Wednesday, November 2, 2005

My day at the ER and the rest of my not-so-good week

Okay, so all of my vaca posts have been a bit deceptive.  It has been one rough week!


It started with a fender bender in the pouring rain on Monday night.  Fortunately, the kids and I are just fine.  The car is not too bad but not exactly fine either...but that's a story for another day!


Today began with "Mommmmmmy!  Come here!!!!  Hurry!"   My 4yo somehow catapaulted himself off the couch and hit his head on a chair...crying to me with blood running all down his face. 


So I called some friends to take care of the other kids and headed to the Children's Hospital 45 minutes away with a hysterical and hyperventilating little boy.  Just the thought of going to the doctor was making him crazy!  I guess he was a bit more traumatized from his vaccinations a few months ago than I thought.  So we clocked in at the ER at 12:15pm...5 very long and boring and tiring hours later they saw him.  Praise the Lord that they were able to glue his laceration instead of having to use stitches!  A whopping 5 MINUTES later we were out the door!  All that waiting and it only took 5 minutes of the doctor's time...but 5 minutes is better than 30 minutes or an hour.


I am truly thankful that it was a simple cut on his head and not meningitis, a broken arm, or appendicitis (like the other kids in the ER).  And he did think it was quite fun to watch all the cartoons that I don't allow in my house... But it sure was exhausting for me and just crazy overall.  I don't know why these things happen when dh is on a trip...the last two times this same kid had stitches on his head, I was the one who had to go through the ordeal with him.  I know it's also been hard on dh feeling so helpless and guilty that he's not been there.  So I don't give him a hard time about it.


Hey, but guess what???  I'm going on vacation!!!  Trust me, that thought went through my head many times today!


Oh and tomorrow morning, my sweet little green snotty nosed baby has a doctor's appointment since he's been that way plus a slight fever since Saturday.  So much for school this week!  Or next week because then I'll be on vacation!!!


Thanks for letting me vent...G'night y'all!





KarenW said...

I've never heard of gluing a laceration. Interesting. Stitches would have hurt. Hope he's better soon.

drewsfamilytx said... IS more than just Elmer's or super glue. :-) It's holding up great, we just can't get it wet for 48 hours and then it wears off on it's own in a week. Much better than stitches!

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...


So sorry you've had a bad week. Glad your little man is doing OK.

Can't wait to see ya in a few days. Hope you have a safe trip!


Amy Beth

Juldos said...

Dear Marsha,

So sorry about your little boy; but very thankful that he is okay.

I am so happy for you about your vacation!

Julie D.

Bubber said...

And I just realized that I posted on the wrong one!

4Blessings said...

Sorry your having a not so good week. Hope your little boy's head is feeling better. Sounds like you all need a wonderful, relaxing, fun vacation!!! Have fun, Jennifer

RainyDayMichele said...

I'm so sorry Marsha! I know what is like to have to deal with everything with your dh gone. Fortunately, I don't have to do that very often anymore. I'm sorry your dh wasn't there to help, though I am glad you had someone who could stay with your other kids. Matt has had a laceration "glued" before. Pretty cool and less pain. :) Boys are an adventure to keep up with aren't they?!

Mom5Sons said...

You are a brave and devoted mother of sons! Hearing of your days brings back such wonderful memories of my older three -it's amazing how our faith grows as we live through those incredible child-rearing years. I remember old oldest son breaking off both of his brand new, beautiful front teeth the day before we moved back to our sweet home in Northern California; we rushed him to the family dentist and were sent on our way with a caution he might need root canals on both teeth. Sure enough, halfway through our 700 mile trip home we had to stop for an emergency root canal, and a week later the other one was needed! It's amazing how God's grace comes just when we need it! What a blessing that God gives us inspiration, courage and patience to move in His will!


ccpeterson said...

Sorry to hear you had a LONG stay in the ER waiting room, but thankful all turned out well! I hope your little one gets well soon.

Beth said...

I'm so sorry about your horrible, no good, very bad day...(are you moving to Australia?hehehe, get it? read the book?) Anyways, I'm so glad that you have a vacation coming up! And you'll be Oh, so close to me. I would be so tempted to arrange to be at the PAR-TAY! except that Chris's Dad is flying into town here, from New Mexico, next week...and I've never met him...Chris hasn't even seen him in 20 yrs.! So, this is a major miracle in the making here, and I really think I need to be here for it. LOL! Have fun though, wish I could join you all! Your cabin looks wondeful!! But be forewarned, that's how our moving here to TN started out, an innocent, quiet little family vacation in the Smokies...and we were done for after that! No place else would do, two years later and here we moved...;-)

Have fun girl! blessings~

BrooksideAcademy said...

Thank goodness it didn't need stitches! I think I'd contemplate wrapping him up in bubble wrap the next time DH takes a trip though, LOL. Have a blessed, relaxing, and wonderful trip next week though!

momofgirls said...

Have fun on that VACATION!!!!

(Sorry about the ER being boring and even sorrier that your little man got hurt!)