Monday, April 2, 2007

How do you like your hair?


How do you like your hair?


Dash (7yo):  Short.  I want to be like daddy!!!  (yelled at the top of his lungs)

By the way, daddy is completely bald.  Shaved-head-shadow-hair bald (not quite the Mr. Clean least not yet!).

Tank (5yo):  Ummm...I wike it a wittle wong.
Me:  Why?
  Because when something hits your head...wike this (proceeds to pound his head with his fist)... then it doesn't hurt as much.  It kinda bounces off wike this!  (couple more pounds for emphasis).
Me:  Okay.  That makes complete sense.
Tank:  Yaaaah.

Perhaps he tested his new hair helmet a little too much today... Anyone have a clue as to when he should stop having this super-cute-very-unique-and-high-pitched-voice?  It's great being able to hear him coming from 10 miles away and all, but...when should I start thinking about saying goodbye to that sweet, piercing voice that can't ever say the "L" sound?


PS  Have you submitted your nominations for the Homeschool Blog Awards yet?  Some of our HSB buddies have already been nominated.  Better hurry, nominating ends on April 6th!  I've already made some of my choices...and it hasn't been easy!

PPS    I also have a <a href=> new friend </a> that will be pulling her kidlets out of private school very soon!  Please stop by her blog and say hi.  I'm sure she would love the encouragement and any advice that y'all might have for someone that has to DE-school her kids first.

PPPS  Check out <a href=> CHICKADEE'S </a> thought-provoking and completely encouraging post entitled "A Homemaker".

PPPPS  While I'm sending you around the blogosphere, <a href=> UNDERDOG </a> is a pretty funny character as well.  I really liked his post entitled "Thump, thump".

PPPPPS  Is there a rule or limitation to the number of post's in a postscript?  Eventually, it just makes me look like I'm sticking my tongue out at y'all...and that would not be using good manners. 

Marsha :-)




nsremom said...

I DID love Chickadee's post on being a homemaker. It made me weepy.

And I voted too! It was hard to come up with most of them for me. I usually just hit the same old blogs. I think I need variety. As soon as she lists the winners, I'll have new blogs to visit.

and bald can be beautiful! :)

JenIG said...

well... Dippy is almost seven and he still can't say his 'L"s or his 'R' s. and that kid is squeakier than a cat stuck in bicycle spokes.

yep, i'm here to help.

SuperAngel said...

how sweet... Good reasoning too...

Just stopping by... How are you??


!!SUPERANGEL!! !!Amanda!!

Daughter of JacqueDixonSoulRestES

Sister of Jocelyndixon, rjdjohn316 & YoungManInTraining

cricket313 said...

I also enjoy reading your posts. I wil have to check out the HSB main page. I'm away a couple of weeks and then I'm so far behind. Life--keeps us busy. I love the new picture of you and hubby. My boys need hair cuts... it's on top of their ears--YIKES!

chickadee said...

i read through one of your comments on nsremom's blog that texas doesn't require a letter of intent or even standardized tests! i'm totally moving there if arkansas makes any more rules.

Happyhome said...

I love it when they can't say "L" cute.

I need to check out Chickadee's're the second one today who's mentioned it.


dawilli said...

Doesn't that "I want to be like daddy!" just bless your heart?!!! How sweet!

You guys are such great parents, your little guys are so very blessed to have you,

enjoy them,


DanielleW said...

LOL, we have the "L" sound down but its that crazy "TH" sound in "that" and "thy" and "thought". Ugh. I'm HOPING that it is directly connected with his lack of teeth in the front.

Ooo and his other one that "use" sounds more like "woos" "Mama, you gonna woos vat?"