Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good husband, bad idea

David just walked into the room with a stack of mail in his hands. He says "Uh-oh. IRS for..." and then proceeded to name our business name.

I'm pretty much thinking this cannot be good and had that pukey feeling in my stomach.

Thoughts of a previous letter from the IRS saying we owed $13,000 ran through my head-- fortunately, that incident was simply a clerical error and easily fixed (whew!). But this time?!

He continues to read "Blah blah blah... please notify us of where to send... the overpayment..."

Overpayment?! He is just lucky I didn't have something in my hand to throw at him-- a fistful of coupons just wouldn't have caused the appropriate amount of damage!!! Okay, I'm going to calm down now. Maybe.

Seriously though, IS IT EVER A GOOD IDEA TO KID ABOUT THE IRS?! I think not. And this is definitely not something that is easily forgotten just because you say "I love you, baby!" with a smile on your face. In fact, perhaps the smile is not a good idea. And that he laughed? Yah, not a wise move either buddy.

Ack! I still feel my heart racing and all weird in my stomach. And someone needs to give David some marriage tips here. Y'know, like a top 10 list of things NOT to do!

David definitely balances me. I am not a prankster by nature, but he is. He usually holds back on playing tricks on me because the benefits don't always ever outweigh the consequences. :) I guess this time he just didn't have enough self control!

I need to go walk 10 miles or do the super hula hoop on the Wii fit... anything to get unfrazzled.

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Heidi said...

Holy COW I would have a fit!!! We had FOUR...yes, FOUR IRS reps show up one day at my husband's office, then proceed to "interview" him for several hours!!! I didn't find out about it til much later because he had patients to see during that time, too! So he kept going between patients then running back to meeting with them.

Turns out, there was one IRS rep that was "training" the others (at our expense!) There was nothing wrong in the end, but they sure made us feel like outlaws!!! So rude!!! I must say that just the mention of the IRS and I have that same feeling of the pit of my stomach catching fire while at the same time feeling that anger slowly rising...

So glad that the mention of it brought wonderful news for you, though!!! :)