Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clickety-clack, I'm a typing fool!

I love to type.

I learned how to type without looking at the keys while I was in college. Not on purpose, though. It just happened after my first few last minute (literally) research papers were due.

After getting married and moving to the land-of-no-jobs (aka Cleveland) for a girl with a history degree and no real working experience (unless you count a laundromat attendant, flute lessons or tutoring), I had a 3 year stint as a secretary.

Hated every second of it, too.

In spite of having the most-horrid-job-ever, I love to type.

It's relaxing and the clickety-click of the keys is somehow comforting. I suppose it's because I can immediately see the fruits of my labor and it requires ZERO thought. So I type and my mind wanders and I type and I think about what's for dinner or what the weather is like outside.

Take the test and let me know how you did!

And if you beat me, I will do my best to resist the very strong urge to take the test over and over again until I come out on top...

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