Saturday, February 5, 2011

what i see

Want to see what I see?

I have to warn you, some of it is pretty and some of it is messy and all of it feels like summer.

View 1: from the balcony

It is mighty pretty, isn't it?

View 2: from the entryway

It is mighty messy, isn't it?

Housekeeping has obviously not arrived yet.

Notice that we brought the necessities like Xbox 360 and laptops with us. Even with that beautiful view, we appreciate our electronics!

View 3: from the hallway

I still get a little dizzy looking down to the lobby. We are on the 13th floor. The sign on our door says we are on the 14th floor, but I don't believe them. When you are riding the glass elevator up and your floor is the one immediately after floor 12, it's not hard to do the math. My dorky boys and I make some sort of crack about it every single day. :)

View 4: where we go to take a break from our room

Stunning views of Tumon Bay from those big windows, but we're too busy playing Skip-Bo to notice. Sometimes I spice up our routine by offering a candy prize for the champion of the day.

I'm a wild and crazy mom like that.

Please notice the Japanese tourists taking a picture of their food. They always take pictures of their food, even if the food is ugly. But tourists are a post for another day.

View 5: view of Noah-boah because he makes me happy and willingly complied when I asked if I could shoot him at 1.6.

What is the view like in your neck of the woods?

PS Noah needs a haircut.


Jac said...

Noah has such gorgeous eyes! Up here, everything is white! :)

KarenW said...

Cold and rainy. At least it's not cold enough to freeze. We haven't had much snow and I'm mostly grateful for that. Snow means a hard day at work for my hubby. But I sort of have the opinion that if it's going to be cold, then it may as well snow. Enjoyed your pictures of summer!

Unknown said...


It's beautiful there. How long will you be there? Denver is freezing and I hear Texas is too. Stay nice and warm in Guam. :)

I think pictures of food is something that all Asians do, not just the Japanese. My mom does it all the time.

Noah, is so handsome. Gorgeous eyes.

Susan said...

shoot at 1.6. Totally laughing at the lingo. And um, yeah, I take pictures of my food too...but it must be pretty. Isn't that a blogger thing? Love your warm and pretty. Lovely hotel. Cracking up at all the techno gadgets all over the place. We'd be the same way! What would we do if we weren't plugged in somehow?

Danielle Leigh said...

Looks beautiful and relaxing! Enjoy!

Christine said...

Gorgeous views! :)
Thanks for making us jealous...I mean, sharing with us.

I love you!!!

Tracy said...

LOL! Great post!

I Love that your on the 13 floor. It's so true that they rename them...because people won't stay on it. DUMB!

Unknown said...

That is so interesting about the floor number. Fascinating! LOVE the place you go to play skipbo. I just taught Jonathon and Kaish last Sunday. They love it : )
I LOVE the hotel picture. Wow. Pretty as can be. What great lines. AND your view? It is Ridiculous! Marsha! I LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Ok, 1st thing, when our view from the balcony looks like that we almost always leave the door opened so we can hear the waves and smell the salt air. 2nd thing, someone's fighting about who gets to sleep on the balcony!! Love the view!!
It is so great to capture pics of the children so sweet looking (and still!! I think a picture without movement is a miracle sometimes.) and Noah looks so content.
My kids would so love it if they got candy for winning a game, they might wonder who I was. When they were smaller I used to give candy to the one who got ready to get out the door the fastest...or their chores done first!!
Have a great time!!

Karen said...

Love the photos! Wish I could be there too.

Out my window all is white, but beautiful on a sunny day.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Wow. It is so, so beautiful. Gorgeous photos! My view... pretty white! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marsh!
Well you saw my view, much lower than yours!! Come enjoy it soon!

Yeah, definitely won't find many 13th floors round here.

When we were at Chilis last week, a tourist was taking a picture of a bowl of brown (ugly!!) soup! Pretty funny!

Hope to connect soon. Denise

Beckypdj said...

Beautiful place!!! My view is of the six inches of snow we had that is slowly melting. It is off the roads now.

I have heard we are in for another snowstorm the middle of the week.

Enjoy your family, the view, skip bo and everything else!!!

Sam said...

Our neck of the woods looks blah. And your inside hallway view freaks me out. I'm scared from here!

Karin Katherine said...

Your photography inspires me. Will you come and show me how to use my camera?