Sunday, July 30, 2006

General and incessant rambling about not much

My sister Bobo is visiting right now.  She's so fun.  I wish she would live down here.  She's playing a board game with Dash, Tank is at the church gym with dh, and Dozer is currently watching Barney and dancing in a big puddle of popcorn (really).  I guess I should get up and do something about it...and put him to bed.  Okay, maybe a little later.


Have I mentioned that we canceled the birthday party?  Well, it had been dumping rain and flooding the street on Wednesday.  The forecast for Thursday was more flooding with still a 30% chance of rain on Friday.  Soooo, we canceled the party.  The idea of all those people IN my house or sloshing through backyard mud was kinda freaking me out.  Wouldn't you know it?  Friday was absolutely sunny all day with all the yard puddles drying up.  I felt a little dumb but I'm used to that so it's not a big deal.  I'm hoping to reschedule a downsized version of the party (as in no daddy's) sometime on a weekday afternoon.


I can't remember who it was...Tia maybe (aka Sagerats) who mentioned a chocolate fountain.  So we opted for that instead of the moonwalk. :-)  Cheaper and I can use it over and over again!  Of course, we kept it even without having a party.  The boys both have grand plans of sticking their entire heads in the streaming chocolate at the end of the party!  I'm sure we can assist them with that. hehehee...


What else?  We got our Sonlight box the other day.  I guess we need to finish up last year's Sonlight first, huh?  Actually, we'll be done in a couple of weeks.  It has been such fun and we've read a ton of great books!  If anyone is looking for a solid, pre-scheduled, literature-rich program, then Sonlight might be exactly what you're looking for.


Blah, blah, la dee daaaa...


I think I'm going to make me a pot of decaf, clean up the popcorn confetti on the floor and read a mindless magazine for a little while.  What are y'all doing tonight?  I've got a ton of "good, productive" things to do...but there's always tomorrow right?


Other stuff wandering around in my head:

  • My boys make me laugh.  They are so silly and dorky and just plain fun.  And they are in that laughing hysterically at their own jokes that are completely nonsensical stage right now.

  • I'm addicted to coffee.  Even decaf.  It's the process of drinking that I like...and the taste...mmmm.... with lots of real cream and sugar. 

  • I like shoes.  I wore some pink peep-toe heels today.  They made me happy.  I'm currently on the hunt for some nice red flats.

  • I'm distressed that the "fashions" of the '80s are back.  Leggings, ankle boots, vests, blech!  When will the insanity stop?!  The HORROR!

  • I'm blessed with some good friends.  It's nice to almost have too many friends. :-)  Most are all from my church, so we are like-minded as well (but very different!) so it's always fun.  And I like their kids which makes it even better.

  • Baseball is boring.  I'd rather just watch the highlights on ESPN.

  • It's hot and humid outside.  I wish I could say it makes my hair curly or something cool like that, but it's still flat, oily and sticks to my head.

  • I don't floss regularly.  I should but I don't.

Okay, that's it for now.  I'll check back with y'all tomorrow.





Suzanne said...

You made me laugh... okay, ROFL! :-)

I thought my girls were the only ones who watched Barney in the midst of popcorn puddles! ;-)

thanks for sharing your ramblings with us. I enjoyed reading them.

Suzanne said... asked what we're doing. Hmmm, I'm procrastinating going to bed because then I have to brush my teeth (and floss --- thanks to you, Marshimellow, for suggesting it -- not!), go potty, clear the church library book off and Sunday afternoon "lounge-wear" off of the bed. :-)

Besides that, we went and got a white board/black board easel combo thingy from freecycle tonight... thanks to my dh's quick-thinking action!

Keep smiling...!

homeskoolmom said...

Since I lived through much of the current fashions the "first" (ha, ha) time around, I just threw it all out the window when I started wearing skirts a few years ago. It's much more freeing-- I wear what I like and don't care what others think about it-- maybe it's a getting "old" thing :)

I'm terrible at flossing too, but our hygenist told me that it's not quite as critical since we go for our 6 mo. checkups. Funny, I floss less now, Shane flosses more-- he's had his first 3 cavities in the last 2 years. I've had none during the same time period.

Have a blessed day,


JenIG said...

you are blessed indeed! and i am blessed to have you as my friend.


thanks for the chocolate/caramel apple tip, but all the apples are now gone (in pies in my freezer)

Tiany said...

The choclate fountain sounds devine :-)

Oh and do floss regularly! Make it a habbit, take it from me and $4000 dollars worth of dental bills :-) for the past 10 years I have not missed one night of flossing and I HATE flossing!

mistresninos said...

definitely have to agree with you on the 80s fashion craze. I saw a skirt that I used to wear in high school one day at the store. I thought, that's awful. I should have saved all my clothes so I could sell them on e-bay right now. Then I thought, it will be truly awful when I see some girl walking around in knickers. Sure enough, next day I saw one. Yuck!

But those words about baseball...them's fightin' words, girl. ;-)

chickadee said...

i just read your comment on eyecorn's blog about being over protective. you are so wise! i enjoyed reading your comment. very good advice.

DandelionSeeds said...

I'm right there with you on the floss thing...

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha YOU ARE A GOOB!!! And, I speak from a loving position. Your friend in TN, no TX, no MO (I keep forgetting). My hair gets curly in the humidity, but I'd rather have yours


Don't eat the popcorn off the floor. Knock knock, who's there? Ice. Ice Who? Iced Tea (it's the only joke Jacob tells that makes sense).

sagerats said...

Why yes, we did have a choclate fountain for my dear Girl 1's sweet sixteen birthday, in which I happened to blog about it, and I am now at this very moment dreaming of chocolate covered potato chips.

Can't wait to read how the party turns out!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the dressing in the 80's thing is just a figment of your imagination! Sometimes I like rambling thoughts like that. Funny all the goofy things we think about. Well, I hope your toned down birthday party is wonderful still. Happy birthday to the boys. Our parties start next week. Boy it gets difficult when the kids get older and want to like plan their whole party.


eyecorn said...

A chocolate fountain...that is too cool. I our next birthday isn't till October, I need to think up an excuse to rent one and stick my head under it. Oh, yeah, I saw where Candies are back being advertised...they were obnoxious shoes the first time around. Need any shoe racks? The previous owner here had 6 racks in the closet..each holding 12 pairs. I have 5 to spare!

Your goodie-goodie remark on my birthday party dilema post....oh, that was so me! It was eerie reading that.

mrssulli said...

I saw an ad with the leggings in it - I was shocked! What are they thinking? As if it wasn't hard enough to get rid of that stuff? I love the coffee drinking too. The smell, taste, whatever. I'm also trying to drink hot tea in the afternoons during my devotions for something different. Green, peppermint and peach so far. Oddly comforting! Have a great day :) Thanks for sharing the boring stuff, it is extremely entertaning!

DebiG said...

I hope you had a nice visit wiht your sister!