Friday, February 20, 2009

Boys are just weird-- today's conversation

While folding laundry this evening, I came across an extra extra thick pair of socks.

Size medium, ankle cut, Hanes, blue stitching on the toe. Further investigation led to the discovery of not one, but three pairs of socks--all neatly tucked within one another.

While the sock monster has been known to mysteriously eat a stray or weak sock that lagged behind the herd, it had never before been known to carefully place socks within one another.

This could only mean one thing.

Onion Boy has been wearing at least three pairs of socks at the same time!

Hillbilly-Pirate Boy is too picky about how clothes feel to ever try such an uncomfortable stunt. Besides, his socks have green stitching on the toe.

When confronted with the aforementioned allegations of sock abuse, Onion Boy responded with a giant, prideful grin on his face.

What, mommy? Didn't you know that the other day I even had on FOUR shirts?!

Ummm... no, honey. Mommy does not notice such things when they are worn by a skeleton boy! He seriously is deficient in the muscle mass department-- talk about skin and bones! The boy eats and gets taller and his feet even grow, but his waist, arms and legs never ever get wider. I wish I had that problem.

So dear friends, do your children wear multiple layers? And remember, I'm not talking about cold weather layering (it's been warm here). This is dressing like this-- four shirts, 3 socks and who knows what else-- just because!

At least it wasn't like 2 pairs of shorts with 6 frogs shoved in the pocket, which has happened before courtesy of OB and HPB.

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