Saturday, November 19, 2005

The unthinkable...I'm writing about homeschooling!

Contrary to popular belief, we do homeschool in this house!  I know y'all must think that my days are only filled with strangely funny little sayings and antics from my kids, but I do learns 'em a little bit around here!


We just finished the absolutely best read-aloud EVER-- even better than The Boxcar Children (which my boys thoroughly enjoyed).  Anyhoo, this cleverly enchanting book is My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett (you can click on the link to it on my sidebar).


Each chapter of this book ends with a cliffhanger (or as much of a cliffhanger as a children's book can have).  The best part is that it left the kids begging for me to keep reading!  It actually took us 2 nights to finish it since my voice just was not up to reading more.  My 6yo and 4yo both loved the story, characters, pictures and map...and I did too!  They are usually so restless if I read more than one chapter of a book at a time, but this time they were just excited about each chapter and wondered what in the world would happen next.  I've never seen them get so wrapped up in a story before.


So if you've never read this book to your kids, especially if you have little boys, I highly recommend it! 


And since I'm in a recommending kinda mood, I've really been impressed with our current devotional/Bible time book we're reading through: Leading Little Ones to God.  It is muy bueno and very captivating for the kiddos.  They already know many of the "traditional" Bible stories from Sunday School and church, but this book teaches them how and why it is important to KNOW God and it does it in a friendly, interesting, and kid-friendly manner.  It gives you a story to read, the Bible passage, an appropriate song to sing, and a prayer at the end.  I LOVE IT-- but we've just started it so I can't vouch for the last half of the book...yet...


Okay, that's enough schooling for one day.



We used Leading Little Ones to God and loved it.

I believe Sonlight uses this in their program.

Be Blessed,


JavaMama said...

Hi! I was blog hopping and found you here. Thanks for the book recomendation, I have been looking for a good read a loud book to read to my 5 year old son. We also just started the Leading little ones to God and I agree with you! Lovely place you have here!!! Be blessed.

RainyDayMichele said...

Both book recommendations sound WONDERFUL, Marsha. :o) We are still working through Devotions for Boys, which is also reallly good. Thanks again for the info...I will check them out!

TC said...

...was Sasquatch's favorite book for several years, and I agree with your assessment of "Leading Little Ones to God."

ccmmum said...

My girls loved both those books! Are doing Sonlight? I remember doing those in K. We've collected and read quite a number of Boxcar Children books over the years.


DiWilliams said...

... was soooo sweet. I read it to Jesse, and told him where you live, and he said, "But I can't. It's too far away! ... Can we go to Texas sometime?" ;)

Blessings ~ Diane

ccpeterson said...

I will definitely check that book out!

Suzanne said...

...for the book tips and for your prayers for the Mendonsa family.

My dh knows Andy Mendonsa (the father). We are simply in shock.

hsmomof2 said...

We loved both! Leading LIttle Ones to God is just incredible for getting beyond the stories!

MomToTwo said...

I love to find new books to read to my kids (especially one my son will enjoy), so I'm happy for your recommendation! I've heard a lot about that devotional as well. Do you think it's appropriate for 8 and 11 year olds?

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Marsha. You are such an encouragement! I pray that you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving with your in-laws...that you enjoy your "sleep in" and non-cooking day!