Saturday, March 17, 2007

Question for you CA people

We're planning a trip out to the LA area to visit my brother from April 30th-ish to May 5th-ish. 

We're tentatively planning to spend a day at the beach, a day at Knott's Berry Farm, and possibly drive down to SeaWorld.  Maybe a day at Disneyland?  I don't know.  It makes me tired just thinking about all the walking...but the kids would LOVE it. 

Any other suggestions?  I have never really been to any of the national or state parks over there.  We just need something that is KID friendly.  The big boys are pretty good about keeping up with hiking and such, but 2yo Dozer is getting a bit heavy to be carrying all over the place.

In other news, Spring is most definitely here!  The cars and driveway are yellow and green and my eyes are watery and my nose is stuffy and runny and this is getting to be a very long run-on sentence. 

We also spent the morning pumping mud out of the septic tank.  The boys thought it was totally fun while David and I were less than enthusiastic.  I know, y'all really wish you were here. 

Not to worry, we weren't wading through raw sewage or something stinky like that... it was in the cleaned water tank but still... ewwww...  Nothing like the prospect of spending $8K on a new system to get in there and pump out a little mud!  We should be good until next year.  The flooding last week really messed things up.

Okay, time for supper.  Don't forget to tell us what we should do in CA!


chickadee said...

don't you go to sea world in san antonio all the time? we loved sea world and would love to go back.

when i was in ca we were in the northern part. we went to carmel (beautiful!), big sur, monterey and san francisco. i went twice and wanted to see the same places both times.

i'm sure you'll get some good suggestions though.

moreofhim said...

Hey Marcia! It's me, Julie! I have a new blog and I'm going to be getting rid of the angelstar one. Thought I'd let you know where I'm at now.

EWWW - I know all about septic tank pumping. We had it done a few years back and it's not a fun thing. Has to be done every once in a while, though. I'm so sorry about the mud getting in there - that's got to be a messy job!

We did the Disneyland thing and all that a few years back and our favorite thing was Sea World. We also hung out alot at the beach and let the kids play in the sand and surf. It was a huge novelty for them since we live in Arizona! It was real cheap and we had such a good time. They collected sea shells and sand dollars and at night, we built a fire in one of the fire pits and had a picnic and talked. It was really great! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

drewsfamilytx said...

Sea World...I told David that we can save Sea World for a trip to San Antonio-- it's only 3.5 hours away. But he insists that CA has THE Sea World. No matter which one we go to, I know the kids will have a blast!

I've never been to Carmel...but there are A LOT of places I haven't been to!

eyecorn said...

California! Girl, you're heading the wrong direction on I40, take a right and come to NC!

Let's see, we got the Richard Petty Museum, then there's the Charlotte motor speedway and you can take a van ride on the racetrack, and there's Tweetsie Railroad with a real gunfight.

Sounds like you all are going to have a great time!

Canadagirl said...

I understand about too much water in the pump house. My MIL had her pump for the well flood too. Luckily we were able to divert the water away from the pump and all was okay when it dried out. That is where we are getting water from till we get our temp. water system going. So I do pray that all comes together for you and df till you can get your system upgraded. Life can be a challenge at times. But it was cute that your ds' that that it was a adventure like any boy would with the thought of MUD . (0' lol.

God Bless my SSiC

In Him<><


mamatc said..., the adventures just never cease! glad to hear you had a great time w/family and the pics are great. i love the traditional outfits!

your kids are TOO FUNNY and TOO CUTE for their own good and eeeewwwww about the mud/sewer thing! and my vote is for sea world all the way...i went to the one in FL and would go back 100 times!


traci :)

p.s.thanks for stoppin by my neck of the blogs ;)

Dad said...

Yosemite (sp?) National Park is pretty awesome.


Sorry -- I can't help Marsha BUT I hope you all have tons of fun. I may need your help next year when we take our first triop to Texas. My brother in law was just transferred to San Antonio.. so I'll ask you bunches of questiosn when that time arises. Hopefully you won't mind answering them.



Martha said...

We have relatives in Santa Ana, so would go down there growing up. I liked Knotts Berry Farm better than Disneyland. Disneyland was fun, but too many people! We had alot of fun swimming and playing with our cousins when we were there, which of course you will not get to do, but also going to the Beach was alot of fun. We went to Balboa, there is docks, and along the docks there is fun things to do and little places to eat that are expensive, but fun to do!

Some of the beaches have Piers that go way out that are fun too. I know there is one is Seal Beach.

I am trying to think of what else is fun. Eating fruit directly from the trees, like oranges and figs was always fun and exciting for me. Figs taste so good fresh and awful dried!

youngmommy said...

Coming from a Northern California girl, Sea World is by far our family's favorite park to visit, with Disneyland a close second and the Wild Animal Park coming third (I wouldn't recommend WAP after a trip to Africa and a real safari, though... Just not the same!!!) The parks shouldn't be too crowded around the end of April. You'll be hitting them before school is out. And the weather will be awesome!

The beaches are great... Any beach, really! You just can't go wrong in So Cal!!

We're actually planning a trip to So Cal at the end of April, too! What a coeenkeedink!! We're still not sure where we will be spending our time... Most likely Sea World. We've been to Sea World every year since the twins were still in the oven! We love it!!