Thursday, January 5, 2006

I had hopes that this day would never come

Me:  Hi Dash!  What do you have in your hand?


Dash (6yo):  It's a moth.


Me:  You should let it go...or you'll end up killing it.


Dash:  I really want to keep him-- forever!


I walk away.  Ten minutes later, the poor thing is still in Dash's fist.


Me:  Dash!  It's probably dead already...just let it go.


Dash:  No it's not, Mommy!  Seeeeee??? (the moth moves just a little bit)  I'm going to name him Dash because that's the best name ever!


Dash and Tank (4yo) run off to make it a home out of leaves and sticks.  Tank begins peeling bark from a tree to feed it.  (*sigh* I guess we need to shift our science lessons from plants to bugs and critters!)  Another ten minutes goes by and the moth is not moving anymore.  Nice mommy that I am tells him once again that it's probably already dead. 


Dash:  No mommy, Dash is just sleeping; he's taking a long nap...he's hibernating for the winter!  Hmmm...funny how that one wing is crooked, I didn't know a moth could sleep like that. (He happily trots off to the front yard with Dash still in his clutches).


Who am I to argue with such logic?  The boys find their bugscope and as he's trying to fit poor little Dash into it, he looks at me and says:


Mommy, Dash is dead. (ya think?!) Look, his wing got caught on the edge and it got squished.  Poor Dash.  He was a good moth. (Yup, I'm sure it had nothing to do being trapped in your fist for half an hour)


Now I'm just waiting for them to go bury dear old Dash in the backyard.  They'll probably plant him in the dirt pile to see if he grows more moth's. 

Just kidding-- my kids have a little more sense than that!


Oh well, it could be worse.  They've been happy for years just looking at the crawdad's, lizards and frogs around our yard...and the occasional gigantic spider or slithery snake.  I knew the day would eventually come when they'd want to actually keep one as a pet. *sigh*  I'm sure this is the first of a long string of innocent little creatures that will lodge with us!


So to all of you out there who have a house full of critters-- I salute you!  I, however, will be doing my best to keep them at least in the garage...I'm not too fond of things creeping around my house.  And heaven forbid that *I* unknowingly step on of these things in the middle of the night (or even day)!  Ewwwwww!!!


Edited to add that after dinner tonight, he got this sad look on his face and said he really missed Dash.  Funny how they can seem so grown up at times and like such innocent little babies the next!


DebiG said...

Poor Dash (the moth) We have buried some moths in our time too!!! and many ohter things. worms, lizards. sigh! I guess it is all part of being a mommy of boys!

mistresninos said...

You know, if it's going to reject your code it could at least save your message...*SIGH*

Anyway, I was asking you about why you call them crawdads. I do as well but I'm from Montana and I've never heard anyone outside their use that word.

I was also saying that my son wants to have a scorpion for a pet. I told him he can have one when there are no babies, or chance of babies, in this house. Since the women in my family tend to be fertile well into their 40s that gives me 15 more years. By then he'll be old enough to be married and his wife can deal with it.

OK, I'm going to copy this just in case it doesn't like the code.

mommyx3 said...

Writing from a house FULL of critters, I really enjoyed your post. Last spring my two oldest boys (4 & 5 now) brought home a caterpillar. I was really worried it wouldn't survive, but by some miracle it did and wrapped itself up in a cocoon and emerged as a moth. It was a great science lesson and we let "Scatty" go after a few days. At the present moment we are blessed with a dog, a cat, an iguana, 2 rats and 3 tarantulas. The latter not my idea, but I was outnumbered.



PRMama said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww is right. Bugs are sooo icky. Sounds like you had a fun day! ha


DandelionSeeds said...

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Amber said...

to NC, but I need some advice, and I was wondering if you could help.

0:) Amber

ccpeterson said...

Awwwww poor Dash. Atleast he was loved very much during his final's obvious your Dash really cared for the moth and lets hope the moth felt his love, ha.

Janne said...

As the mother of four boys and one serious tomboy, all I can say is "Just wait!" ROFLOL

We recently moved to Florida...or "lizard heaven". You can imagine what goes on around here!

Debismumto4 said...

THanks for posting on my site and hello from the UK

Your life sounds very much like mine. Pretty hectic most of the time. Now that Jacob (13 months old) is walking things have really gone a bit mad in our house. The thought of starting back at lessons is very daunting as it looks as though he is going to drop his morning nap soon. Oh well another new thing to adapt to.

By the way our trip to the hairdresser went well what a relief. I am just not brave enough to cut their hair myself my imagination runs wild with the amount of damage I could do.

Have a great day

Love Deb

momofgirls said...

I found a caterpillar in my shoe once. If you don't want critters in your house, better set those boundaries early! LOL! Hope your guys have been able to grieve and move on.

Debismumto4 said...

Hi Marsha

Your comment on my blog made me smile so I thought I would reply again. We have spent months being woken up any time between 4.30 and 5.30am by our delightful littliest guy. His noise at these hours has even caused our neighbours to complain!!!!! Now all of a sudden he has decided to wake up at a more sensible time of 7am (he goes to bed at 7pm). We are thrilled about this but it has put the morning routine out some what. Oh well can't have everything and this is tonnes better than seeing 4.30am in winter. Thanks for your words of encouragement it really helps talking to people who have littlies like me.

I will add you to my friends list if thats ok with you. Look forward to hearing from you again

Love Deb

Debismumto4 said...

Hi Marsha

I was kind of thinking I probably would have to change my routine for a while. It always helps when someone else suggests it though. Thanks for the advice. We are just in the process of putting all four to bed so its nearly time for a bit of us time. I love evenings.

Love Deb

JenIG said...

that is horrifying and hilarious. (more hilarious than horrifying). you are a brave woman, Mrs. Marsha

sagerats said...

Be glad it wasn't a black widow! My son once had a black widow in his bug box. My other boy kept lady bugs by the hundreds in his bug box. He adores lady bugs.


vgarr said...

I have girlies!!! Bleck! I'm for a bug free America!!

Betsyfriend said... that, do you mean children or insects/spiders/amphibians and the like? Just kidding, although I might start referring to my sons as cute little critters now. ;-) Shortly after moving to Scotland, my boys caught a ladybug and proudly showed me their find. I am happy to say that she was still alive when we placed her back in the garden, as much for my sake as for hers! Now that I've grown out of my tomboy phase, I am not much of a bug-lover anymore.

P.S. How is your son doing? Has he recovered?

Betsyfriend said...

Your golden eyes do indeed sound exotic. I usually refer to mine as being chocolate; unfortunately, they don't accept that as a proper eye color when I'm filling out official forms. ;-)

RainyDayMichele said...

LOL! Caden did this once with WORMS. We were cleaning off the driveway and when we moved the basketball goal there were all these earthworms squiggling in the dirt/water. He collected them all and squeezed them so tightly, and carried them around awhile. He, too, announced....,"They're just sleeping". LOL

BrooksideAcademy said...

I wish mine were keeping it to moths. As they get older, it gets a bit worse I'm afraid. Now they're tracking bobcats (no kidding!) and bringing home snakes The worst of it, is the eldest brings them home to look it up to see if they are poisionus He's 17 now, and if catching a copperhead at his uncles this past summer didn't teach him...I'm not sure what will. Or rather, I'm sincerely afraid of what will...