Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello? Is anyone here?

Wow, was that a long blogosphere absence or what? That's what happens when I get too busy... I go off-grid. Wait, I take that back. That's what happens when I get too busy AND cranky at the same time!

The highlights and lowlights of the past two weeks:

+We went to the lake for a few days with friends.

here were about 4 momma's, 1 David for part of the time, and 30 kids (give or take a few). It was fun and relaxing and I was too lazy to take any pictures.

+Oh blankie, where art thou?

Somehow 3yo Dozer has learned to cope without his buddy and has even confiscated other pieces of fleece around the house to compensate. But what about ME?! What about Mommy?!!! I am SO saddened at the disappearance of his little buddy... his shadow... his companion when he sucks his thumb at night. I even offered a reward to anyone who finds it-- scissor rips, green paint stains, fuzzballs and all-- nothing beats the original! But to no avail. I am in mourning over this.

That blankie has been there for many things... bedtime, camping, double black eye, hide and seek... *sniff* *sniff*

+Dash celebrated his 9th birthday this past weekend!

NINE YEARS OLD! That is halfway to an adult!!!

I have been a bit anxious about this day for much of the year. Not that I boohoo the loss of the early childhood or anything. But the responsibility of raising a child into a young man has weighed heavily on my mind. A reminder that while he is a good kid and we have a great relationship, I question whether we as parents have done enough? Have taken advantage of opportunities to talk about God? To live out a good Christ-like example? Aggghhh! I'm running out of time!

Okay, back to the birthday. With all the rain and it being the Tax Free weekend here in Texas, we opted to stay HOME rather than go out! Friday, we did venture out to Chuck E Cheese first thing in the morning (coupons in hand, of course! LOL), to have our family day. We usually reserve the actual birthday day for just family-- no friends and no party. We'll do something together as a family and have a cake and presents. In the early years, I found myself being so busy taking care of everyone else, *I* never had the time to reflect and really enjoy the day with my children. Now, celebrations of the party magnitude are held on a different day.

Anyhow, it rained but we were cozy inside with our little men.

+Our dog got bit on the face by a copperhead snake.

She's doing okay now but her face did swell up pretty big. We took her to the animal ER almost right away (as soon as we could find an open vet on a Saturday evening!).

One thing to say about that-- better the dog than a kid.

She is pretty much all the way recovered. I don't think any of my kids would've been so fortunate. Ditto when David was stung by a swarm of bees on his face and head last week. He was mowing the neighbors lawn and in the far corner of their property was a tree FULL of bees. I guess they didn't like the vibration of the mower! I have never been stung by a bee or wasp-- although my kids have. So the mere thought of it makes me shudder!

+3 year olds are so fun!

They speak their own language,
they laugh hysterically when you kiss their bellybutton,
they say funny things like Mommy, I bumped my forehead
and just when I am surprised that he used the word forehead,
he ruins it by saying and then I bumped my other head.
What?! You have two heads?
And as he touches one side of his forehead and then the other,
he replies Yes, I have dis forehead and then dis head over here.

Ummm... okay then.

And that, as best as I can remember, wraps up my life up to this point.

+What have y'all been doing?


PS Have you seen it? Have you? Boo hoo...

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Annemarie said...

Oh yes, I absolutely remember this post! I think that I re-read it a million times. I had it starred in my blog feed that week because I was going to comment about Rebekah and her blanket, and how this brought back so many memories.