Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 weeks, 2 states and why I bought a swimsuit today

Last week was Oregon.

Lunch with Leanne

Birthday Party

My brother Stephen & big sis Coco

Nephew Caden.

Susan's house.

Yup, we have a lot in common... A shared love for JoTotes, photography and being half-Korean!

We are home in Texas this week.

In case you are feeling behind this Christmas, here are a few bah-humbug slacker-mom things to help you feel better about yourself:

1. I did not send out Christmas cards. (again)
2. We do not have a Christmas tree up. (again)
3. Zero Christmas lights up. (again)
4. Zero Christmas music playing. (still trying to recover from last year's overload. nonstop Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas makes me not want to listen to the radio. ever.)

In my defense, I do have a very small nativity set up. What I like about it is that there are no wise men at the manger! That drives me nuts to see. Jesus was a CHILD, not baby, when the wise men arrived. (I love this little video about the nativity.)

It is the week of Christmas and I still have done none of the above. But guess what I DID do today?

Bought a swimsuit. Because I'm all about logical. *snort*

I had mentioned it on Facebook, but forgot that I haven't told my non-wastebook friends that we are going to GUAM! We will try to fly out there around January 1st and will be there for all of January and February. I never would have thought that I would spend 2 months on an island anywhere in the world, let alone the South Pacific!

A few temporary duty assignments became available with Continental (er, United) and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. :) David is excited about flying in a different part of the world and the boys and I are excited to come along for the ride. This is one of those times that I am so thankful to homeschool! We wouldn't be able to take off for such a long time and on such short notice if our boys were in regular school.

It sounds silly to say, but David and I aren't even beach people. We much prefer the mountains and water that doesn't have salt in it.

Regardless, there is much to look forward to while in Guam:

1. It is an island in the South Pacific. Even a non-beachy person can appreciate the new landscape and culture that is far removed from Texas.
2. Everyone looks like ME. What a fun change for David to be the one to stick out!
3. Korean food available at the food court in the mall.
4. Fried rice with your Grand Slam at Denny's.
5. No cooking for 2 months. (this could be good and bad)
{I am all about the food, aren't I?}
6. No busy-ness. Goodbye guitar lessons, Boy Scouts, soccer and all the other "good" activities that force us to leave the house every single day of the week!
7. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.
8. No house, business, cars, pets or anything else to maintain and take care of. It's all about relationships! :)

In all honesty, I do realize what a tremendous blessing this is. It is a DREAM to be able to live on an island for a couple of months. The normal commitment for being based out of Guam is 2 YEARS. So this short stint isn't available very often.

If you don't hear from me for a while, I'll be packing and flying. I am thankful that we will have internet service while we are over there. But if y'all need to text or call me, DON'T... at least not yet. We do plan on purchasing a pay-as-you-go cell phone when we get there and we can still Skype, email, google chat and Facebook! (Don't y'all just love technology?)

And now a few questions for y'all.

If given the opportunity, would you go to Guam?
Any advice for surviving 2 months in a single hotel room with kids?
Do you think not being able to cook for 2 months is a good thing or a bad thing?
Anyone reading this from Guam?


5 Boys and a Princess said...

I am so jealous! We spent a 3 1/2 year honeymoon at NAS Agana. Our oldest was born at the Naval Hospital. We loved it and it was very good for us- we got married 10 days before I graduated, he flew to Guam the day I graduated, I followed in August and we had our honeymoon :)

Tarague Beach at Anderson is great, the salt pools in Inarajan are fabulous, the best beach is at NavFac but almost impossible to get access to. Boonie Stomps with the USO are the best way to see the island. Don't be afraid of germs and eat yourselves sick (in a good way). The best lunch spot is the farmer's market in Agana.

There is now a Chuck E Cheese, Hard Rock cafe, and Planet Hollywood. The bowling alley in Tamuning had the world's best prime rib at their mexican restaurant- I can still taste it and we left in 1991.

Most of the hotels have kitchens in the rooms- when we went over most families were in a hotel for 90 days then went into base housing. They made enough money to buy appliances and huge stereos. Ryan spent 2 months in the barracks and moved into housing the day before I arrived. We had 10 days as we left and had a full kitchen.

Disney for Boys said...

Love the pics, the children are precious, the bags are Tre' Chic!

We have a mom on THL that just moved to Guam about 2 months ago, she is enjoying her time there while her hubby works too! Her name is Franicia and she has a website Franicia.com. She is a wonderful, amazing woman with a precious family herself! She calls me from Guam to chat, you should email her. she would love to talk you!

5 Boys and a Princess said...

Oh, and after dark, after it rains, if you leave the main gate of the hospital be sure to roll down your windows- you can smell the wild orchids. The scent is haunting- I can still smell it when I think about it.

Christine said...

Even though it won't be much different than you being in Houston (to me), I'll miss you. *sniff sniff*. It is an absolute perfect opportunity for you, David and the boys. Not too long...not too short. Kind of like a looooong vacation. :) I'm sure you'll have a blast and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures. Right? Right? Right? :P Don't take too long getting that there pay as you go phone. I know how you are with skype and I can't go that long without talking to you or texting you.
If I had the opportunity to go to Guam for 2 months, I'd be all over it. I don't know that I could do more than that. I felt so land locked in Hawaii the one time we went. We were there for a little over 2 weeks. My most favorite part would be that I wouldn't have to cook! I hope you enjoy every millisecond of your time there. I love you!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

HOW AWESOME! I Have a Photog friend stationed at Guam! If you are near one of the bases...I will hook you up with a tour guide!

amy in peru said...

Well now, thanks to 5 boys and a princess we all now know that you will in NO way be roughing it! hahahah!

I could give you tips galore for traveling and living in tight quarters, have I ever mentioned that my middle name is traveler? but, as I'm crunched for time, we are moving again I'll wait to read what others post ;)

much love to you, Marsha! I'm excited to see your pictures and read your adventure. :) You'll be back in Houston in time for us to visit in 2010 though right? can't wait.

Unknown said...

Congrats for the educational opportunity this is! If United sent us to Europe, Africa or South America, I could really go for it. But, Guam, I'll trust that David keeps flying and keeps United running and our Daddy keeps his job... somehow. I guess the bugs will be just as imposing in Guam as they are in Texas (from my limited experience in the Hill Country for a few years in grad school). Just consider the hotel room thing as a place to land at night and not spend all the day there. Instead, hike and explore. In two months you should know the place very well... and not too well. I wonder what church families are there and how this experience will grow you in your faith. Oh, and the food -- enjoy

Christine said...

What a FUN opportunity and a GREAT homeschool adventure! I'll not be jealous of the warm temperatures you'll have while we freeze here in the midwest.

I would get tired of eating out. I like home cooked too much. I would want to buy a crockpot :)

Unknown said...

I am really excited for you Marsha! I love your attitude. I hope you have the most wonderful time and the boys LOVE this adventure.

Way to go getting a swimsuit. That makes me want to crawl under my covers.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sam said...

Amen about the wise men, where do you find one without? Or did you remove them?
I am never going to fly on an airplane. Ever.
I could never survive a week in hotel, so 2 months would be torture.
I don't like germs.
I second the crockpot.
Enjoy the beach!
Oh, and PUT YOUR TREE UP! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been there! As a teenager, on a layover at the airport. So, really, I haven't been there. I've only seen out its airport windows. :)

I heard the other day that an invasive species of can'trememberwhat (frogs?) has eaten virtually all of the bird population on Guam. When you're there, can you verify that? It was sad to hear it could be so.

Yes! I'd totally do it! It's so good for the kids to be in other cultures. And for only 2 months -- that's so ideal! You'll hate the hotel room after a while, probably, but home will be all the sweeter later, right?

p.s. I remember that I had/have a FreelyEducate.com homeschool reader from Guam...if you want to know another hser there, LMK and I'll try to look her up.

Anonymous said...

Спасибо, очень интересная заметка.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting! Yes, I would totally do something like that if the opportunity presented itself. Have fun!

Connie Leon said...

Excited about you in Guam!

Hahahaha about the Wastebook comment..lol...

You and I have the same slaker mom list..instead of a nativity set the only thing up at home is my Christmas tree... :D

Many Blessings...and happy packing!!:D Be safe!!! :D

Melissa Stover said...

ok first, no tree? really? are you going to put one up at all?

second, yes, i would go to guam for 2 months. not for longer. when i was a kid we moved with my dad to kansas for 2 months while he was working there and, while it was only kansas, it was still a great experience to live somewhere else. we lived in "town" while we were there. within walking distance to the pool. so unlike country living. we lived in an apartment too.

and third, get out of the hotel each day and i think you'll be fine. will you have a car?

Susan said...

I love traveling and adventures...so a short term excursion would be a welcome change. You will have a great time...ditto what Melissa said, go outside everyday...explore, learn outside. You are going to have a blast. Also, can I have a copy of those pictures of me...I have a rare few these days and I like those shots. Thanks! Have a Merry Christmas and put some lights up or something!

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you and praying for you today Marsha as you are surely missing little Christian.

KarenW said...

What an amazing opportunity! Sure, I'd go for 2 months and we are not beach people either.

We lived in a single room... room... when we first moved to Romania. Gabriel was 6 and Hannah 4 1/2. Lots of quiet activities like books or whatever keeps your boys still for a while is a very good idea! Also, do what you can outside so you're not couped up in that one room. I'm sure with that gorgeous weather you'll have lots of opportunities for that. Can't wait to see some pictures and hear about your adventures!!

Anonymous said...

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Dawn Camp said...

I am so happy for you about your trip, although I'm realizing there's no way you can be at BlissDom and in Guam at the same time, and that makes me sad because I'd love to see you again. :)

Karin Katherine said...

So glad you are taking advantage of this opportunity to TRAVEL. Travel makes homeschooling even more exciting and special. We are going to return to our original core of TRAVEL in our homeschool this year and I cannot wait. So excited.

Post many pics of your time in Guam. Wish I could come for a visit and a group tour.