Thursday, May 5, 2011

history (again) and a haircut

So I have decided to NOT study Texas History with the boys next year. Thanks for all of your (y'alls?) input! I think we will focus on Guam and WW2 history found there and in the surrounding islands. I can't wait!

Speaking of history, I revisited an old hairstyle from several years ago. Here is my new do:

A little sassier than when it was long.

My hair was last cut like this back in the day...

August 4, 2008

The boys and I were trying to figure out my new laptop webcam. We took some snapshots and even a video clip to send to David while he was on a trip. :)

It's strange how I even associated my haircut with that time period. I never thought grief would extend its fingers into so many small details of my life and that something as simple as a haircut would require emotional preparation.

I am thankful for an understanding family and a husband who loves me enough to walk through the details with me. {I'm glad he likes my haircut too!}

P.S. I have no idea what "related" video links are going to display at the end of the video clip... so just ignore them.


Gracie Parker said...

I love you. I love your husband for loving you just like you need him too. I love those boys. I love that you'll be studying Guam. While in Guam! And I love your haircut!!

Emily said...

"Daddy went to the Mall of America today."....long silence...."I don't even know what that is!"


Love hearing the voices of your kids. :)

Cute hair btw. My daughter Rachel just got that cut last week. It's SASSY.

Disney for Boys said...

Precious new do, love the pics and video even more...what a gift! you always look beautiful!! :)

moreofhim said...

Hi Marsha!

Love your haircut. I've been wearing the same cut for a couple of years and do love it. I'm growing it out now, though, so we'll see how that works out.

You have such a wonderful hubby and boys...truly a gift from God.

Love seeing your video - so precious!!

Love you - Julie

Tracy said...

Glad you were able to make a decision! LOVE the hair, but will spank you if I ever see another picture with that beautiful camera and it's most important part- THE STRAP, not on some part of your body. Wrap it around your wrist AT THE LEAST! It only takes one drop and it's GONE.

Sweet sweet memories

Christine said...

I love your haircut! I definitely would choose that for myself except that J likes longer hair. SO I try to please both of us. :D I loved that video too. I sure miss that cutie patootie. I love you!!!!!!

Melissa Stover said...

that little boy bouncing on your lap. so precious. what a great little memory to have.

love your sassy cut!

Sam said...

I LOVE it!! Great look for you! <3

Amy Bayliss said...

Well aren't you just the prettiest thing? :) I love the new look. You make that cut look good, girl!

Christian is such a cutie. Gosh... treasure those memories.

love you!

Unknown said...

Oh my word. I LOVE that haircut! You are all types of gorgeous. SERIOUSLY, WOW!

Denise said...

Hey Marsha!

Love the hair!

You'll be happy to know that the Guam Homeschoolers put on a great Chamorro Day event every October. Also, you can find some good lesson plans at:

A new walking trail in the capital opened up recently. The homeschoolers are talking about doing a walking tour field trip but haven't yet.

Get excited! See you in the summer!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love the look - very sassy!

Becky said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair!!!! You are gorgeous my friend!

amy in peru said...

beautiful... I hope I get to see it up close here soon! :)


Jen said...

The new (old) hair cut is cute! And, I'm so glad you decided to study local history while there in Guam - I love doing that with my kids when we get the chance, and getting to do it in another country altogether would be the ultimate!

Faith - said...

You look great, as always! The pics are wonderful. I will have to watch the video from my Mac later. The iPad won't let me. Sigh.

Nikowa said...

I love it!!! You're so gorgeous!

Connie Leon said...

Marsha. I love the hair...I am VERY much thinking of jumping on that bandwagon.... :D I need a new look.... ASAP.