Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's finally here!

The very new and very awesome online magazine The Heart of the Matter has debuted!!!

THOM Magazine

Not only will you find insightful, encouraging and just plain old useful monthly articles, but there will also be fun things like Giveaways, Homeschooler of the Week (maybe the next one will be you?), FORUMS, and even bi-monthly posts from various contributors (including yours truly and two of my fav mom's of boys-- Tiany and Amy).

So please stop by THOM to read the great articles, browse the Forums, and be sure to say Howdy! to The Amies who have worked so hard on this venture.


In This Issue:

A Tale of Two Home Schools by Darnelle / Fill In the Blanks
Darnelle discusses learning difficulties that children can have and the struggles that homeschooling parents face. She invites you to give your input.

How Did That Happen? by Lee / HomeScholar High School
Lee talks about graduation and how to prepare for college.

Why Bother? by Christine / The Finer Things
In this article, Christine addresses a common concern with home schoolers about the involvement of the fine arts in day to day lessons.

Diagnosis and Bringing Them Home by Sallie / A Square Peg
Diagnosis and treatment of disabilities in children. Focus: Asperger Syndrome

Just What is Co-Schooling by Stacey / Standing In the Gap
Stacey brings to light another rapidly growing form of home education in this article about co-schooling.

Learning Is What Happens, Naturally by MandyMom / The Natural Noggin
Myths are dispelled and creativity emerges in this article from MandyMom about their decision to unschool their children.

How To Make It To High School by Gina / Reaching High
20 years worth of homeschooling brings Gina to this place in their journey. Learn how you can make it there too.

So, Why Do You Do What You Do? by Kristine / Ducks In A Row
With this question in the forefront of you mind, Kristine will offer some sound biblical principles to help you decide.

Garden of the Heart by Heather (Sprittibee) / Heartstrings for Homeschoolers
This is a timely message about God's love and the heart of the family. Heather brings it home with this heart tugging lesson about the true heart of homeschooling.

The Daily Balancing Act by Dianne / Blueprint for Balance
Let Dianne help with a new perspective on the balancing act of motherhood, homemaker, and homeschool mom. Printables included.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons by Heather H / Practical Penny Pincher
Heather knows what it is like to have a want to save money. Learn from her experience with these tips on using coupons.

Of Public Education, Politics & Homeschooling by Dana / Homeschool In the News
Dana gives an objective point of view on Mike Huckabee and the effects of appointing Kristin Maguire, a homeschool mom, to the Board of Education.

Let's Start At the Very Beginning by Lori / Raise Your Hands
WooHoo! If you need a homeschooling pick-me-up then start here. Lori will inspire you to homeschool while feeding you the Word of God.

Deciding to Homeschool a Preschooler - Where To Start? by Mandy Z / Knee High Homeschool
If you are contemplating a decision to homeschool your little ones then Mandy's article is for you!

Discover the Biggest Mistake Made by Homeschoolers by Robin / Sowing Seeds
Robin reveals the mistakes that can be made unintentionally and she will tell you how to overcome them.

Through the Microscope by Amy S
Science at it's most magnificent is God's handiwork. Amy will provide you with a biblical lesson alongside experiments using common household items.

We Are All Different by Amy B / The Open & Closed Book Education
Amy gives you a look inside the home and heart of an eclectic homeschooling family.

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School Ideas
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