Monday, September 26, 2005

Our sorta normal day

Well, I guess it's time to get on with our normal long as we don't look out the window at all the stuff in the driveway and yard!


We resumed our lessons today and it went very well.  While I am pleased with Sonlight overall, it was a rocky beginning talking about the cave people and such in The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia.  Today, however, it was very interesting as we talked about ancient Egypt.  I also came across this great website for kids on Egypt-- we had lots of fun with the hieroglyphics name converter at the bottom of the site.    The boys thought it was quite silly for the children to run around naked when it was hot-- something they didn't want to do since others would make fun of them.  And also thought it was icky for the women AND men to wear make-up...they did, however, long to sleep on the roof of the house whenever it's hot!  I think they'll remember at least a little bit of this for quite a while.


Beth said...

When it was still called "Basic" K, and Nathan was in first grade. We enjoyed it, though I quickly found myself veering off of the scheduled days in the IG. They'd either want me to keep reading on further, or we didn't finish one (like The Apple and the Arrow - Nathan couldn't get into that until recently. But even now, the Usborne books are some of his favorites, which I often find him reading on his own time. Nathan really likes the the "Creation Adventure" videos from Answers in Genesis, and they do a good job of contrasting the truth of Creation with the falsehoods of evolution on a kids' level. Now he and Taba relish refuting evolution wherever they come across it, like on the Animal Planet, or in the Magic School Bus books and cd-roms. I thought that the teachers' notes in the SL IG did a really good job of explaining how to describe not only the spiritual, but also the logical errors of evolution to children. We were also reading of the Creation story at the same time, from the Egermeiers Bible, which helped. Nathan was (and still is) appalled that "people actually believe that?!" LOL! But yeah, it can surly be an awkward topic at first, but I personally think it's good to explain it and help children to be aware of it from an early age, in the light of the Truth of Creation, because they'll be bombarded by it over and over and over again. Just last night we were watching the first of a TN history video series that we're going through this year, and it started right out with "billions and millions of years ago, before man existed, blah, blah, blah...." And our kids just take it in stride now, rolling their eyes even as soon as they hear it. They recognize it right off. Whenever he's found a reference to evol. in any of our books, he's eager to mark it out with a sharpie. LOL! And your post here just made me smile, as it brought back fond memories from years ago of our first talks (which felt a bit rocky too) over that same book, all snuggled up on the couch... Enjoy!:-)

angelstar said...

So good to do normal things! I think I'll remember those tid-bits about Egypt myself!! LOL How interesting! Hope you have a great week and things get back to normal for you outside, too! God Bless!