Monday, November 17, 2008

This week's happenings

+++ We're going to DisneyWorld!!! It is a complete and total surprise for the boys. :-) We're not telling them anything until we get there... although I imagine they might figure it out when we get on the plane to Orlando. David and I had talked about going for a while but thought it best to wait until Christian was older. Y'know, so he'd actually have a shot at remembering it. *sigh* But there's no better time than the present (and the uncrowded week before Thanksgiving) to just do it.

Is there anything that you've been meaning to do (big or small) with your kidlets (big or small) that you might just go ahead and do NOW?

+++ Voting is going on now at the Homeschool Blog Awards! I am truly humbled and honored that some of y'all would nominate me for a few of the categories (Best "Live-What-You-Believe" Homeschool Blog, Best Cyber Buddy Blogger and Best Encourager)-- thank you! Voting ends at midnight on November 21. You do not have to have to homeschool or have a blog to vote! SO GO!

+++ Save the date of Tuesday, November 25th for the Houston Homeschool Bloggy Joe-down!!! Get it? Like hoe-down and cup of Joe? Okay then... so it's really just an uber-good time at Panera with the likes of moi, Sprittibee, Rachel, Semicolon (Picture Book Preschool), Kelly (sorry, I don't know your blog addy), and anyone else in the area that wants to come. We're thinking about meeting down in the Westheimer or Galleria area around 10am. If you're in the neighborhood, let me know and PLEASE come join us!

+++ And last but not leastly, my friend Angela will the speaker at Heartbeat Live tomorrow at 3pm CST. She will be speaking about hands-on learning in a LIVE, online, interactive style.

Fine Motor Manipulatives Around the House: Hands On Learning

Do you have a child struggling with fine motor skills? Has handwriting become a chore that you both dread daily? Join Angela DeRossett as she shares ideas on how to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills with items you already have while introducing you to ways to make this type of learning more fun.

It's FREE, it's fun and I hope you'll join in-- just hop on over there to register and get your login.

Allrightythen... it's 1:41am and I need to go to bed for our flight in a few hours. Have a wonderful week, y'all!



PS Thank you so much, dear friends, for all the e-mails and cards and prayers regarding Christian's birthday this past Wednesday. It was a very good family kind of day! We only cried a little that morning when we reminded the boys about it being Christian's b-day. Then we prayed, ate at Denny's and watched Madagascar Escape 2 Africa at the theater (a rare treat for our Netflix kind of family). God has given us so much grace at the perfect time... without fail! But He's like that y'know... loving, trustworthy, consistent, all-knowing, faithful...

PPS Have any of you read that book by Randy Alcorn called "Heaven"? I've listened to the shorter abridged audio version and found it to be encouraging and very interesting. I'm thinking about getting the hardcopy or perhaps the unabridged audio version. Anyone have any thoughts on that book?

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