Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The buzz about the Bee

Go on. You know you wanna *GROAN* about the title! I know I do. But I still couldn't resist.

Dash's big "Just for Fun" Bee was this past Saturday. I was nervous. And anxious.

The night before, he who never prays out loud was excited to pray before bed:

Dear God,
Please help me at the Spelling Bee tomorrow.
And most of all, help everyone to have fun!
In Jesus' name I pray,

Simple and sweet. And it really summed up his happy and joyful attitude! We were very proud of him all week long and at the Bee as well.

He got up to spell his first word-- the word I thought I wouldn't forget but have. Anyhoo, he spelled it correctly and he beamed all the way back to his seat. If he were to miss the next word, we would've been just fine... All the practice and getting there at 8:30AM was totally worth that one precious smile!

But he made it past the first, second, and third round. This was his word for the fourth round.

Aren't you impressed with that word? He did a great job and made it all the way to the FIFTH ROUND!

Unfortunately, he got stumped on the word "dwell"... a surprisingly easy word that he knew very well, but apparently not well enough. When the announcer said That is incorrect we held our breath for a moment. Would he cry? Would he be completely bummed? Would he argue?

Nope. He just looked a bit surprised for a second and then quietly went to his seat. Oh man, we were even more proud of him, especially since he usually wears his heart on his sleeve!

So I was the most anxious one of all leading up to the Bee, but he really took it for what it was-- a fun Bee!

Here are a couple more pics from this past Saturday. The first is killing time with paper-rock-scissors. The second is *our* winner!

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