Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Blessings from Homeschooling

There are many reasons why we love homeschooling and why we answered God's call to do it.  Here are some of the many ways that we have been blessed by choosing to keep our children at home...

  • I have one boy who loves to sleep-- his body just needs it!  Today, Tank didn't get up until after 10am.  I am so thankful that my growing 5yo can sleep for over 13 hours if need be.  (Now if this would just rub off on the other two, I'd be set!).

  • Since we don't have to rush off to catch the bus or wait in the drop-off lane at school, Dash can have three loads of cereal in the morning.

  • I'm around my boys enough to know that they like to say "loads" instead of "servings".

  • My husband does not have a traditional Mon through Fri job.  I love that the boys get to spend both quality and quantity time with him!  Today they are planning to add a roof and other fun stuff to their backyard fort.  And it's only a Wednesday!!!

  • I woke up the other day to find my early riser (Dash) quietly doing math.  He actually did 4 days' worth and tried to get me to let him have the rest of the week off. :-)  Nice try, buddy, but how about no math for just tomorrow?

  • I think it's funny that I have to yell at the kids I mean it!  No toys, no swords, and NO BOOKS in bed! 

  • When Tank and I were at the grocery store yesterday, we saw one of his favorite fruits-- clementine oranges!  We then spent the next 10 minutes talking about one of our favorite read-alouds last year My Father's Dragon.  He corrected me when I said the dragon liked the tangerines on the island.  No mommy, I remember, he liked some kind of plant and thought the tangerines were disgusting!  Elmer (the boy) liked it though.  He was right, I was wrong...and I was happy to be wrong for once.

  • The boys have enough time after our lessons to hunt for crawfish, catch lizards and play yard golf.

  • I think I'm having more fun learning than they are!  We just finished reading a bunch of Greek Myths.  Sure, I read The Iliad in college and new about many of the myths, but how could I have never heard of some of the other ones?  (I was most surprised to read the one about Arachni...very cool.)

  • Homeschooling allowed Tank to start Kindergarten when he was 4.5...and in JANUARY of last year.

  • Field trips are a lot less crowded and a lot more enjoyable when you can go on a weekday...and after noon when the school buses have left to take the other kids back to their schools.

  • Oh, and I've made many friends here at HSB-- and even met several of y'all IRL!!!

My days are definitely not perfect and I have tons of room for improvement. When things don't go quite like I planned or the kids are being difficult (or maybe *I'm* being the difficult one!), it is so easy to get discouraged.  It is in these times that I try to count my blessings.  There is no blessing too big or too small to remember.  And now that I have this little list, I can look back on it down the road and be encouraged. 

How have you been blessed by homeschooling?  (Be sure to write it down!)


chickadee said...

i'm with tank-let's sleep late! that and slow mornings are one of my most favorite things about homeschooling.

also, i love that the kids can play outside on nice days, all day if i let them and work hard on not so nice days.

i love that they don't have to leave their little brother, who loves them so, to go to school each day.

i even love that i'm the one frustrated with them when they aren't doing their work instead of some other teacher who doesn't love them.

mamaduso said...

Hello- Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Thanks for praying for me. Still on extended leave. But I get around a few blogs here and there. I should write down my list too when i am feeling discouraged.


bensrib said...

While the blessings have changed over the years, right now I'm enjoying the fact that I have great relationships with all my kids. We talk about EVERYTHING, and I wouldn't trade that for anything! Thanks for visiting my blog - I enjoyed reading all your comments. Karen

my2kids4Him said...

I too, feel so blessed to homeschool my children. They are growing up on me too fast and I am thankful that they can be home spending time with their family every day.

Oh yea, I love the sleeping late part of homeschooling:)

nsremom said...

This is a super list. I am caught myself scolding for READING too late, or reading when they're supposed to be doing something else. Now, that's like a crazy, mixed up universe!

And I heartily agree with the sleeping in if need be. Some kids just need extra sleep. Of my 4 kids~2 get up early, 2 sleep in. Now if ONLY I could get them all on the same schedule. :)

cammiemelisabray said...

What an ecouraging post and a good reminder! I love not being on someone elses clock and doing things the way it works for our family.

I just wanted to let you know, I went to the blogthings site....and got sucked right in....It is addictive!

JenIG said...

That Tank... i can soooo relate. he and i must have been set with the same internal sleep timer.

and i wonder if your boys help you sort thu 'servings of laundry'?


love you, my friend!

DanielleW said...

I have an upcoming post about DS correcting the TV and their obvious misinformation about the Monarch butterfly because, as he says, he is a butterfly expert. And he *does* know a lot.

youngmommy said...

Everyone has so many wonderful reasons why we LOVE to homeschool, and I agree with them all... I'll have to write all of mine down. Thanks for getting us thinking!

Blessings to you today!!

EEEEMommy said...

Great list! I echo the flexibility sentiments!

I also love the relationship aspect. It's the QUANTITY time that really yields great relationships among siblings and with parents!

And the education I'm getting is awesome. I actually have a degree in History and can't believe that I've never even heard of some of the great historical things that I'm teaching the kids! And being able to look at history providentially.

There are so many positives! This is a great idea for a future blog post!



OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

Thanks so much for the idea. It is good to remember and count the blessings, especially when the temptation is to become discouraged.



Youngwife said...

For such a sweet comment on my blog! I am also one of five children in my family. My sister's and I have some resemblances, but are not just alike.

My favorite blessing from homeschooling is having my children in my life, and being in theirs. I am not just a part of their life...I am right there day in and day out. I know what they ate, drank, watched, read, and played on any given day.

Enjoying every moment with my six blessings from above,


berrymorin said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I noticed that you're usually Top Commenter. How do you manage that with 3 kidlets, hubby and life? lol

You have a terrific weekend. I'm hoping to that I won't have so many problems with posting message so you might see me more often.

moreofhim said...

Ahh, Marcia - you always know how to put everything in perspective and share the blessings of this wonderful life the Lord has given us!! I shared many of the same blessings about homeschooling that you have!! Isn't it awesome how the Lord led us to this? Me- kicking and screaming - but the Lord is so patient and kind, He KNEW what was right for me and for our family! Thanks for reminding me of all that! Blessings ~ Julie

Anonyomous said...

You Made My Day!

Thanks Marsha for giving me the giggles! You are right with those reasons! and I feel a lttle sad, as I think I might have to stop homeschooling because of a family issue that I need to help with.

You're doing it all for the right reasons..... you go girl!

Love Fiffi/Fee

eyecorn said...

love the loads of cereal!! Whew! I'm relieved to know that other moms have boys that like 2 bowls of Choco-Dyno-Bites in the a.m.! Wish I could see Dad and the 3 boys building that cute! You know, I smiled during this entire post...thanks for sharing this and reminding all of us just how precious our homeschooling opportunity is.

eclecticeducation said...

Funny, one of the reasons I like to homeschool is because one of my children gets too little sleep. It's really great not having to get up and take him to school after he has been awake since 3 in the morning.

homeschoolhighlites said...

I enjoyed reading through your great list of reasons to homeschool! The longer I homeschool, the longer the list grows!

PS. The only "Loads" we have around here are laundry or in diapers. lol

Anonymous said...

This has to be the hardest thing a person has to go through. Loosing such a precious little one. I know that in your sorrow, there is joy as we know it's not the last time we'll see our loved ones. God said we cry when they're born and rejoice when they die. He know's that in the end it's the most amazing thing to step into his presence and he says "Welcome home my child, Welcome home!"

I just lost my mom and my dad 1 yr, 2 days and 16 hours before her. Our hearts break, our hearts rejoice, we laugh and we cry. We miss her and want her back and then say "Nah...why would anyone want to come back to here". We know that God is the most faithful comforter we know and he will comfort you in your loss as he is in our's. As much as we miss mom and dad we know that one day soon, as you, we will be welcomed by them when we enter into the gates of heaven. Isaiah 64:4