Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm getting old...er...

Okay, I realize that almost 32 is not very old, but I think you jump to Old-dom when you get WHITE HAIRS! 

Actually, m
y older sister takes great delight (a little too much if you ask me) in finding and plucking these scraggly-straggly-wirey-completely-white-from-root-to-tip hairs from my head.

It's one thing for my big sis to notice these things, but it was bad today when my dear sweet blind-to-all-things-that-require-attention-to-detail husband suddenly blurted out to me: "OH MY GOODNESS!  What is that?!" 

Huh?  What?!  Is there a spider on me?  Did you finally find that set of extra eyes in the back of my head?!  Am I going bald?!!!

Nope, he noticed (apparently was shocked actually) that I have WHITE HAIRS!  Aggghhh!  It was noticeable enough for HIM to notice???

That's just not cool.  And on Valentine's Day Eve...  (just kidding...I'm with the dancing queen on that one).

Several questions now BEG to be answered:

1.  Will I end up with completely white hair like a Q-tip?  Or will I end up looking like Pepe Le Peeeuw?

2.  Should I color my hair?

3.  If so, should I go really dark?  I like mamaduso's black hair.  We're sisters, ya know...well, not biologically but we're both halvsies! 

4.  Or should I go that crazy asian red color?  Or I could stick with my boring doo-doo-brown color...

5.  Do YOU color your hair? 

I am completely UNtalented in the hair department.  I'm lucky to get a plain old ponytail done without lumps!  I might get it colored professionally the first time (and ask for LOTS of advice) and then do it myself after that.  Tis waaay to expensivo for me to visit a salon more than say...twice a year (which is currently how often I squeeze in a regular old haircut!).

I imagine that it will take me a loooong time to actually do something about the aforementioned white hairs that have attacked my head.  There are just too many other pressing needs... Like the little booger boys that probably gave said white hairs to me in the first place! :-)

But to look on the bright side, at least my darling hubby noticed white hairs on my head and not coming out of my ears and nostrils.  Now that would've really been depressing!


mamaduso said...

This one I gotta answer! My hair isn't usually this dark. I have dark dark dark brown hair naturally, but it isn't really black like my moms (when it isn't dyed). I asked my hairdresser who works from home to dye it and she won't. SHe just gave me a name of a product at the store and said "do it yourself". SO that is what I do. But let me tell you there are not many options for us with dark hair. If you go brown or any shade of auborn or chestnut, you just get red and sometimes it is a bit purply. Yuck. My mom goes with the redish thing and I just don't like it. It is pretty popular with the young asians to dye it that color. Again, yuck. So my option was to go black. So I got black. It is a couple shades darker than my natural. But I have a lot of gray. I was going to leave it but it started to bug me and i started feeling old. I want to wait until I am at least 50 to go gray. I turn 40 Ahhhhh in May. But i don't want to be gray and 40. SO I say just wait until you can stand it no longer and then dye it, but don't do it too soon, just when there is enough gray to make your hair look old. My hair started to look dirty and limp and lifeless with the gray. Ok, gotta go to bed. Let me know if you have any other gray hair questions.


deedeeuk said...

I did dye my hair for awhile with the semi permanent color, but that wasn't because of grey (of which my mother found the first on my head when I was FOUR YEARS OLD - so I have you licked there!!). I did it because I was going through a depression at the time! Back in the states during the summer, the sun brings out wonderful red highlights in my dark brown hair. Well living in England for 12 years with little to no real sunshine, my hair just looked dingy and blah! So I put in a chestnut semi and it brightened it up. Only problem is that it never washed out, it grew out! So when I started feeling better I let it grow out and then cut the rest off! My grandmother was totally white by the time I was born, and my mother is very salt and pepper and has been since she was forty, so I just resigned myself to the fact it is in my genes! Besides when dh tries to pull one out of my head now I tell him to LAY OFF!! I'm wearing them with pride since I have earned everyone of them!!! LOL!!! Of course my hair is curly so many people don't notice my white hairs yet (I realise they are more noticeable on straight hair!). But I plan to 'grow old gracefully'!!

homeskoolmom said...


I think you have a few more years to worry about the nostril and ear hair.

See when you have lighter hair, those gray ones just don't show up as much, cause I can't believe I don't have any--especially with my boys!

You are precious! Oh, and if it really is that noticable, go ahead and color.

Have a wonderful day,


DanielleW said...

LOL, that was funny. Although, I had my first white hair at 16. 16 years later, I counted at least 11 (all just in the bang area). The only one I pulled was the first one because it was so unbelievable. Its in my baby book.

I don't color my hair because it is too expensive from me to keep it up and I like to stay away as much as possible from chemicals. Also, and I know that I am weird, I am looking forward to my white hair. I wish I had some more. Not just those 11 little ones that are barely noticable.

I would say if your DH wants you to color your hair, then go with that. If not, proudly march on and wear them like a badge of honor and courage...and then blame them on your kids. LOL

OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

I don't know about you, but my gray hairs stick out much more than the blond ones. I don't think coloring it would do much good. I would still have those thicker, coarser hairs that stick out--and more of them all the time!

I am getting so gray that I notice it every time I look in the mirror. I am not going the color route though. I am proud of every one I have. I earned them! And I do have something like eight years on you.



kateyz said...

Sometimes having blonds hair is a real blessing. The greys hide in there until you have so many that it's more like the blondes hiding in there. With blonds hair there is a fine line between mostly blonde and mostly grey!! I'm at a stage right now where the grey makes my hair look like it's full of glitter. Really! Check out an old post of mine with a picture, you'll see what I mean. http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/kateyz/210709/the+cat+is+out+of+the+bag.html

Come by and visit me in my new blog home too!



I don't color -- I brought this up at one of our moms night out and only 2 other moms were with me. Seems no one really likes the white hair that is inevitable for just about everyone. I may just watch for those old gray hairs and see if I change my mind. Right now I don't have any intentions to color - maybe - perhaps but not now. : )



KarenW said...

I have my hair highlighted. I am naturally blonde but it got darker with each pregnancy until it was an ugly mousy brownish blonde. The gray hairs started to show up too. So I started highlighting. It's much cheaper to have it done here even though the cost has trippled over the last 3 years from $6 to $18.

cammiemelisabray said...

I will be hitting the big 30 in a couple months. My hubby claims he has seen grey hairs upon my head, but I refuse to believe it. It's not so bad getting older and I personally think grey and white headed women are beautiful....I am just not ready to be one yet. KWIM?

Jocelyndixon said...

Hello Mrs Drew... felt like calling you "Marhie' for a minute there. ;-)

You are NOT old... and neither is my mom who is OLDER then YOU! You still have a full life to live!!

God bles you, 32 yo!



Anonymous said...

I dont normally comment on your blog, even though I visit and enjoy it often. However, I just dyed my hair again today, before hurriedly taking kids to their activities. And in honor of all blackish hair gals, I have to reply. Do not buy black hair dye. Unless you are looking for the superman blue streak look. My hair was naturally dk brown, almost black. And after many years, I finally started to buy dk brown, simply dk brown and with all my gray hairs, it makes for wonderful highlights. Because the gray hair will not dye the same hue as the dark hairs still lingering on in your sweet head. And so you get this mix of almost black with a mixture of light browns. Actually, getting more white, causes this highlight effect. I dont know what I will do when I am ALL white, I am not there yet. Good Luck with the fight to stay brown!



CoCo said...

I do enjoy plucking those white hairs. :)

<br><br>I wouldn't go black. I think you should maybe just go a shade darker than what it is now. Your gray/white hairs aren't THAT noticable. They're actually underneath so if you were bending over to pick something up then the top layer of your hair probably just moved over to reveal the whites. :)

CoCo said...

I do enjoy plucking those white hairs. :)

I wouldn't go black. I think you should maybe just go a shade darker than what it is now. Your gray/white hairs aren't THAT noticable. They're actually underneath so if you were bending over to pick something up then the top layer of your hair probably just moved over to reveal the whites. :)

Martha said...

32 and grey hairs....oh dear! Only 4 years to go and I think i have enough stress to make me grey...no, I have never colored my hair, but that thought makes me want to think about it!

angelstar said...

Hey Marsha! You have now officially joined MY club! My hubby also noticed some of my first silver hairs and it was NOT a happy occasion! However, I have a totally different outlook on it now. Proverbs 16:31 says: "The silver-haired head is a crown of glory. . ." I'm believing that scripture for myself!! LOL

Listen, I've done the hair coloring bit. I, too, didn't want to pay for it, so did it myself for years, but the thing is, you get roots! Whether the hair dresser does it or not (I've had it both ways), you get roots! Even if you color your hair darker! Plus, the color never stays exactly like it was when you first color it. It's a total pain. Here's the other thing I feel . . . I need a darker color - dark brown or dark red - and there has been concern about cancer with these hair coloring that are dark. As a cancer survivor, I don't want to go that way again and it would be totally for vanity reasons. I've decided to let my hair do what it will. I now have silver hair everywhere! In fact, I have more silver hair at 45 than my husband has at 61. But you know what? I EARNED every one of these silver hairs and they truly are my Crown of Glory!

mycrazylife said...

Hi Marsha!


<br>I am laughing with tears over your entry! I thought I had one foot in the grave when my first one appeared. Actually, there was more than one, I just hadn't noticed them, under the fake blonde highlights. It took another gracious soul to point them out. Truthfully, I would've been perfectly happy not knowing. Now I am perfectly happy to go white. My mother has beautiful white hair, and I love salt and pepper, so I have adjusted to the thought. It's the in between that I am having problems with. I guess I will keep highlighting until it all comes in white.


<br>BTW, thank you for the toy suggestions! It was greatf fun and I needed other opinions, especially in the boy dept. I would have written back sooner, but apparently my comment notifications had been turned off since the homeschoolblogger update, but that is another ugly story!




dawilli said...

Join the club! The hair club for women... you know, the Bible has a few great verses about gray/white hair, it's a good thing.


MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

You crack me up! What did your dh think of the grey? What does he say about it?

I am sad to say that I have no advice for you. (But is seems like you received a lot already.) :-D My hair used to be blonde.. and the older I've gotten the darker my hair has gotten. I used to color it, but haven't since I had Jacob. Now it is just blah, o'de natural. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was good to see you. We enjoyed a fun day in the snow yesterday morning... it was gone by the afternoon. But that is the way of E. TN. We are going to the Dixie Stampeed tonight . My mouth is watering for their soup and yummy cheese garlic biscuit!

Hope you have a great week!


Amy Beth <><

Dad said...

Just accept it and grow old gracefully daughter!!!!!!

Dad said...

Just accept it and grow old gracefully daughter!!!!!!

Dad said...

Just remember "old" is more a state of mind and how you feel more than gray hairs or wrinkles!

EEEEMommy said...

I dyed my hair for 8 years (jr high/high school/college), and grew it out kinda as a dare from my then boyfriend (now husband). Growing it out was a pain and it was a lot of fun playing with the color when I was younger, but now it just sounds like a nuisance. I told dh that I would stay natural until I started going gray. Now, at 32, I'm seeing the same few kinky white hairs popping up. I've been pulling them out (despite what the "old wives" say) not because they're white, but because the stick straight up in the air when all the other hairs are lying down flat. For now, there are still so few that it's not worth the hassle of dying, but I don't know what I'll do in the near future. I think the pure white/silver look in older (60+) women is gorgeous, but find the salt&pepper look to be not so becoming. I tend to agree with the sentiment that if the barn needs painting, then paint it. My mom is 56 and has been dying her hair since she started going gray in her late teens.....But, the cancer linked to dyes for dark hair, that's worrisome as well.

What to do? What to do?

jaminacema said...

I just turned 42 this week and I am just starting to get a few grey hairs. I know I will not dye them because am bad at upkeep! LOL I have a hard time finding time to go get my hair cut! I cannot imagine finding the time to get my roots touched up. Plus my hair is such a weird red color they would never be able to match it. I guess I am just going to grow home gracefully! HA!