Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My new avatar and an eternal question

While I shall miss the pic of hubby and I at the Great Wall, this new avatar is nice.  It's a pic of David and I from my mom's b-day par-tay.  Thanks, Coco, for fixing it for me...it looks much less washed out than the color version!  So no more gangsta look for us.  You likeeeeeee? 

I've gotten into the very very very bad habit of staying up late.  It is 1am and I'm tired, but not as tired as I should be.  There is something about the peace and quiet in the house after the kids are in bed. 

Of course, I greatly regret my choice when morning comes and my head is pounding as Dozer climbs in my bed and says Come ooooooonnnnn mommmmyyyyy!!!!!  He's most likely eaten breakfast already (dry cereal that he can get out of the cabinet)...so I think he just gets bored.  His choice of playmate is an unfortunate by-product of too much spoiling by yours truly...  Did I mention that he's cute though?  And it's hard to resist his charms?  It's bad enough when I fall off the child training wagon, let alone the SELF-training wagon!

Well, I guess I should go.  Please pray for dh's uncle.  Aunt Lena died last night after a lengthy battle with cancer.  I am unsure of her salvation.  She was a very "good" person...nice, funny, FUN.  But the Bible says that there is only ONE way to heaven...through Jesus Christ.  Not of ourselves.  Not of our works.  Not of our personality.  Only through CHRIST! 


One of the greatest gifts you can leave your children and family is the absolute knowledge that you have given your life to Jesus Christ.  If I were to die right this very moment, could you be sad for me if you KNEW without a doubt that I was in heaven and in the presence of Almighty God?

Where will you spend eternity?  Have you done all that you can to show your children the way?

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  Not of works, lest any man should boast.
~Ephesians 2:8,9

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
~Romans 10:9,10

Besides The Holy Bible (KJV), I have found this resource to be very helpful with my children...as well as my Wednesday night Masters Club class.



JenIG said...

what a great post. you are right, if something happened to the ones i love. knowing that they were in heaven would be a tremendous comfort to me -- and a tremendous comfort to them,too, if i were to bite it.

Canadagirl said...

about 3 and half years ago my daddy passed away. I miss him dearly but the hardest thing about it was I didn't know if I would get to see him in heaven. It was the hardest part of the mourning. So I understand what you are saying. If I teach anything it is salvation threw Jesus Christ that is the MOST important thing I teach. I liked " Leading Little Ones to God " too. (0=

God Bless my SSiC

In Him<><


PS: I like your new avatar (0=

cammiemelisabray said...

Good post. I am reminded daily of how important it is for me to obey and let the Lord and shine His glory, so they may see Jesus. I want them to like what they see Him doing in me so they will want to follow Jesus. I will have to check out the book.


KarenW said...

Awesome question! Yes, I will be in heaven with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ along with my dh and all three kids! Praise the Lord! Having that peace makes life easier.

missionsmom said...

ROTFL about the Self training wagon. I'm quite sure I was never self trained despite my efforts of child training.

I'll be with you on the other side. Jesus is the only way. Praise God!

tn3jcarter said...

Even if it's keeping you up to late at night. I also should be in bed or at least posting on my own blog, but no... I trip trap around the blogosphere to see what's going on with my peeps.

So sorry to hear about your Uncle's wife and the lingering question left behind. My husband and I have both lost our fathers and *think* that we'll see them in Heaven, but my oh my, we're not leaving our kids with a single doubt. They know that we can "only imagine" (don't you love that song?) what it's going to be like to see Jesus face-to-face and that Mama and Daddy would be in a better place.

But now I'm feeling all snivelly.... it's the exhaustion... I better go to bed.

Youngwife said...

I likey your new avatar! And isn't it such a precious blessing to have the assurance of salvation. I will pray for you Uncle. I am so sorry for his loss.

Oh, I answered your question about the song in a post/gripe recently! Read at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty!

sagerats said...

I love that idea, that the greatest gift we can give our friends and family is the knowledge that we WILL be in Heaven.

Abiding in the Vine!

DanielleW said...

And another thing...We have Master Clubs too! I'm not sure I've heard of anyone else doing this.

DanielleW said...

(((Hugs))) Sorry to hear of the passing of the aunt. What a great thought about being able to leave your children with the assurance that they KNOW where mom is. Let there be no doubt in my word or deed.