Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I love my in-laws!

You grow up hearing such terrible jokes about terrible in-laws.  But I am SO BLESSED with two of the greatest in-laws ever.  They are always so sweet, kind, thoughtful and very supportive of mine and dh's marriage and homeschooling.  They love the kids and actually play with them when they come to visit. 


I was reminded of this today when my in-laws e-mailed me inviting my 2 older boys to come visit for a few days next week.  They are quite perceptive to notice that it's been crazy around my house for the past few weeks.  Dh has been working a ton (almost 3 weeks straight), plus the baby is just being a baby (a cute crawling one at that!) and I've been a little stressed with different things-- one being getting things organized for starting school again.  So now I feel a little lighter in my step (too bad it's not literal!)  and a little more energized.  Things haven't been bad enough to actually ask for help, but if someone offers...


So mom and dad, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!


4boyzmom said...

Hope you get lots accomplished! My inlaws are very nice people, but they live very far away. Not all inlaws are bad!

4SeasonsLearningAcademy said...

WOW! Isn't it great to have awesome in Laws? I think so, although I have an interesting relationship with my mom-in-law, but I keep trying.

I hope all went well this week and next week a little break from the kids might help get that extra time needed to plan for the upcoming year. I hope all goes well, I will keep in touch to see how it all is going.

Sorry about the delay in my posting to you--I had problems logging in to the Blog this whole week, but found out my problems and got them worked out.

Talk to youlater

Debra Tangren

chapter4 said...

Enjoy your time without your older boys! I also have great in-laws, and this is Day 1 of my week without my 2 boys. I've got two days to myself, three days with hubby, and then it's sort of back to the real world. I'll pick up the boys Saturday on my way to visit my parents and we'll be there four days.

Cute kids, btw! And I love their nicknames!

KarenS said...

Mine are really great. They live too far away for us to see them very often though. Hope you don't miss the boys too much!