Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes they are the death of me

Do you have one of those kids that thinks a lot?

As in it surprises you that they have so much going on up there and yet they don't even tell you about it? Silent thinking... scary stuff, I tell ya.

Well, Tank is kinda like that. He has always been quiet, easy going, and tends to ask you questions out of the blue. Like when he was 4 years old and I had a rare outing at the grocery store with just me and him. As I was passing the toilet paper, he looked up at me from in the cart and asked "What happens when we die? Am I going to die soon? Are you going to die soon?"

Yeah, talk about stopping me in my tracks and catching me completely off guard! Oi.

Tank is now almost 7 years old. I was doing some work on the computer last night and he comes running into the room crying. He is so hysterical I can barely understand him!

T: Ooooohhhh... my stomach hurts! What happens when you eat poison?! Can you tell me?! Will I die?! What happens when you eat poison?!!! (and he continues to bawl and babble)

Me: What?! You ate POISON?! What poison? How can you eat poison when you're in bed?! What did you eat?!

I finally got him to stop crying and wailing long enough to get a sorta straight answer from him.

T: Y'know, sprinkles? If I eat sprinkles will it kill me? Is it POISON?!

Me: Sprinkles? What sprinkles? Cupcake sprinkles? Or ant killer sprinkles?


Me: Show me.

So I follow him to his room and ask him to show me what he's talking about. I was half expecting it to be those little silica beads that come with shoes and other items. We looked all around and I'm starting to raise my voice asking him WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

He continues to look and ask me questions about poison-- will it kill you, does it make you throw up, what happens? We discuss garage chemicals and under the sink cleaners... but it was none of those.

Alas, my crazy kid (who is usually so calm-- really!), has me feel his bed.

T: It was actually just one little piece of this.

(wipes his hand across his bed).

Feel it? Do you see it, mommy?

(His voice is now a little quieter and he sees the look on my face... he's starting to feel silly... and in trouble.)

Me: Uhhh... Tank? That is SAND. You ate a piece of SAND!!!!!!!!

T (a little more quieter): So will it kill me mommy? Is it poison?

If he ever does this to me again, poison will be the least of his worries!!! I gave him a hug, kiss, swat on the hiney and told him to get his worrywart self into bed.

It will not kill you. It will not give you a tummyache. It is SAND. From the dirtpile you played in earlier tonight! We'll clean it tomorrow. Don't ever put something that is not food into your mouth ever again and you won't have to worry about this ever again!!!

Y'know he gets this weirdoness from his dad's side of the family.

(I love you dad! I love you mom! I'm sure it skipped your generation though!) ;-)

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