Monday, January 29, 2007

Why I love having three boys


When it is a Sunday afternoon and you are grounded from video games, movies, tv AND you have to be completely quiet because there is a 2yo napping, it's amazing what you can actually accomplish!

I was in the kitchen and heard a frantic knocking on the front door.  I opened it to find Tank (5yo) with a helmet on his head and hopping up and down like a spaz.  He ran to the driveway where he and Dash (7yo) proudly showed me this fantastical accomplishment (I was COMPLETELY shocked and surprised!-- just ignore the sound of my dorky laugh, k?):

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Nothing like a big brother to show you the life skills necessary to be a proper young man!  *sigh*  I can't believe my little middle man knows how to ride without training wheels.  Up to this point, he just didn't want to learn.   



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PS  Since this is Dash's bike, Tank's feet cannot reach the ground when he's on the seat... So when it was time to stop, he would brake, hop off the side and let the bike crash down.  Didn't we ALL do that when we were little?! :-)


jewls2texas said...

I love it when my kids truly are one another's best friends!

cammiemelisabray said...

How sweet. I pray someday that my little guy will have brothers. But, for now he is lovin his sisters.

DanielleW said...

The video wouldn't play for me. :pout:

WTG on riding with out training wheels!!

DanielleW said...

The video wouldn't play for me. :pout:

WTG on riding with out training wheels!!

youngmommy said...

Way to go, Dash and Tank!!

It's so much fun to watch our older ones teach the younger ones, isn't it???

KarenW said...

Hooray for Dash and Tank! What a terrific accomplishment.

Grandpa said...

Way to go Tank!! That was great! Dash, I'm proud of you teaching Tank to ride the bike. Be sure and always teach him good things, ok?

aCleanHeart said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing. I always love your videos on the kids!

Miss ya,


EEEEMommy said...

Isn't it cool when they love spending time together?!? and teaching eachother too?

Thanks for sharing!

TC said...

My oldest taught himself to ride at age 4, and then taught all three of his younger siblings.

He also potty trained himself at age 2 1/2, but he didn't bother to pass on that important skill. :/

JenIG said...

your boys are SO precious! that is very sweet

mom26kidz said...

That was great! I love moments like that! Hey girl I missed you since I have not been on much. I did get my blog fixed though. You gotta come see our snow pics! luv ya!


DanielleW said...

Yeah, I finally found the time to come back and watch the video. WTG! What a great job. I did laugh that right after you said, "Don't crash!" That's exactly what he did. LOL