Saturday, February 16, 2008

Riding the Cool Bus

We've had many of those kinds of school days before. Y'know, the days where no one is listening, tempers are rising and that stinkin' page of math is taking in excess of 3 hours (and counting).

The concept of the stockade goes from sounding like an antiquated idea to a rather brilliant idea!

Okay, okay. I suppose the stockade isn't the best way to handle those kinds of days, but can I at least reserve the right to consider it a Plan B?

To be honest, a great way to counter the homeschooling-is-currently-whooping-up-on-me blues is to make a list. Not just any old run of the mill list either. But a Hooray-for-our-Homeschool! kind of list.

Without further ado and for my future reference, here is a small sampling of my we-don't-need-no-schoolbus-because-we-ride-the-Cool-Bus! (aka my mommamobile minivan) list:

+ While my kids are not necessarily normal (they can't help it-- they take after me!), they think that having lessons on Saturday is normal.

+ So is going to the (uncrowded!) beach on a Monday.

To see the rest of my list, visit me at HOTM!

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