Thursday, June 5, 2008

I got my hair cut (a haircut? my hairs cut?)

So I got my hair cut... it was halfway down my back and now... it's not!

Okay, both pictures are incredibly dorky, look like mugshots (except a jail wouldn't have orange walls) and are VERY poor quality, but I got tired of my plain hair. I do miss the ease of the ponytail but this is nice... for now... That's the good thing about hair-- it always grows back!

So what do you think of my swing cut? See how it's shorter in the back but longer in the front? Kinda like a reverse mullet! LOL Just kidding. Anyhow, back on the ranch... I need the longer layers in front because my face is more on the round side and this minimizes the mongo forehead plus chubby... er, round face.

I'm done procrastinating now. I guess I better get some work done around here. If I don't talk to y'all again, have a GREAT weekend!

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