Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bathroom deliberations

While I don't necessarily think about these things while I'm in the bathroom, these are things that I think about regarding the bathroom.

- The scale. Just tonight, Noah was super excited to report that he had gained .7 pounds since this morning. He was amazed. And he was bragging. :)

- The seat. I might be the only mom in the world that gets mad at her boys when they leave the toilet seat DOWN. Since boys can get in a hurry sometimes, I much prefer the seat UP so there is less mess!

(I took a pic of the boys' bathroom but it was too ugly to share.
Here is my bathroom with the seat down so I don't fall in in the middle of the night!)

- The sign. There was a sign that used to hang on the wall in our church bathroom (or was it my aunt's house?) that said:

"If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie."

I don't have any signs in our bathrooms right now. I'm considering a goofy one for the boys' bathroom. Do y'all have any ideas?

- Reading material. Our go-to is Reader's Digest courtesy of a yearly gift from my mom and dad. I'm not quite sure if they were being generous, or if they found themselves bored in our bathroom one too many times.

- Speaking of reading material... Is it just me or do you find reading material in a bathroom kind of gross? Whenever the toilet is flushed, I have this creepy feeling that germs are floating up in the air and depositing themselves on said reading material. G-R-O-S-S. (And on my toothbrush... even MORE gross!)

- At least we don't have a squatty potty like Jimmie.

What's it like in your bathroom?
  1. Scale - yes or no
  2. Seat - up or down
  3. Sign - any memorable sayings?
  4. Reading material - what is your material of choice? or is it nothing?


Todd, Tia, & Tyler said...

Scale - Currently no.
Seat - Down, both seat and lid
Sign - My friend's mom had the same one you mention in the post.
Reading material - Only used by the men in our home. Hot Rod Magazine, or Rod and Custom is what usually makes it there. My daughter once replaced them all with horse magazines as a joke.

As for the squatty potty. Good gravy I'd have to take a friend to the bathroom with me so she could haul me back up! If left to my own devices there would be no way to not touch the floor, and I may very well wind up on the news as the lady whose bum fell into the squatty which became sealed air tight due to the flushing.

Susan said...

No scale, seat up or down. We have a soft close seat...must have! No signs but I want one that says The Loo. No reading material. Seriously why would anyone want to spend more time on the pot than they have to. Get in and get out and if I need quiet time I go sit in my car and lock the doors.

Susan said...

Tia you are hilarious!

Unknown said...

Scale -- YES.
seat -- down. The girls outnumber the boy here.
reading material and art -- no.
Our bathrooms are totally functional and BORING. Even our towels are dull white.
But, hey, we've got a squatty. And you don't. ;-)

Lesley Peck said...

scale - yes

seat - down, if up I'd most likely not notice in my hurry to try to pee without an audience and fall in...which would be funny to them but not me

sign - everybody's entitled to a bad hare day (has a bunny on it)

reading material - Maxim

Anonymous said...

Scale- yes, hidden in my towel closet, that way when I walk in the bathroom after eating a twinkie or some other forbidden food, it's not there right out in the open taunting me and making me cry.

Seat- down and usually sprinkled upon by the 4 year old. :P

Sign- On the door. It says...

Bathroom Rules
If you use it..flush it
If you miss it..wipe it
If there's a ring..scrub it
If you drop the soap...pick it up
If you splash water..wipe the floor
If all else fails....CLOSE THE DOOR

No reading material. My hubby takes the newspaper in occasionally, but knows to take it back out with him when he's done; and I read it first. :)

Beckypdj said...

Scales - yes, but under the sink out of sight

Lid - down

Sign - none

Reading material - none, get in and get out :)

Your blog - priceless.

I know the last one doesn't really fit, but I mean it :)

Jac said...

Yes to the scale.
A big NO to the reading material. (I also find it gross!)
I just realized reading this post that by boys never leave the toilet seat up. Strange...
And when we had 5 kids under 4- I had a sign that said,
"There's too many kids in the tub. Too many kids in the tub!
I just washed a behind,
that I'm sure wasn't mine...
There's too many kids in this tub!" :)

Dawn Camp said...

You crack me up!

Scale - yes (for torture and depression)

Seat - DOWN

No signs

"Just Say No" to reading material - it's always struck me as tacky, although it seems everyone does it :-)

Gottjoy! said...


Lid-down (I ashamed to admit that I taught my boys to potty seating down. I havbe no clue if they still do that, but I have never had to wipe a seat).

Sign- none...but I probably would put: Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands, Please (I have issues=) )

Reading Material:No, grosses me out. If they want a book, bring their own (BYOB-Ha!)

Christine said...

I have a scale. It's one of those electronic ones that measures your body fat. I get more depressed by that than the weight.
We put the seat down AND close the lid when we're done. It is crucial that men/boys put the seat UP when they go. Yes.... that causes a mess if they don't.
I don't have any memorable sayings. I've seen the one that you mentioned. The mom of some of our friends in CA has a sign in her bathroom. She INSISTS that men sit when they go.... #1.
As for reading material.... I have the same as you. Because I have the same parents who send the same gift. :P I actually like Reader's Digest in the bathroom. Since we close the lid, I don't worry about the germs floating up onto my reading material. I also don't have to worry about my toothbrush because the potty is in a different area (separated by a door) than the sinks and my toothbrush. You're silly Marshy!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scale - yes or no
Seat - up or down
Sign - any memorable sayings?
Reading material - what is your material of choice? or is it nothing?

Annemarie said...

I watched something, like on a nightline type show, a long time ago and they dyed the toilet water, flushed it, then looked at the bathroom with a black light. It was EVERYWHERE! That's why I totally make my kids put the lid down every time.

Jennifer said...

Scale - yes
Toilet Seat - down
Wall Sayings and Reading Material -YES! LOL! I fill the bathroom with reading material - on the walls and in baskets. Lots of reading goes on in there. I don't worry about the germs geting on things because they are everywhere. In fact, the computer mouse is supposed to have more germs on it than a toilet seat. We just make sure to always wash our hands before eating. I've kept a few pictures over the years of our bathroom reading and learning center if you want to see it :)

Sarah said...

Scale - yes {big sigh}

Seat - down, as well as the lid {my MIL taught my husband to ALWAYS put the seat AND lid down!}

Sign - it's not a potty saying by any means but i have Philippians 4:8 typed out and framed, it's a good verse for me to see early in the morning and throughout my day.

Reading material - nope, none. I'm with you on the germs.

Anonymous said...

Reader's Digest is the best bathroom reading material ever. I'm not sure if they'd consider that a compliment or not. ;-)

Melissa Stover said...

you're getting a little personal aren't you?
scales (which we never use--they are dusty)
seat down, lid open (of course)
reading material: i always have my current book on the tub because that's where i do the majority of my reading, but my bathroom is actually filled with all sorts of reading material because i have shelves on either side of my big tub and, i mean, what else am i going to put there?
just be sure you request a book from the hall when you want to borrow a book.

Faith - said...

Seat and lid down - dog likes potty water. EWWW!

Scale - avoid at all cost!

Reading stuff - have it, but like you, I think it is gross in a weird way.

sign - sorry, got nuthin'

Faith - said...

AND... I am laughing my butt off at "sagrats" squatty potty comment. It rings so true!!

RaD said...

I saw one one time that said something like this:

Rules for the Bathroom!

Gentlemen: the toilet really is farther away than you think, please stand close.

Ladies: please remain seated during the entire process.

Hmmm... It was much funnier when I read it then, I'm missing something here.

RaD said...

Okay, I had to go look it up:

Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean...
Gentlemen your aim would help. Stand closer! It's shorter than you think.
Ladies, please remain seated during the entire process.
Thank you!

I almost had it the first time :)

Debbie said...

I love you, Marshy :)

Scale - yes, but behind the door
Seat - depends on who used it last...and sometimes I'm the one leaving it up (puking) and he's the one leaving it down (dooking)
Sign - No signs...but I'm pretty sure the one you mentioned was at Aunt Delores's house! :)
Reading material - I have no reading material in the 2 upstairs bathrooms, but we've been known to surf the net on our phones (tmi? you asked!) The downstairs half bath is where we have the Little John Reader or whatever it's called, as well as old magazines

Faith - said...

Okay so here i am trying to get my link fixed. How do you like me doing this via your comment section??? Do you still love me??

cross your fingers, otherwise I will be back!!!

amy in peru said...

I find it HILARIOUS how many comments you have on this potty post... and I think our yucky bathrooms beats Jimmie's any day! ;) I mean hers have foot pads WITH ridges! ;) heheh. Most are the squattie idea, but just with a dirt hole and a lovely plastic curtain that never is quite big enough for this modest girl. I LOVE her lens though. Absolutely true to life (with exception that all those squatties looked WAY better than ours!) ;)

As to the questions:

SCALE - I used to have one, but I didn't dare to peek but every once in a while.
SEAT - we have no seat at all, just plain bare (and COLD) porcelain! but I must admit I prefer it. it is SO easy to wipe (which I do EVERY time before I seat myself!)
SIGN - Next to the mirror, He has made everything beautiful in it's time (somewhere in Ecclesiastes... I can't remember)
READING - NO WAY. I'm with you... too many potential splatters. If I need something to read I carry it in with me! ;)

amy in peru

Gwen T said...

Scale - yes, but I hate it. My 2 oldest kids weigh themselves every a.m. though - it's a contest to see who weighs the's hard to believe I was ever like THAT :)

Seat - down - too great a chance of someone age 3 and under dropping something in

Sign - We don't have this but it SHOULD be - "We aim to please, you aim too please"

Reading material - I prefer the get in and get back out quickly approach, but a certain hubby of mine keeps his woodworking magazines in there. I know what you're thinking - ewwwww.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...

Marsha, Marsha,

You definitely are a strange one, but you already knew that.

Funny, for the first time in years, I weighed myself the other day and was shocked (not pleasantly) that I had passed 130. I'm not bragging, but rather am realizing I've been in a fantasy world up until we recently replaced our BROKEN scale.

Seat - Always down and I don't mind the lid being down too. I almost sat on the part under the seat during a late night, in the dark potty run because I used the closest bathroom (not my regular one)...ewe!

Signs - "Don't wait until you have to go, to go!" Is that profound?

Reading Material - I just can't do it in the bathroom. I believe that anything read in the bathroom should be flagged.

The Schwizzy's said...

we have friends that have the sign, "we don't skinny dip, we chunky dunk" in their bathroom. makes me and my husband laugh almost ever time we go over to their house!


Unknown said...

Scale- not in years.

Seat and lid down (roaming toddler)- Heck, most of the time the door is closed too-we have our force field fully activated.

No signs, though we have the exact one you mentioned hand written by one of the female staff in a house of all boys where I work. Face it-they have issues.

No reading material or tooth brushes in the bathroom. We keep ours in a kitchen cupboard far, far, far away from toilets.

Christy said...

No scale-only time I weigh is the drs. office and that's been a while.

seat down, although now we have a 2nd bath so I might have to consider your idea.

No cutie signs...

And our favorite bathroom reading...
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. It's a must have!
we also have a book on outhouse stories that is good bathroom reading too.

Becky said...

Seat - down
Sign - no, but there was one in our bathroom growing up about what the number of knocks on the bathroom door mean. i cannot remember it for the life of me now!
Reading material - i take books or magazines in with me when i take a bubble bath. the other night as i reached over to the back of the potty to get eat,pray,love (checked out from the library) for my bath i had the frightening thought of "i wonder how many people of sat on their toilet with this book." GAG!!!!!

Becky said...

yes, there is scale! we just bought a new one that is all fancy and tells you how much you weigh, your body fat percentage and how hydrated you are.

Unknown said...

No scale : (
I bought one but I am afraid of it. Weight battles are a daily problem in my head. I should get on a scale. I think it would be helpful. I am afraid. Very, very afraid.

Gary always leaves the seat up and then I fall in during the night. That always wakes me up like nothing else. : (

Rebecca said...

Scale- Yes, tucked away in a corner. It is rather dusty.

Seat- Down. Hubby is well trained (thanks MIL!), and we don't have any kids yet.

Sign- 'Fraid not. We have a couple of retro-style posters of animated movies (Up and Wall E, iirc), but we have animated movie/video game art all over the house. :P

Reading Material- We don't keep anything specifically as bathroom reading material, but we both tend to carry books around the house and leave them laying wherever we set them. Right now I think we have a book about the history of Islam and a biography of Secretariat tucked on top of the cabinet (above our heads, I doubt anything super gross could get that high). Also, we both tend to read in the bath. Bad habit, I know.

Funny questions, entertaining to read the comments!