Monday, January 23, 2006

Mommy's Boys

Just wanted to post a quick pic taken of me and my boys before church this past Sunday.  I just LOVE them!!!


PS Did ya notice all that hair?!  Believe it or not, they are waaaay past due for a haircut!  And yup, that little blonde-hair-blue-eyed one in the middle is mine as well.  Weird, huh?


tn3jcarter said...

Who can resist a handsome guy in a sweater vest?! And then Mr. I've got my own Look! Sometimes you just can't help but look at a picture and think, Wow I'm blessed!, huh?

Thanks for sharing the pic. You all look like a happy gang. : o )

mamaduso said...

Very cute picture. Wow, they get lighter the mor eyou get. Mine are the same way. My oldest is the darkest and my youngest has lighter hair, skin, and eyes. I hav ea nother friend who is greek and the same thing happened.


JennLovesJesus said... about the Victory Candle. My husband went to a conference at Willow Creek Church in ???? -- I can't remember where it is. I think Illinois or Indiana. Anyhow, the man leading the conference told how his family does this and that's where we got the idea. However, we add our own twist and sing "Victory in Jesus" after we are done praying. That's a fun song and the children just love the entire concept of the candle and praising Jesus.

Yeah, who's child is that in the middle there? He's equally as handsome as the other two, so he must be yours. You better get those haircuts, I almost can't see their scalps anymore! :) My mother has very strong genes and I look exactly like her and people joke that I had all three of our children by myself. Though I think our youngest resembles my husband more. Especially because I'm extremely fair skinned and he is not. They all have brown hair, so I think this fourth child is going to be a red head like my mom and he'll be very tall, unlike the rest of us. Dh is 5'6" and I'm 5'3". Regardless, they will all turn out exactly the way God intended!

Jennifer :)

eyecorn said...

What a wonderful photo! Oh, yes, their hair is getting long...LOL. Hey, I like that courtship idea...all of us HSBlogger moms can work out courtships in about 25 years! See, we don't have to stop blogging after the kids graduate!


Amber said...

You've got some real cuties in you hands. Whether or not the youngest looks like you, at least you can tell he's your, I can see it. None of mine look like me, some say my DS7yo (8 Feb. 5) does, but I just can't see it. There was for only a short period of time my youngest looked liked me, but now I can't see it anymore either:( Oh well, hopefully when they are older.

God Bless,


angelstar said...

So Cute!!!! The little guy looks just like your hubby!! You're such a gorgeous family and I'm so glad you shared the picture! I need to do the same on my blog, again. I haven't shared any pictures for awhile. I'm doing good to write something these days! I don't know where all the time goes in my days?!!! Take care and will visit again soon!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

MomToTwo said...

What a great picture! Your guys are so handsome! And what a pretty Mommy they have! :o) Thanks for sharing.

sagerats said...

Now that is one great looking family! Golly, the boys are just darling! I wish you had been wearing a crown.

Abiding in the Vine!

ccmmum said...

They are really cute!

I cut off most of Mickey's hair this weekend and I am still trying to get used to the "hairless" version of my baby!

Juldos said...

I love the picture... your sons are so handsome.

Our chidren all look so much alike. When our youngest, Samuel, was born the pediatrician said, "Can't you all be more creative?" : ) It's funny how people will say Bethany looks just like me one minute and then someone will say, "You look just like your dad, " to her. She just looks at me and laughs.

Happy Day!

Julie D.

MyChildrenAndMe said...

The boy's are getting so tall and just so cute..... So who has the blonde hair in the family? It's so funny the way the kids eye's changes and the hair. Glad to see everyone is doing fine too.


Debbie and the Family


What a great pic, Marshie!

Hey, when you coming back out to the Smokies?



RainyDayMichele said...

Cute, cute, CUTE boys! And you are so BEAUTIFUL Marsha. :o) What a great photo my friend.

chickadee said...

what cute boys! i have a little blonde one about as big as yours.

JenIG said...

stop being so pretty. it's annoying. knock it off. and YES, i wish you were here. we'd have fun. we could yell at people together...

4SeasonsLearningAcademy said...

Oh my---those boys are getting so BIG! I have tried to catch up on reading your blog--wow! A READER! I can't wait tell my little ones can read. In fact just today Janelle said to me, mom let me read that---It says Push Play! LOL ---She was looking at the TV screen for the DVD--HEHE! What a smart girl!

You are so great to write in your blog daily---I have finally quit babysitting, so I hope to keep up more with your family, as I just love your family! HEY! We are planning a trip out to Texas this late May--Maybe I can meet you, and bring your book back to you.

Gotta run, babies are crying---they are telling me how sleepy they are. Hubbies snoring away and its only 8pm. Maybe I might get to bed early tonight...LOL


Debra Tangren

Janne said...


DandelionSeeds said...

Beautiful... thanks for sharing...


Col323 said...

Cute kiddos! Hope the little guy's tummy

stays put! Enjoy your ever-giving, loving parents!

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

Marsha, Your little men are so handsome! Hope you are doing well, and the boys are recovering. My kiddos have been sick, too. They are finally on the road to recovery.

Thank's for checking in on my blog, and all the kind words. I miss you, too! I hope that we will get to meet again sometime. Have a great week!


Amy Beth