Friday, November 18, 2005

My kids are doomed

They are doomed to be goofy for the rest of their lives...from both sides of the family...they just can't escape it.


What I overheard my 6yo say to my 4yo at the table today:


6yo (reading the writing on a pair of scissors):  Oh no!!!  "Stainless Steel China"... Someone stole these from China!


4yo:  Oh...that's VERY bad!


6yo:  I can't believe someone stole these!


4yo:  Yeah, that was very naughty!




LLcoolmom said...

That is hilarious! Kids are soooo funny!

My 4yo daughter asked me yesterday if Thanksgiving was a good day or a bad day. "Good, " I said. (Her reply with hands on hips): "Well, I don't like it. Chickens get eat, and then .....they bite you!"

Oh well, at least the Turkey's get a break!

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

ROTFLOL.. That is hilarious!!!

asformeandmyhouse said...

How does your family feel about arranged marriages? Because I think we have found the PERFECT matches for our girls!

Too, too cute ~ AND something we would hear around here!

(Sorry, we don't have a little lady for your one-year-old - which is probably a good thing, because I think I would always think about the toilet story when I looked at him....not a good scenario for a mother-of-the-bride --- cracking up at the groom and all :)

Have a great weekend!

DandelionSeeds said...

a;lsdfja;sldfja;slkfj;alsdfja;sdlfjas;dlfjsa;ldfjas;dlfjasfdj... now that's my kind a humor!

drewsfamilytx said...

Yes, I do believe there is great merit in arranged marriages! But not the weird betrothed to each other at infancy...when they're older and you know who/what they've become.

I will consider all offers. Please include dowry information. ;-)

Suzanne said...

What a hoot! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment regarding my "holiday- blog-decor-dilemma." If only I could decide which Christmas "thingies" I want to use... there are SOOOOOOOO many out there.

Anyway, if I don't "see ya" before Thanksgiving, hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, too! (Will you be with "extended" family?)

asformeandmyhouse said...

My husband pointed out that in some cultures, dowries work the other way around and the husband must pay for the bride. Having a kindred affection for such culture (though he can't actually name one for me;) he said we would allow the girls to go for a mere $10K EACH

when they have turned THIRTY!

Have a blessed day!


asformeandmyhouse said...

Oh - but with the stipulation that you train them up to delight in yard work - especially that of their future father-in-law.


BrooksideAcademy said...

Your boys really are a riot! I miss my kids at that age sometimes...though there are perks to older children - my "baby" who is now 11years old, is in the kitchen cooking french toast on the griddle.

drewsfamilytx said...

My kids LOVE to work in the yard! They're wishing that they could drive the tractor-- we have almost an acre and around here your riding mower is called a tractor. :-)

So deal, so long as you teach your lovely daughters to cook. In the Korean culture, there really isn't a dowry anymore but daughters-in-law are to take care of their husband's parents! LOL

asformeandmyhouse said...


Since I really do hope to adopt one day --- could you place the littlest one "on hold" for a while. Like layaway?!

(But keep that little man away from toilet brushes! Yuck!)

Are you hoping to stay in Texas? Because we really want to stay close to our girls and we have been talking about moving to Texas...

drewsfamilytx said...

We will be in Texas a very long time. And if you want dibs on the littlest one, then you must get here quick and share in diaper duties and fair for me to do all the work and you to have all the fun!

If the children throw too much of a fit with this arranged marriage, we do believe in courting over dating. :-) They will, Lord willing, be very nice young gentlemen!

JenIG said...

that is very cute. i like your kids. i wish you lived closer. AND i like your new avatar.

Except stop being so pretty, Marsha.

:P jen

KarenW said...

Funny! I just love how kids think.

DandelionSeeds said...

I'm so excited! I'm glad you're planning on joining the Book Talk forum... we're going to make it even more easy this time, in that, the forum is open the whole time so you can post whenever you want (instead of having to read a chapter a week, ect). Excited to have you aboard! Please pass the word! May God be glorified in our marriages and may this be the best Thanksgiving and Christmas yet!

In Him,


ccpeterson said...

That is so funny!!

RainyDayMichele said...

*snort* ROFL! What these kids will say! Really is so much more fun when we get to laugh through it, ya know. :o)