Sunday, November 20, 2011

romans 5:1-2

"Faith is a thread
Slender and frail,
Easy to tear;
Yet it can lift
The weight of a soul
Up from despair."

-Matthew Biller


Janet said...

I love the little poem that you posted beneath the photo. So very true!

mountain mama said...

the poem "ties" it all together! beautiful!

Kristen said...

Oh! Simply beautiful. So simple yet so powerful. Just like faith.

Lil said...

Love your pic! I'm so grateful for that justification!

Sara said...

This is such a neat picture! I love it! The striking contrast of red on white is great. The verse? Makes it perfect. Wonderful work!

Just Jen said...

Wow! This scripture / photo combo really leaves you speechless. Wonderful post!

[Stopping by from Scripture and a Snapshot.]

Traci Michele said...

Love it! So creative. Beautiful! Here's mine:

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