Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I'm going on vacation! Woohoooooo!!!

Okay, so it's not tomorrow but the thought of spending quality and quantity time with my kiddos and darling husband makes me sooo happy! 


Now we are planning to fly into Knoxville on Sunday and leave very early Thursday morning.  Amy Beth has been so helpful with advice on what to do and where to stay.  Check out the cool cabin we'll be staying at next week!  Talk about a luxury splurge for us cheapskates!  And my boys will be in hog heaven with the air hockey table and the "hot pools."


We will be visiting (and the name still kills me) Dollywood on either Sunday afternoon or Wednesday.  There's this rundown and just plain scary travelling carnival that sets up at a grocery store parking lot a mile or two down the road from us.  It's at a major intersection so we pass by it often when they're in town.  Every single time my boys beg to go to the carnival and ask why we don't go there-- and we all answer together "Because it's not safe."  I've told them that there are amusement parks that are safe and those travelling ones are NOT one of them!  They will be so very excited about going to a big, safe and Christmas-y decorated one!!!


And I am very very excited to finally meet the crazy TOS clan!  I think that my goofy family might actually feel normal amongst them-- hooray! 


Okay, gotta go to bed now.

G'night y'all!



momofgirls said...

Dollywood is only a couple of hours from here, I think. But I have never been. The name is a hoot, isn't it. Have a good time!

DebiG said...

That sounds like fun!!!!

CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl said...

Totally cool. Just remember when you drive to Dollywood you have to sing that old timey Hollywood song. I laughed when I read your post about that carnival because Dollywood is like the opposite of a parking lot carny.

See ya Monday.......


ejoyce,ink said...

Have a really wonderful time with your family. So happy for you! Eleanor

JenIG said...

like wow. i bookmarked the website for the cabin. my anniversary is coming up and that place looks like a dream

RainyDayMichele said...

I'm so happy for you Marsha! The cabin looks like it will be a great place for some quality family time. We took the boys this past spring to Oden, AR and stayed in a cabin. It was the best! Too bad you aren't coming this way....maybe next vacation!