Wednesday, February 23, 2011

great FB purge of 2011

We are entering into our last week here in Guam. With a week long break back in Texas, we are readjusting to the time change once again.

So what am I doing when it is 4am and all of us are wide awake?

Today, I am deleting apps from my Facebook account. Oi!

It's an embarrassing history of games and quizzes and further proof of how much time I can waste at night, avoiding sleep until the last possible moment, hoping to not just drift off to sleep but just pass out without thoughts running through my head.

A sampling of deleted applications (don't judge me):

How Texan are you?
Typing Race
What Disney Princess are you? (I'm glad that I am Belle. She was always my favorite!)
How dorky are you?
Vote for your cow. (This was a ChickfilA contest...I hope?)
What's your old lady name?
I bet I can find out your favorite color in 7 questions.
Which Food Network personality are you?
Cool toys of the 80s and 90s.
What movie musical leading lady are you?
Which decade are you?
Civil War history.

And no, I do not remember the answers anymore. Sorry about that.

Okay, but here is the BEST application/game that I deleted today-- MAFIA WARS. Woot woot!

A certain someone took over the MW account on my FB page a few years ago. In that time, my friends list grew to 895. I like to think that people honestly like me, but seriously? There is NO WAY I even know 895 people!

I am proud to announce that the person has been MW free for 3 weeks now and I am deleting the account and the "friends" that are in my Mafia. *cough* That just sounds silly. Yes, I have a mafia and we rob places and gift each other ties, hornet snipers, and brass knuckles. bahaha!

My question for y'all is this.

Do you have an addiction to any Facebook games? Do you think you could give it up?

Oh and if I accidentally delete you in the great FB purge of 2011, feel free to request to be my friend again. :) There are often unintended casualties in war.


Beckypdj said...

I don't play any games on Facebook, but I was addicted to Facebook itself. I fasted it for 21 days and now I Facebook in moderation :)

I wish I could get addicted to blogging. Not writing much these days.

Have a fantastic last week in Guam and a safe trip home!!!

Unknown said...

I was a Farmville addict for a long, long (did I say long?) time, but just moved "back to the 'burbs" and off my "farm" a few weeks back. And surprisingly, I actually don't miss it. Still working on my addiction to Facebook itself, but it's getting better, at least today. But then again, I did link into your post from FB......

Melissa Stover said...

i've never done any of the facebook games. but good for you for clearing facebook clutter.

moreofhim said...

Marsha, didn't someone once say that great minds think alike? We are great minds!! :) I did this very thing about two weeks ago after realizing how much time I was wasting on Farmville, Cafe World, Cityville, etc., etc. I don't think I need go on. I was using it as a mind-numbing way of dealing with my pain, but then I realized I could be spending my time much more wisely. It's the best thing I ever did! Now I get on FB to check out my friends and just post a quick update. No more games for this girl!

I hope you're having a wonderful time!! You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Julie

Beth said...

I don't have any FB game addictions....I just waste my time in other ways-lol! Good for you!

Gwen T said...

Wow, Marsha. I didn't know you had a Mafia side to you! You do have me curious though - Disney Princess? Old lady name? The dorky question though, I understand. I think we both love Star Trek: Next Generation so that probably increases the dorky points. I like reading through my thesaurus too, which is probably at the top of the dorky scale.

Gwen T said...

And LOL - general ramblings for a tag - I need to add that one. It pretty much summarizes my blog. :)

Christine said...

Wow! No more Mafia Wars. That's big! :) I think the vote for your cow was the California Dairy industry thing....wasn't it? The Happy Cows thing? Anyway, I use to do MW, Farmville, etc. I've deleted those. I do have a few FB games that I'm sort of addicted to but find no reason at this time to delete them since they are quick games that only take a minute or 2 to play. :) Good luck dwindling your friend list down. I love you!

Unknown said...

I must confess, I used to have a zoo *sigh*. I think some days I still do with 6 boys and all the trappings that go along with it. It all started out with a cute little brontosauras and I was a little ignorant of fb. After a while I decided there were other things I wanted to do with that time and quit it altogether. I still haven't picked up the violin, but I have accomplished other things!

Tracy said...

I am FB free and LOVING it! :)

Peggy Sue Brister said...

I never have played ANY game on Facebook. I am not a gaming type of person. I have had to "block this application" for Farmville from friends and relatives that use to send me Farmville requests like every day. I would rather talk to folks on Twitter than play games on Facebook.

Susan said...

Cleaning clutter feels good no matter what it is! No, not much of a fb game person. I'll play words with friends on my iphone with my sister and other word games but I stink at them. Really stink.

Dawn Camp said...

My addiction is Bejeweled Blitz. Just this week there's something I made up my mind I need to do, and I decided giving up thevgamevshould ge part of the plan. Ouch.

Teresa said...

I absolutely did have an addiction to Family Feud. Then, I had to sit through a speach from someone who works in the hacking field. He told us that the launch off apps are perfect ways for people to steal all of your personal information. That opened my eyes. So, I do not do any games or answer questions that cause you to download an application. I have never read all of the 'messages' they tell you to check to be able to use the app. But this guy showed us that we were allowing the app creator and other users to see all of our information even the stuff that we put "don't do" in the security section.
I am now app free!

Ali said...

I played farmtown for a while on facebook, but got bored of it. I tried to play a few other games, but got bored of them. So I rarely play facebook games. My addiction?? Slinging those birds in a slingshot in order to destroy green pigs who stole their eggs!

Unknown said...

I can not believe this is your last week. Seriously? That went so quickly! I am glad you had this adventure with your little family! : )
Gary used to be into that game. I don't think he plays any more. I will ask him : )

Sam said...

I used to play Frontierville. I gave it up easily, and have blocked all other games. :D

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I've managed to not yet become controlled by Facebook. Although I do have an account, I only check it every once in a while, but I am finding it possibly necessary to check it more frequently because that appears to be the way so many people communicate now; almost forget the cell phone or even texting. When I tell people I didn’t know something, their response is, "I posted it on your Facebook wall." Now, I'm responsible for whatever is on my wall.

Dana said...

I used to waste my time away on Bejeweled until they changed it. It made the obvious need to stop playing it a LOT easier. My biggest problem was that it was "just a minute." And those "just a minutes" can add up fast!

Now I waste time in some mindless surfing, but I spend more time actually chatting with people then I used to. I haven't looked at the time so much, but through those sleepless nights, it is so nice to have someone on the other side of the computer (sometimes the other side of the world!) to just talk to, even if it isn't about anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I was becoming addicted to Family Feud in Facebook. Yesterday, I not only removed the app but I also deactivated my Facebook account as well. As you can see, I'm still alive (lol).