Friday, February 9, 2007

My Friday night

I am one wild and crazy kind of girl.

I am literally feeling a bit queasy to my stomach right now for all the activity of this evening.  Seriously.  I just spent an exciting, action-packed half hour watching my new gizmo...  My brand new fancy-schmancy-more-bang-for-yer-buck-than- JenIG's-butternut-squash Cabrio Washing Machine.  Yes, I capitalized it because it is that cool.  I may not be cool for spending my Friday night watching it spin for so long, but IT is still cool.

Not only does it boast energy efficiency, but it requires that new fangled low sudsing detergent and it does not have an agitator.  No more twisted up clothes for me!  You want to know the neatest part?  It is top loading AND it has a completely clear lid!  Oh and I don't want to neglect mentioning that it has a whopping 4.5 cubic feet of space-- that's A LOT of room to shove clothes in!

So Dash and I spent some quality time together...standing there watching the clothes spin...a dash of water being added, and then it stopping and doing other stuff...wondering, actually, how in the world that would actually get the clothes clean. 

*sigh*  My poor kids don't stand a chance.  They are doomed for dorkdom.  But they will enter into dorkternity with clean clothes that required a fraction of the water that is normally required by other washing machines.

So what are y'all doing tonight???



Not1Worry said...

Oh I totally understand!! I got a Cabrio set in August and I love them like I have never loved an appliance before. I am thinking of carrying their picture in my wallet. My electric bill has gone down and I only wash once a week now. I love that I can stuff 2-3 times what my old machine would wash. And it dries in 40 minutes!!!

I don't have the clear lid version though, so I'm slightly jealous. The kids love how it sounds like a fighter jet taking off when it starts to spin.

tn3jcarter said...

That just sounds awesome, entertaining, and practical all to boot! Our 10 year old washer & dryer seem to be on their last legs right now so we may be washer/dryer shopping soon. I'm not sure what I want, but it's got to be BIG. You know how it is.... 3 boys = lotsa lotsa laundry!!!

Oh, did you ever get the AO Lifepacs? I wondered if you liked them.

DanielleW said...

LOL. Dorks beget dorks. My poor son is destined to be a dork or a geek. Hmm what is the difference?

KarenW said...

4.5 cubic feet? I don't know how many cubic feet mine is. Probably .5 We bought the biggest, baddest washing machine on the market here in Romania 5 years ago. It's a front loading whirlpool and it's maximum capacity is 6 kilograms. 5 years later and I still haven't weighed my laundry to see if I'm putting the right amount in. Have fun!