Sunday, August 28, 2011

plugging along

We are just plugging along with life around here...

+ 15 weeks prego, still pukey, and dying to have an ultrasound so we know if baby is a boy or girl. Boo hoo. I don't know how people can wait until baby is born to know-- I am too impatient for that! I think it would be just as much a surprise at the ultrasound as it would be at birth. Besides, knowing in advance helps with name planning... We are stumped as to what name we would use if we have another son. Are you an advanced finder outer? Or do you wait until birth to find out?

+ Shopping on this island can be quite frustrating. Three trips to the store and I still don't have buttermilk. But one thing that I am pleased to find here is a Motherhood Maternity Outlet! Woohoo for an extra 40% off sale prices! And they don't carry just Motherhood, but Pea in a Pod, Mimi and some others. My prego clothes are SO much cuter this time around! What do you think about today's maternity clothes? Cute, ugly or do you just buy bigger normal clothes when you're prego?

+ We started school this past week, even though I did not have the year planned out on paper. I know that if I wait until my to-do list is complete to begin with our lessons, school just wouldn't start around here until never. We still have a couple more subjects to incorporate, but so far, so good! Do you ease back into your school year or tackle it all from day 1?

I have more energy now than I have for the past couple of months, even though the nausea still gets me. Hopefully I can plug along with blogging once again. I miss recording our random life and connecting with friends. Facebook is easy and fun, but just not the same.

PS That picture up there is the first time I have unzipped my camera case in months! Further proof that this baby is kicking my butt.


Tracy said...

We always found out. And you know you can make buttermilk, right? With Lemon.

StacyA said...

Girl! You look absolutely fabulous! Babies always kick my butt... so worth it, tiring, but worth it though. AFA maternity clothes... enjoy them! They'll fit you,and Motherhood n Pea in a Pod has REALLY cute stuff. I am always out of the CUTE stuff and into the TENT stuff by abt 6 mos. I am a waiter, I only found out by u/s early w/ #8... doug was laid off when I was 32 weeks along. So we found out that night at my appt. It was a surprise. But that's the ONLY one I found out with. Blessings on you and your little bump whether it is pink or blue :)

Lisa K. said...

You look great! And regarding planning or starting, I'm with you. If I waited to be "done" planning I'd never start (and we just started year 10:))

Lainie said...

You are so stinkin' adorable!!!!!!

Okay- calming down now-- yes, advance finder outer-- there are enough surprises with child birth thank you very much :)

Are they still trying to make maternity clothes "sexy" 'cause I am not down with that-- honey I loved my gigantor granny panties! Sorry if that TMI ;)

We normally ease in but we're going for it this year.

Again-- you look fabulous!!! So excited for you!

Anne said...

We always found out - well, except for Katie. When I was pregnant with her, ultrasounds were not routinely done. You look wonderful btw, "pukey" and all.
Oh, and in a pinch, I make buttermilk with white vinegar - one tablespoon in a cup of milk.

I am sitting here planning out lessons for the week. I know I should do it ahead but I like it to be fresh in my mind. I am teaching middle school history at Home Run as well as third grade with Nick (using My Father's World, Exploring Countries and Cultures) and overseeing Laura's 12th grade year. I have so much floating around in my head! And I guess I am procrastinating by writing this rather than finishing my lesson on Cosimo de Medici! :-)

Mary said...

Oh I would have to find out if it was a boy or girl! I don't think I could wait. At first I thought we could wait but nope I'm too much of a planner. I am so jealous you have maternity store outlets!! I need to move over there too!!

RaD said...

We found out both times with ours. I can't wait, and I like to know what I am planning for.

When I was pregnant I bought some maturnity, especially pants/shorts, and some just extra bigger clothes. That way when the baby was born I'd still have a few extra clothes to wear.

LilTanGurl said...

you're soooo gorgeous! <3 I love your baby bump!
I am so thrilled for y'all!
:hugs: and love

Amy Bayliss said...

Awe!!! Look at Baby Drews!!! You look so cute, mama!

I have to find out too. Why wait? I do not want to shop for gender specific baby stuff with a newborn. Nope. I like to be ready. And I like to know the name of the person kicking my bootay. That way I can scold accordingly. ;)

The maternity clothes I think are much better now than they were when I had my first three. I like that you can be sexy if you want to and hey, if you want the big t-shirt thing another day then that is okay too. You are like, growing a kidney at the moment or something so you're entitled. Just glad that there are options now.

HS year planning: I plan everything in advance and then... I wing it. Just have fun. :)

love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh good gravy. You are so so cute.

I knew before all my births. It a surprise no matter when - I LIKE being prepared. It would be hard to name a 4th boy.

Does this mean you have a girl's name picked out already?

Gwen T said...

Oh, I WISH I looked that cute in pregnancy!!! I always get the "You have HOW much time left??!" comments. We've found out with 5 out of 8 babies - I guess that means I'm more impatient than patient? :) We know we're having a girl this time and the kids are really excited.

I've always done about 1 T. vinegar then fill with milk to 1 c level for buttermilk. Works great in my Texas sheet cake recipe or anything else needing buttermilk.

I agree with you - if I wait until all my ducks are in a row before I start school, we'd never start.

Unknown said...

You are the cutest pregnant girl ever!

Last night before I fell asleep, God kept putting you on my mind. It was the weirdest thing. I prayed for you and today I am so happy to visit and see you are doing great.

Sending love!

Ruthanne said...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha . . . you are darling! I just wanna hug you.

We always found out beforehand. Twenty weeks was about as long as I could wait for the surprise. The next twenty weeks were spent getting ready. ;D

Brenda said...

You look gorgeous dahling!

It's a good thing we had girls b/c we never did decide on a boy name.

You can make your own buttermilk with milk and vinegar. Just put your milk in a cup and put a tablespoon or so of vinegar and wait about 2 minutes. Buttermilk. That's for cooking though. For drinking it might not be that great. I don't know b/c buttermilk = gag to me!

ali said...

You are so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to find out what you are having too!

We found out with two of our kids, but the boys were surprises. Even Sam was a surprise! :)

The clothes these days are WAY cuter than what was available when I had my first. Back then, it seemed all designers wanted to do was to dress pregnant women up like sailors.

Kathryn said...

Marsha, I'm with you. We wanted to be surprised with Madison, and I'll always regret that. I never got to call her by her name. :( I found out with both Parker and Morgan, and it was a lovely surpise at the ultrasound, and I got to call them by their names throughout the rest of the pregnancies. I LOVED that! I couldn't wait to find out anyway! :)

Beth said...

Why could I never look that cute pregnant? I always bought maternity clothes--comfort is king (or queen, in our case, right?) and cute is nice, too. Maternity clothes were way cuter my 3rd time around, bonus! Hope you continue to feel better!


treasurescreated said...

I love you, Marsha, Marsha.

Leanne said...

We have always found out what we are having with each baby. It's just the way my husband likes to do things! It sure is fun when you know who you're going to meet after labor, and it sure is fun calling Baby by name!

I simply adore the maternity clothes they have out there today. Yes, preggo clothes are waaaay cuter than normal clothes, I think. I love Pea in a Pod!

You look amazing, despite the way you feel. I adore your haircut and the highlights too. Good to see you blogging again!

We ease back into our school year. Sadly, in the past few years we have been not-as-scheduled with lessons. Tackling that this year though, with 3 teens!


Melissa Stover said...

you look so cute! i loved maternity clothes with my last pregnancy. so many more cute things to choose from, even at target!

Ivy said...

Marsha, I have been reading your blog for a WHILE and I have never commented! You seem like such a sweet lady and it is so fun to have a window into your life.

I think your tummy looks great! And I am so with you on the finding out ASAP. I never have gotten the whole "be surprised" thing. I teased my sister saying, "I mean, you KNOW it is a boy or a girl. It isn't like there is going to be a surprise-I-am-actually-a-tomato moment." ;-)

The surprise for us usually comes when we find out WHAT?! WE'RE PREGNANT?!?! *shock* :-)

Congratulations on your new blessing!

amy in peru said...


I love that picture of you! :)

I always wait! The waiting makes all the bottom kicking worth it for me! I love that moment of suspense... of course by the fifth I was about ready to give up that moment for knowing how to pack for PERU! ;)

I'm so excited for you that there's a maternity store!! Clothes are WAY cuter now than before. 13 years ago all there was were floofy pastels, jeans with the stretchy section and no back pockets, bows, hearts and enormous polka dots... I'm scarred for life.

I'm SO excited for your family. I missed the first announcement somehow!


amy (almost) in peru

Marcia said...

Hello over there, Marsha! Your haircut and little baby bump are cute to boot!! I was in the 'no find out' era...but I was also at a shower for twin boys that turned out to be twin go figure....only God knows for sure! I loved being surprised, and we had each name picked out - although we 'argued' about the girl name until she was born...then it was proclaimed by my husband going down the hall..."its a Lindsey Kathryn!" There are 4 pregnant ladies in my office at the moment - 2 of which could 'go' at any time - one knows she's having a girl (Delaney Drew) and one who doesn't want to know - and won't share names until "D" day!! Fun! Best wishes and congrats on the cuteness of maternity clothes these days!
from the "other" Marcia Marcia Marcia

Anonymous said...

You are the cutest thing EVER pregnant! I cannot WAIT to find out if you have a girl or a boy. Either would be nice, yes? But a girl....okay, either would be nice.

Todd, Tia, & Tyler said...

You look Mahvelous!

I did find out what my girls were before they were born, but if I were to ever have another I wouldn't find out what it is. I know people say they like to be prepared, but if the Lord wanted us to know then he'd of put a window on our bellies or given us some verifiable way of knowing. If children are a gift then why peek at the present? I don't peek at the presents my husband buys me so that I can be prepared for it. How do you prepare better if you know you are having a girl or boy? Only in the last century have we been more choosy about what a baby's nursery looks like. I'm not impressed with anything else this century has churned out for social norms so why start a baby's life fitting in with the World? Just my thoughts! I don't think anyone is a horrible parent or Christian for choosing otherwise.

Sam said...

I am all about prepared! :)

michelle said...

You are looking great!
Our first one was a suprize but we found out withthe other 3. (although we probably should have waited, as my son cried for weeks over the fact that it was another girl - LOL.)

We eased into our school year. I started the younger kids first, and added the older tow the following week.

KarenW said...

We always found out at the ultrasound. I couldn't stand to wait 40 weeks. You are so right, be surprised at the ultra sound!!! I have a whole list of boys names I would have used. Girls names were harder for us.

Sprittibee said...

You are so beautiful. Glowing!

I was going to say that we always make our buttermilk, too - but someone else beat me to it. Morgan learned it doing a science experiment with milk and now she does it every time she bakes (our banana bread calls for it).

I can't wait to find out if it is a girl or a boy. ;) My money is on the girl.