Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally! Today is over...

It has been the longest day in history for me today...  My poor Tank woke up with a fever this morning, but it was manageable at only 102 or so.  Then dh was sick for a while. 

At the same time, I had one really bored 7yo constantly asking what there was for him to do and a 2yo that could NOT stay out of trouble.  The little blonde-headed booger boy was in the cabinets (literally), hanging on my leg, begging for waffles, begging for popcorn (after we ate a big breakfast mind you), getting mad and heaving the wooden computer stool all the way across the room at a rather surprised big brother (thankfully he missed his target!), blah blah blah blah blah.  *sigh*

Bad news was that dh has now left for work and won't be home until Tuesday.  More bad news came when poor Tank's fever topped 105 and I could not for the life of me find a single drop of Tylenol in the house...I had already given him Motrin.

So what else could I do but cry some and PRAY?  Actually, I did one better...we called family and friends and had them pray too-- IT WORKED!  We prayed, got some Tylenol from a friend, prayed some more, and gave some hefty doses of cool rags, ginger ale and a red-white-and-blue-Firecracker popsicle! :-)

I just love it when my boys get to see God answer our prayers so quickly!!!

Although I was ready for the day to be over around 10am this morning, the day that just wouldn't end has finally come to a close.  Not easily mind you, but close it finally did.   HOORAY!

By the way, here is Tank in better days (but still with a goofy expression:

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I shall now end this rather boring blog post with some little known tidbits about the Lone Star State (my home sweet home!).  Oh, and I am trusting that my dad has verified these statements to be true and accurate. :-)

Here are some little known, very interesting facts about Texas ...

1. Beaumont to El Paso : 742 miles

2. Beaumont to Chicago : 770 miles

3. El Paso is closer to California than to Dallas

4. World's first rodeo was in Pecos , July 4, 1883.

5. The Flagship Hotel in Galveston is the only hotel in North America built over water.

6. The Heisman Trophy was named after John William Heisman who was the first full-time coach for Rice University in Houston .

7. Brazoria County has more species of birds than any other area in North America ...

8. Aransas Wildlife Refuge is the winter home of North America 's only remaining flock of whooping cranes.

9. Jalapeno jelly originated in Lake Jackson in 1978.

10. The worst natural disaster in U. S. history was in 1900 caused by a hurricane in which over 8000 lives were lost on Galveston Island .

11. The first word spoken from the moon, July 20,1969, was " Houston ." 

12. King R anch in South Texas is larger than Rhode Island .

13. Tropical Storm Claudette brought a US . rainfall record of 43" in 24 hours in and around Alvin in July 1979.

14. Texas is the only state to enter the U. S. by TREATY, (known as Constitution of 1845 by Republic of Texas to enter the union) instead of by annexation. This allows the Texas flag to fly at the same height as the US flag, and may divide into 5 States.

15. A Live Oak tree near Fulton is estimated to be 1500 years old.

16. Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in the state.

17. Dr Pepper was invented in Waco in 1885. There is no period after Dr in Dr Pepper.

18. Texas has had six capital cities:
West Columbia

19. The Capitol Dome in Austin is the only dome in the U. S which is taller than the Capitol Building in Washington D! .C. (by 7 feet). 

20. The name Texas comes from the Hasini Indian word "tejas" meaning friends. Tejas is not Spanish for Texas .

21. The State animal is the Armadillo. (An interesting bit of trivia about the armadillo is they always have four babies! They have one egg, which splits into four, and they either have four males or four females. Well, I thought it was interesting anyway!)

22. The first domed stadium in the U. S. was the Astrodome in Houston .


mamaduso said...

Praying for a better day tomorrow. I start answering phones bright and early tomorrow (6am) so I better get to bed.


deedeeuk said...

Praying that Tank feels better today! I have just spent 9 days without dh and I've got 3 more to go, so you have me total sympathy on that one! And as I have posted yesterday, things here have been far from plain sailing. Praying that the next two days are better for you and that you have a joyous time with your boys!

DanielleW said...

Wow, wonderfully interesting facts!

Hope all the sickness is gone from your house and that you didn't get whatever it was that they had.

theheartofthehome said...

You know, I could have told you that it was further to Dallas from El Paso than to California. I did not know this by "book" knowledge. We drove it so much during the time we were stationed in El Paso, that we were shortly calling El Paso "Mordor." The Black Gates were the county line and it seemed we never could break free from the dark gloom of "Mordor." HA HA!

Yep, even after making it to Dallas, we still had another 3 days drive to get to our home in SC.

Thanks for actually making me laugh to remember our days in El Paso. We did like it there, but if we thought that drive home was rough, God showed us how far we could get by sending us to Korea!! I believe the last laugh is God's! ;-)