with Susan and Daisy to set up, organize and PRAY for these women and our time together.

We want to point these precious moms to the truth of God's Word and not just where our hope lies, but in Whom it lies! Jesus Christ!

May hearts be comforted and God be glorified in all that is said and done.

Would you please pray for us?

Sunday, April 3, 2011