Monday, January 1, 2007

I started the New Year off right... actually remembering to exchange Dash's second tooth for a dollar last night!  I have redeemed myself!  mwhahahahaaa...

Actually, I must confess.  Dash sleeps on the top of an L shaped bunkbed and I just couldn't quiiiite reach all the way to his pillow.  So I enlisted dh to do the dental duty. :-)  

He came back downstairs with this ziploc bag with a tiny itty-bitty tooth in it.  *sigh*  Now we just wait for the awkwardly large teeth to come all the way in.  Is it just me, or do y'all feel sorry for the poor kidlets who have to grow into their gargantuan teeth?  Kinda like TOUS's.  Teeth of Unusual Size.  Usually the front two.

This morning, Dash and I talked about the tooth fairy.  I was surprised that he actually thought (at least a little) that there really was one.  He honestly didn't care when I told him there wasn't... I just said that like Santa and the Easter Bunny, some parents like to pretend with their kids.  But since we've always been truthful about these things, we wanted to make sure he understood that mommy and daddy are the ones who exchange his fallen tooth for a dollar.  I told him that it's fun for us to try to sneak in there when he's sleeping and get it without waking him up... Like super-spy's!

Speaking of teeth, this reminds me of the Dental Health Pack from HandsOfAChild ( Bear with me on the link, I've not been able to do hyperlink's lately...even with my pop-up blocker disabled...  Anyhow, this was a pretty neat unit study we had started last year but were not able to finish.  I think we'll try again very soon since we have a sincere interest in all things teethy right now!

I guess before I sign off I should say something New Years-y.  HAPPY 2007!  We had a great day at church yesterday, fellowship dinner last night and then over to a friend's house for hot chocolate and fireworks.  We headed home about 11pm in anticipation of all the drunks that would be on the road right after midnight.  Actually, they were out before dark!  Scary.  There are a lot of bars between our house and our church. 

I am thankful that we got home safely and were able to tuck our children into bed before midnight!  Before long, they'll be able to handle staying up and playing board games until the wee hours of the morning.  I can't wait for that!  It will be such fun to play some of the more interesting and difficult games-- a momma can only take so much of Chutes & Ladders and Candyland!  Although I do really like Hungry Hungry Hippos...

So what did y'all do last night???


OurHomeSweetHomeschool said...

Congratulations on remembering the tooth. On many a night I have forgotten... sometimes even 2 nights in a row. LOL

Happy New Year,


BaptistMommy said...

Howdy, Marsha! I saw in your profile that you play flute...neat! So do I, in fact, my dh got me a new one for Christmas this year...a step up.

Your husbands answer to your question below was amazing! Isn't God good?

Jocelyndixon said...

We are a very exciting family AND did nothing for New Year's Eve... We watched the ball (all gathering to the tv at 11:53) and then laughed with each other ABOUT each other and watched a movie... Yes, very exciting, don't you think?




Anonymous said...

MARSHA!! I hope you had a beautiful holiday season, and Happy New Year!! I am anonymous because I can no longer sign on. It won't let me. :( Anyway, the " Great Hunt" still goes on. lol We made a goals list yesterday, and the # 2 thing was MOVE!! ( #1 was a closer walk with the Lord) The information you sent me was great. Anything else would be helpful.

I totally understand the enormous teeth syndrome. Samuel is going through that now. Talk about it taking forever to grow into your teeth. Its just another sign that your babies are getting old. :::sigh:::. But I'll tell you a secret, they will always be your babies, even when they turn 21. :) I bet even they are 50. I'll let you know.

Have a good week! ~ madeleine

BaptistMommy said...

**So, what kind of flute did you get? How long have you been playing?**

Hi Marsha, I've been playing off and on for about 22 years. My new flute is a Gemeinhardt 3SB, open hole, solid silver, low b foot conservatory. It's a beauty! My 11 yr old daughter has just began and got a new first act flute for Christmas, in fact we did some duets at church last week, I was 1 proud mama!

BTW your boys are darling.

Anonymous said...

We didn't do a thing. I sat on the couch miserable with a cold and headache and read a book. Hubby watched tv, leaned over for a kiss when the ball dropped at Times Square. We pondered why all those people were there and what exactly they did in the cold and crowds. I birng the New Year in with sickness, but it is the first in about 2 years, so I guess I was due. Have a great day!


youngmommy said...

Hi Marsha!

I haven't been around lately, but I have enjoyed catching up today - I've missed my hsb friends! HAPPY 2007!!

My oldest son discovered his very first loose tooth just yesterday... I hope I don't forget to play tooth fairy!

I love it when my husband displays his God-given responsibility as head of the house and verbalizes what is truly important. It is such a comfort to know your husband walks in Truth, isn't it?

I'll be by for another visit soon!



castlekids said...

When my oldest lost his first tooth, he asked me if I had a Tooth Fairy costume. He wanted me to dress up to come exchange the tooth! (No,I don't have a costume) Happy New Year!


P.S. I added you to my friends list

chickadee said...

i took down all the christmas stuff and had my hair styled by some really talented young women and a not so gentle young man!

KarenW said...

We went to my grandmother's for the weekend. She's 91 years old, lives by herself and cooked a full meal for us and 3 other families! We left about 2:30, hoping to get home before traffic got crazy. Saw at least three wrecks on the four hour drive.

Happy New Year!

Bahamahomeschooler said...

nice to meet you, nice blog, i will enjoy coming back to read more. Stop by for a visit anytime.

DanielleW said...

TOUS's...I don't believe they exist. Princess Bride is my all time favorite movie! That gave me SUCH a chuckle that I almost woke my sleeping father.

missionsmom said...

LOL! About the bunk beds. It was only a few nights ago when I was perilously climbing to stash change in my son's tooth fairy pillow (left from my childhood)...I remember thinking, is this really worth a broken bone?

I have forgotten completely before so don't feel bad.

Happy New Year!


VictoriousSpirit said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It was nice to see someone drop by. I love your story about the "tooth fairy". Now that the kids are older I just hand them the money (we used to play spy games too), I find it unnessary to lie to the kids about all that. The big teeth, we call them beaver teeth around here, eventually we all grow into them, but why not use them to saw logs....

Juldos said...

Happy New Year! What sweet memories I have of little ones and their teeth. One day when Ben was very small, I was folding laundrey and he saw one of my night gowns and said, "Mommy, is that what you wear when you are the tooth fairy?" Through more discussion we realized he thought I was the tooth fairy for the entire world. : ) Samuel always waited until the other tooth was almost in before he would pull the baby tooth out... there was never any blood when Samuel lost his teeth.

We enjoyed a nice New Year's Eve with Andrea's family KidsUs8; but like you all we were home before midnight.

Have a wonderful week-end.

Julie D.

TC said...

I ate waaaayyyyy too much onion dip and threatened to fall asleep on the couch before midnight. My kids carried on our usual New Year's tradition of draping the lights and ceiling fans with underwear. (It's a long story.)

TC said...

I ate waaaayyyyy too much onion dip and threatened to fall asleep on the couch before midnight. My kids carried on our usual New Year's tradition of draping the lights and ceiling fans with underwear. (It's a long story.)

sagerats said...

For teeth we just hand over a dollar. Those front teeth sure are big! Neeto (Girl 1) not only had large front teeth, she had a major overbite. Praise the Lord for braces technology! She has lovely teeth now.

Now I can't remember if this was the post that actually mentioned big teeth or not... I think maybe there was something new yearsy in there too... So, hope your new year is full of peace and happiness!

Abiding in the Vine!

mamaduso said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I have been misunderstood my whole life. Wearing my heart on my sleeve doesn't help. It seems like my sad, upset, indifferent, any emotion other than laughing is considered angry. It's been a tough week. Any idea how to post photos. It seems my method using flickr, no longer works, with this new setup that I cannot figure out yet.


berrymorin said...

I was working my work at home customer service job. After my last shift, I made meatball soup. It's low fat and yummy. My teen and I watched a DVD and my husband took his turn working.

Victorious said...

Hey Marsha, thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know how "hard-core" I'll actually get, but I can make small changes here and there in my diet and do a little detox ... for me, giving up Coke and southern Sweet Tea will be the hard part! Hopefully it won't take too long for me to get to feeling more energetic.

As for the tooth fairy, we tell the kids the truth but always give $5 for the first tooth, and then we're done!

Blessings ~ Diane

chickadee said...

they look just alike! they could be brothers.

aCleanHeart said...

Just wanted to let you know about The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up going on! It's not too late to join in!

Miss you... hope to be around more...

Bless your heart and home,


Leigh2 said...

Hey! I'm so glad to hear of other people that have trouble remembering to exchange the money for the teeth....we forgot on Friday night to do it for Natalie, and she was kind of annoyed with us. LOL. She knows that there isn't a tooth fairy too, but she still likes to pretend sometimes, I think. When we forget, she is reminded that it really is up to her bumbling parents.

Suzanne said...

...I'm finally logged in, I forget what my comment was going to be. -- ha!

I *do* know that I wanted to congratulate you on being the second (only to DandelionSeeds) highest commenter on HSB... :-) Hurray! ;-)

Also, a whole dollar!? :-) I guess the tooth fairy at our house is cheap... she gave our daughter 25 cents.