Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's in a name?

+I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments on my last post! I would like to point out that my friend Teresa practically dared us to guess her and her hubby's it's been a secret for 18 YEARS nicknames for each other. The clues are PPB for him and BLT for her... anyone care to venture any guesses? Maybe she calls Neal her Precious Pooky Buns and he calls her his Big Loving Tater-- because y'know, terms of endearment almost always involve food, y'all.

And then there is Amy in Peru's Chubby Chumchocks... what's a Chumchock anyway? Yup, nothing says loving more than calling someone Chubby... and not just any old chubby but a chumchock to boot-- fo shizzle!

And SisterLisa? I'll just be thankful for the non-creative nickname bestowed upon me by my other half-- because Round Bottom, it doesn't exactly give me a warm fuzzy feeling!

+Now it's time to play a little tag. HomeschoolingKatt and Misty have both asked me to name 6 "unspectacular quirks" about myself. Hmmm... isn't "quirky" the polite person's way of saying "weird"? And unspectacular... might as well just say lame enough of an oddity to keep you in the realm of the uncool. Nevertheless, here goes.

1. I consider a trip to the Grand Canyon as the ultimate torture. The mere thought of those heights and edges make me want to puke.

2. I have been prone to ticks since I was a kid. Not the blood sucking bug variety of ticks, but spazzy body things like tapping my teeth together, clenching and unclenching my jaw, and the current irritating flexing of my left arm and leg muscles.

3. One of my favorite snacks is dried fish, especially the sweet tasting filefish. Eat with a side of toothpaste because it gives you some majorly nasty breath. (Makes you want to be close to me, doesn't it? Hey, does anyone else remember that old mouthwash commercial where the guy says Heck of a hot tub, huh Heather? Okay, just checking.)

4. (Amy, this ones for you.)

I was never the type of girl who had crushes on people. But in my (much!) younger days, I had a major crush on this guy.

Let the laughter commence.

Okay, cease the laughter.

5. I like to iron shirts. But not the German white linen kind of shirts with the millions of pleats all over the front.

6. Lastly and leastly, I can't for the life of me think of a number 6.

Anyone, anyone? Beuller???

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