Monday, May 12, 2008

And the eyes have it!

My dear Kodak Easyshare camera was our first venture into the digital world of photography. No more clicking up a whole roll of film and just wishing for at least one measly picture out of the entire roll to come out good.

Then we got a teeny tiny Sony camera with more! megapixels! and it was the size of a (fat) credit! card! But we quickly learned that more megapixels does NOT equal more bueno in the quality department.

As I anxiously await the arrival of my big bad new camera, I am waxing nostalgic over the great colors and quality of my old steady Kodak. Seriously, it is probably my favorite point and shoot digital of all time. Here are a few pics of my boys that are straight out of the camera. Tres bien, no?

See the eyes? Instead of aye's? Oh, nevermind.

Goodbye my dear Kodak. I shall miss you. And yet I know you will live on in the grubby little hands of my boys... I just hope you survive more than just a few weeks.

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