Friday, April 6, 2007

He was really considered an 80s heartthrob?!

Check out DeeDee's site to take the quiz.  Scroll down the comments section to see my results.

Embarrassing.  Really.


Stephanie10 said...

I read your comment before taking the quiz, so I purposely steered away from answers I thought would yield a success driven geek. Incredibly, I got Bill Gates, too. The shame. Except...he is awfully rich.

kateyz said...

I got Bill gates too. I didn't know if I should be thrilled (after all he is one of the richest men around) or embarassed!!

I liked the other guy on Jump Street too, I think he played Booker, was his real name Richard Grieco?

Ooooh that was a looong time ago!


kateyz said...

You liked him? Peter Deluise? Back then I was all about the looks. Very shallow!


PS - next time I'm in Texas I'm there for coffee :-)

CoCo said...

I didn't look at yours until after. Mine ended up being Kirk Cameron. :)

moreofhim said...

Can you believe I got Jason Bateman?!! I never liked him at all!! Of course, I must say, it's better than who you got - Bill Gates?!!!!! Hmmmmm. . . . . that's all I can say!!! LOLOL

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Resurrection Day!!!

Love, Julie

jewls2texas said...

It's hysterical really -

DeeDee found it at my blog - and I got John Stamos - no brainiacs for me - I had to have the pretty boy/bad boy combo! Ugh! My hubby really fit this mold - praise the Lord for His grace in both of our lives!

Aligirl said...

I took the quiz, and I ended up with Scott Baio.

I have to say, your poo-poo story is SO funny! You know how people always type lol? I actually DID laugh out loud. I think all of us moms have experienced a fresh turd on the floor, courtesy of the little potty trainees.

God bless!


moreofhim said...

Hey Marsha! What did you do? Go through all my old journals?!!! You got me - Mrs. Jason Bateman. . . Julie Bateman. . . Sounds good, huh?!!!! ROFL!!!

Thanks for making me laugh tonight! I needed that!

Love, Julie

sagerats said...

ROFLOL!!! He he he he he! Man, that cracked me UP! Bill Gates! Was there even a pin up of him?

I got John Stamos, not a big surprise to me, but he wasn't my heart throb. I was in love with Richard Gere. I've grown since then. I'm afraid he hasn't.

Don't feel to bad. I took one of those family tree deals where you upload a picture of yourself and they match it to celebrities to see who you look like. Guess what? I look like no one. Zip, nada, not a soul! I wasn't sure if I should be pleased or hurt.

Abiding in the Vine!

deedeeuk said...

Thanks for the link over! I wondered where all of these wonderful people were coming from all of a sudden?!?! :-) I'm a bit worried about you though! On what planet was Bill Gates EVER a 80's heart throb?????? I don't remember seeing his picture in the teen mags to hang up in your locker - do you?? Thanks for the laugh! Really, I would think you were making it up except that someone else got him as well! LOL!!! Have a very blessed Easter!

Jimmie said...

I saw that you were nominated for best artistic design. I wanted to come snoop about and see for myself. Oh, it's lovely! I (of course) love the Asian theme. I'm guessing you're Korean?? Is that right? (Just going by the text on the right side.) Best of wishes to you!

DanielleW said...

ROFL!! LOL, I got got Michael J. Fox most consitently. But once I got Bill Gates too. Heart throb? Really?

And the other guy on 21 Jump Street was Peter DeLouise (I think) Dad was Dom. I don't remember watching that show but I know that I preffered Peter to Johnny.

nsremom said...

BILL GATES? what in the world? Why is he even listed as a heart throb? I got Scott Baio, who I DID NOT even like when he was considered cute. I liked Richard Greico as well. He had perfect,black hair, right?

I had a thing for Huey Lewis. ewwwwww.

berrymorin said...

Here's wishing you and your family a Happy Easter holiday!

JenIG said...

marshie, you are *so* nerdy

homeskoolmom said...

And I watched tons of TV in the 80's! I got Jason Bateman--I don't even know who the guy is. I'm googling right now, to see if I can figure it out-- at least I know who Bill Gates, and Scott Baio are-- thought Scott would have been my heartthrob. Always thought he was so cute. Of course, Donny Osmond was all the rage when I was hitting my teen years --does that date me? yikes :)

Happy Easter!


P.S. I've googled him and STILL don't know who he is-- but I know who is sister is (she played in Family Ties). Pooh-- how about Michael J. Fox? I know who he is too.

P.S.S. Now everyone can laugh at me.

Janne said...

Wishing you a very happy Easter!

NeverAlone said...

Mine was Jason Bateman. He was never a favorite of mine. I liked him fine on that show, but he wouldn't have been my choice for heartthrob.

KarenW said...

Bill Gates?? That's too funny!!!

Karen Woodward

Trusting the One Who knows my tomorrow

mycrazylife said...

Oh don't be embarrassed Marsha! He was my cutie too! Wasn't he everyone's? Oh, and then there was Leif Garrett and...oh never mind!



dearmercy said...

Jason Bateman!?!?!? Never woulda thought. But now that I think about