Sunday, January 1, 2006

Heading to Hartford, CT!

Just packing a few things to head to Hartford, CT with dh until TUESDAY!!!   Dh gets some nice overtime for working on New Year's Day and since it's a nice looong layover, I can come along for a nice retreat without having to pay for a nice hotel...just meals and entertainment.  My very nice and wonderful in-law's will be here soon to stay with the kiddos.  It is sooo nice to not have to pack for the kids and for myself!  Tis going to be a very niiiiiiice getaway!


It's a little weird sitting here almost sweating in the 80 degree heat and yet packing a coat for the cold weather up north.  I think there's even a chance of snow up there tomorrow!  My boys would be so disappointed if they don't tell them, okay?


Hope y'all had a great first day of 2006!  I spent the last minutes of 2005 folding laundry and cleaning up the house while the kids and dh were fast asleep.  Yuppers, we ARE the original party animals!!!



Marsha (who is currently a spoiled and very blessed mom of 3 boys and wife to 1 wonderful man!)


DiWilliams said...

Hey, what a coincidence! We both spent New Year's Eve doing EXACTLY the same thing! LOL This morning my kids asked me if anybody stayed up till midnight ... I said, "Just me, but that's only becasue I was doing laundry and cleaning house." They seemed to think that was really pathetic.

I hope you and your husband have a GREAT time on your trip!

Blessings ~ Diane

Kellyque777 said...

We lived in Hartford for a few years and bought a house there in East Hampton. Can I ask why you are headed there? Is it for vacation or business? The reason I ask is because I can recommend so many places for you to see and restaurants. We also have good homeschooling friends there in East Hartford.

Wonderful, wonderful place!

Let me know . . . <>< Kelly

mamaduso said...

Have a great trip!!!


MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...


Hope ya'll have a great trip!

Happy New Year!


Amy Beth <>< (Who is jealous of your 80 degree weather. It did get in the 60's here today.)

ccpeterson said...

Hope you have a wonderful getaway! We are great partiers at this house too. My husband fell asleep at 9:30 on New Years Eve. The kids tried to make it, but they fell asleep too! I did wake my husband at 11:45, so he could ring in the New Year with me. Ha.

eyecorn said...

wonderful, romantic, relaxing getaway! Thanks for being the first person to post on my ticker ...I was so excited when I saw your message!


JenIG said...

golly, what a lucky girl you are! i'm gonna have to find some time for me and geo to go on a date. we've been so busy lately. have a great time and a super new year!

love jen

berrymorin said...

Enjoy your break.

DebiG said...

Have fun, Marsha! 80 degree weather??? that is too hot!!

mominpa said...

WOW..that sounds like a lovely trip!! I know our 2 date nights over the Thanksgiving holiday were WONDERFUL!!! Enjoy....

However you can keep your 80 degree weather...yuck...I enjoy WINTER!!

Janne said...

Happy New Year! And have a wonderful trip!

RainyDayMichele said...

I know you're already enjoying that wonderful time with your dh....but I wanted to comment anyway. :) So glad you two get to have some time together!