Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Voice of the Martyrs site for children

Dh and I are making plans to spend a week in China next month.  It is going to be very, very, very cold but also very affordable...after all, it is winter!  Only the crazies go to China on vacation during the winter!  And only the uber-crazy choose to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary (albeit a few months early) in such a cold place...Have I mentioned that it is going to be really cold?


Dash expressed his concern to daddy the other day.


Daddy, you better be careful in China!  If you read your Bible there, the church police will put you in jail for a very, very long time!  And you can't pray in China or read your Bible or go to church.


This all came about when Dash noticed my Voice of the Martyrs poster on the wall of our schoolroom.  It was a great springboard to talk about how we need to be thankful for the country we live in and the freedoms we have.  It also allowed us to talk at length about how we need to pray for these people in other countries and even send them cards and letters.


I ran across this VOM site today that is more suited for children.   Check it out and read it with your kids!  Take every opportunity to encourage a heart for missions, a compassion for lost souls and to show them God's power in these people's lives!


DebiG said...

Wow! That will be fun! I cant wait to read about your trip!

DiWilliams said...

Wow! If you don't mind my asking, why are you going to China and what are you going to do there? Are you going to the mainland? I was thinking it was still closed to most westerners. Or maybe I'm just not keeping up with the news as much as I should! LOL My dad was stationed in Taiwan when he was in the Air Force and he and my mom raised us kids with a love for China. I'd love to go there someday myself!

Blessings ~ Diane

berrymorin said...

Well, it sounds like you should definitely be packing some thermal underwear. Have a great time.

DandelionSeeds said...

Um... if it's cold you're looking for for your anniversary, you don't need to travel to China dear sister... come to Minnesota! We'd love to have you, and you can bring the kids and we'll watch them so you can have a night out! a;slkdfj;asdljf;alsdjf



(We speak english here too... does hubby know chinese?)

eyecorn said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! That sounds so fun and exotic! Wow, how insightful of your DS...he sure does have a heart for the Lord.


Christy said...

We have that map too. I need to find where I laid it and put it up like I meant too. They share some pretty sad stories, don't they?

Y'all be careful on your trip, and have a great time! Take lots of pictures so we can see when you get back!

DandelionSeeds said...

Oh yeah "Miss, I'm proud to report I only went through three links"... whatever... I responded to your post on Annemarie's blog...


I'm just glad hubby was up sitting next to me, or I'd have been up all night trying to find the joke. I don't think I need to explain the reason he loves me (SHMILY Time... not SMART Time). as;lkdjas;dlkjfas;dlkfj

Love ya,


RainyDayMichele said...

Hooray! Can't wait to hear about your trip. Missions is close to my heart and I will be praying for you both!

Beth said...

We love our Link and VOM publications... they're a regular part of our lessons and prayer time. Thanks for posting this. And I pray that you all have a BLESSED journey to China, what an experience that would be! And it's good that your kids will see a bit more than just TN (I guess...)! LOL!

PlaidHearts said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

I don't know if you know this but VOM has a free newletter for kids by the same name as the page you sited. You just need to call and request to be put on their mailing list. I just found out myself last week and got our first copy yesterday.


mominpa said...

Sounds exciting!!

I am was more impressed with how much your son understood about the how the government feels about Christians and reading their Bibles...I was very impressed, I don't think my boys would know that yet...but they need to! Thanks for sharing!

Betsyfriend said...

Whenever one of my boys says something memorable (for whatever reason), I think of the cute and forthright statements of little Dash and Tank. I also think, I should really post these on my blog like Marsha does! I love reading the posts where you quote your boys. ;-)

P.S. Today when we were at the student health center for an appointment, our youngest was looking at a poster of a guy yelling, and written on it was, "Think this helps? Aggressive towards staff will not be tolerated." Of course our two-year-old doesn't read, but as he looked intently at the picture, he remarked, "He's screaming. He's screaming in the picture. That's a terrible thing." Just wanted to share that with you. Have a wonderful weekend!