Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We've been invaded

Aggghhhh... Blehhhhhh...  Strep has invaded my house.  We battled fevers last week with Dozer, flu for me this weekend, and then David got strep.  Then Dash.  Then Tank and Dozer.  Ick. 

But hooray for insurance, a great pediatrician that will see them right away and for drugs!  It's amazing that something that tastes like drinkable bubblegum can actually kill those little guys that make your whole throat swell up, ears ache and head want to explode.

Since we're still contagious and all, it was a nice family day outside today.  We didn't want to get the new babies, momma's and other kids at church sick.  So we stayed home and played outside.  Strange, huh?

But we're already feeling better and really enjoyed the comfortable 70 degree weather in the yard this afternoon.  Trimmed hedges, picked up branches, toys and debris were cleared from the yard and then we had a big giant burn pile.  Life is good! 

The boys also had fun catching and releasing toads.  Okay, releasing waaaay up in the air.  Okay, catching toads and throwing them back into the tiny pond thingy... then catching them again and throwing them again and again and... I don't know why they didn't hop away while they had a chance.

I guess it was also the first time that Dozer really saw an earthworm.  I was digging and was surprised by one on my hand.  Dozer was immediately running to see the cause for my "concern"-- one jump and scream (notice the lack of the -ing at the end-- this means that I'm not afraid of them, just surprised...that's all).  Tank tried to catch it but it kept wiggling out of his hand.  Such SQUEALS of delight and joy ensued!  There is just something so supremely satisfying and endearing about listening to a 2 year old's squeals of delight, laughter and utter abandon.  I so wish there was a way you could capture that in a bottle-- or even just on video!!!  *sigh*  Why does it always disappear upon the production of a lens?

So that was my weekend and my day.  I should say it was terrible and horrible.  But it wasn't.  Well, Saturday night and Sunday were misery when I couldn't even lift up my head, but the rest was still good.  Nothing like being forced to stay home and be with my kids, instead of our usual running around and overcommitment!  I'm a weirdo, I admit it.  But maybe thinking about childish joy makes one wonky in the thinking department. 

(Which, dear ThinkingBlogger buddies, I thank you kindly for the awards!  I just cannot pass it along right now as it requires way too much thought that will surely overtax my gray matter. But I daresay that I will transfer said honor to others in the near future.)

On the agenda tomorrow: Possum Watch.  The boys found a child-size possum outside their window tonight.  They insist on lying wait for it tomorrow night.  I hope they just intend on watching, keeping a science notebook or just laughing at it.  Please oh please don't let them actually want to catch it or *gasp* keep it!

I'm off to deal with my allergies-- stuffy but runny nose.  What is the solution to such a horrid problem, you ask?  You know it without me even having to answer.  But since you must be is looking like a walrus.




CoCo said...

You are one dorky walrus and I LOVE YOU!!!

Glad you all are feeling better.

drewsfamilytx said...

Thanks, Coco! I love you too!!!

By the way, it's Y'ALL. Not "you all"...what, now that you've been in Okiehoma too long you've forgotten your southern roots?! The horror!!!

Get back to Texas ASAP.

Or else.

You wanna fight?

CoCo said...

Bring it on sista!!!

kateyz said...

Oh Marsha!

I feel so bad for you guys, we've gone through strep a couple of times and it sucks!

You do make a darn fine walrus though. ANyway you could turn that into a school lesson? LOL


moreofhim said...

Love your "walrus" picture! LOL You are TOO funny, girl! I'm so glad you're all feeling better! It's horrible getting strep throat. Yes, antibiotics are wonderful!

I'm hanging in there - just trying to get everything done without losing my mind! Take care and God bless!

chickadee said...

You nut!

sorry you've all been sick though. that is tough being the mom and being sick. i sometimes think i wouldn't mind being sick a while if i could just lay down and enjoy it!

JenIG said...

we love being sick. it is so nice to have a good excse to lay around and do nothing, and get sympathy and gingerale and crackers.

and that is a *lovely* picture, marshie. you should consider wearing those nose ornaments to the barn dance in Oct.

bensrib said...

So sorry about the strep. So far we've dodged it this year - I think because my children are older - there's hope! I've heard that gargling with apple cider vinegar kills strep, but just try keeping that stuff in your mouth. It's awful! Get well soon! Karen

Janne said...

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Lovely picture. LOL

DanielleW said...

Sorry to hear that illness struck your house as well.

The picture you posted...that was me! Although mine was due to a plugged sinus.

Thanks again for the advice on my problem. ;o)