Tuesday, October 5, 2010

empire state building

When I was visiting my sister in NYC this summer, I snapped this picture of the Empire State Building.

Did you notice?

*This post is for my friend Ruthanne, who is in the Big Apple with her husband. They got stuck in the revolving door together at their hotel. Most people "accidentally" get stuck in places that don't have glass walls. Leave it to Ruthanne to be bold and daring!

**I would normally be hooking up with Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday today, but Darcy is doing something even more fantastic for the whole month of October-- 31 Days to a Better Photo! Be sure to check it out!

***Did you notice? Yes, he's nekkid. No, he's not real. Just a statue.

****Sorry, Ruthanne. I thought that guy would still be there, but apparently the "exhibit" only ran until mid-August. On the way to B&H, I ran across another statue... It wasn't on the ledge of a building but set right in the middle of a sidewalk. Unfortunately, he was sans clothing as well. Talk about GROSS. I had to tell Austin to look the other way.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh my goodness... what a shot you captured!! :)

Debbie said...

I tot'ly noticed! Weird! I love you :)

Hallie Westcott said...


I would've loved to have known you were visiting in NYC this past summer. I would have driven to B&H just to meet you!

Anonymous said...

OH wow,that threw me for a loop, glad you clarified that it was a statue.

amy in peru said...

you mean you can tell he's cloth-less?

I actually don't want to see... honest. but I cannot tell.

amy in peru

Lesley Peck said...

Ok, I am laughing so hard now at your *Talk about GROSS.* lolol!!!! That just made me laugh.

When I first saw this I though OMG she caught a jumper. I know, I know. I watch wayyyy too much tv.

Great shot!

Traci said...

Sweet shot Marsha!!

Anonymous said...

I would probably call 911 too! :)

p.s. I am such a dork. When I saw your latest giveaway post tonight (Friday), I thought today was Saturday, so I'm like..."Am I too late to enter?" :)
I have been doing stuff like this all week. I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday, and today my Mom told me to go have them put it back. :) I needed whatever wisdom it gave me. :)