Friday, September 9, 2005

I am now a soccer mom (yikes!)

Dash had his first soccer practice last night.  I am so glad that dh was there so I didn't have to stay for the whole thing, especially with a wiggly, drowsy baby (who was in a particularly good mood considering what he went through yesterday morning).


Dash's soccer team is recreational (as opposed to competetive) and comprised of 6yo's.  We will have practice only once a week (praise the Lord!) and a game every Saturday for 10 weeks, the first game being on September 17th. 


My dh is very excited!  He played soccer since he was 4 years old and then all the way through college.  His dad was his coach for the majority of those years.  I, on the other hand, am happy to see my big boy in his adorable soccer uniform...but not quite looking forward to carting the kids back and forth to practice and games, especially with baby in tow (who can't walk yet...just crawl on the grass, dirt and ants) and dh probably working.  But I don't want to be a complainer so that's my one vent for the day! 


SO I guess that makes me a soccer mom!!!  Am I that old already?  To have a child who is big enough to play an organized sport?  Does that mean I need a cardigan sweater and a strand of pearls?  At least I have the requisite minivan.  Anything else I need?  I don't want to break any rules of etiquette here. 


MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

Congrats on reaching a new milestone in your life...LOL

I remember how excited I was when the girls started taking karate. I was so proud of them. (and yes, the did look sooooo cute in their little uniforms.) They also played Upward Basketball last year. I am really looking forward to them playing this year. Our church just announced they are also going to have Upward Soccer, so I am looking forward to that. The nice thing is there is only one practice a week, and one game a week. It is also nice that my atheletic dd and my very NON- atheletic dd get a chance to play without any pressure.

Have fun!


Amy Beth <><

BTW, how is ds doing after his surgery? Been praying for ya'll...

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...


I'm so glad to hear your sweet baby is recouping well after the surgery. :-)

I'm glad you liked my pictures. I actually found a black picture frame with two matts in it, so I framed them side by side. It looks really neat.

My kids always run to see what is going on when they hear that song, too. LOL. Then they go through the house singing it. GO VOLS!!


Amy Beth <><

4SeasonsLearningAcademy said...

Marsha---I just got caught up on some of the past few blogs messages and I feel so bad that I havent stayed in closer contact. I am praying that your son will heal and glad that you had such great support at the hospital. Soccer---Mom---You are now with all the rest of us in the ranks! LOL We love you and remember that we are hear cheering you on and praying for your family.


JenIG said...

wow, a soccer mom? i've never been a soccer mom because i am too lazy and too inconsistent to follow thru with anything for more than 3 weeks. however, i am thinking about giving it another whirl and having the kids do karate; i'll let you know how that goes. sounds like you had a fun day! get some pics up there, it sounds super cute.