Saturday, August 30, 2008

Update from Marsha

Hi all~

This is Leanne. Marsha is my very dear, dear friend, and she asked me this morning if I would update y'all on how they're doing....I can only pray that God would give me the words to do this update justice.

I talked to her this morning on the phone. First of all, she wants everyone to know how much they have felt all of your prayers! They are very, very grateful for you all. Please keep praying, don't let up, as today is Christian's funeral and as many of you know, that is going to be hard....

She talked to me about all of those whom they had spoken with in this that do not know the Lord, and how her heart is grieving for them. She has told me that what they want out of this valley is that many would come to know the Savior through this. Please pray for those of their family and friends who do not know our good God. Pray for salvation for many. Marsha said that she hopes they're ready to hear the Gospel, cause that's what they're going to hear today!!

At the sound of Marsha's voice, I knew, deep in my heart, that they are going to weather this. God is and has been very present for their family thus far. She talked to me about how she had seemingly "babied" Christian a whole lot more than the other two boys. Now, she says that she has absolutely no regrets. We looked back and saw how God had been preparing them for this day for years, and especially the past month.

I choose for myself, especially after talking to Marsha, to believe that God is so infinitely good, so much more and above what our tiny brains can fathom. He does all things, all things, well....

Many of you may remember that they lost Christian's favorite blankie about a month or so ago. That blankie was nowhere to be found. Wednesday Marsha told me that she just knew, she just knew, that God was going to let that blankie show up when they needed it most.....and lo and behold, it has been found!! Coco found it! Our good God knew who needed to find that blankie and exactly when! Marsha said that Coco felt as though she had won the lottery!

We talked about what it was like yesterday, at the funeral home for the viewing. She spoke of how it was driven home to them that that was just really not Christian laying there. It was just his earthly shell, and it was such a huge measure of peace to David and her to know in their hearts that it wasn't him, just his husk. Christian's beautiful and joyful spirit is in Heaven, where he dances and sings for his Savior!

After they were done, apparently someone shouted, "look! A rainbow!!!" Marsha grabbed a little girlfriend by the hand and ran out to look, and sure enough, there was a perfect, beautiful rainbow arching its glorious colors directly over the funeral home!!! God's promise!!!

Thank the Lord that David and Marsha have the eyes to see God's goodness in the midst of this valley!

Please, prayer warriors, do not let up in praying for David and Marsha! This is just the beginning of this journey! Please be specific and very intentional in your prayers. Come against the enemy with all your power, as he would like nothing better than to destroy the beautiful witness of the Drews family.

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